Pinspiration Wednesday {Summer Bucket List}

Happy Wednesday!!  I love the first Wednesday of the month, because it means I am linking up with Justine, Erica and Leigh for their monthly Pinspiration Wednesday =)  First of all, Happy June!!!  Emma has 8 days of school left, and she is beyond excited for summer vacation =)  I am too, no certain bedtimes and we can have some fun summer days and evenings =)  

Today we are sharing our Summer Bucket List.  So here is ours!

It's simple, and that's the way I like it.  I got the idea of Breakfast in the park from Justine.  She has started a tradition by going to the park the first Saturday after school ends, and seriously that just sounds like so much fun!  We'll pick up something quick whether it be doughnuts or muffins (Hurry up Krispy Kreme and open here!) and I think the girls would love it. 

We have a drive-in here that opened last year and we have yet to go, so this is the summer we will go!
Visiting the ocean!?!  Yes Please!!!  

We have always wanted to put glow sticks in my moms pool at night, and Emma will be thrilled to do this =)

And watermelon popsicles!  We love watermelon around here, like really love it!  I got the idea from Pinterest, and they look pretty easy to make.

And there is not a single kid out there that isn't going to say at least once...okay maybe a dozen times over the summer that they are bored. Because lets face it, we can't be on the go every single minute of every day during the summer.  I found this and I think it is a genius idea!!

I am definitely making this!!!  You either get lucky and get something fun to do, or you get a chore =) 

 We plan to make summer easy and fun.  It's our most favorite time of the year.  Popsicle's, watermelon, water play, and just having fun!!!

Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. Those Watermelon popsicles look so yummy! We are going to be trying those!

    The Bored Jar- Genius! My kiddos have been out for over a week now and the "I'm bored" will be starting soon!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Yay for donuts at the park! We had so much fun having our breakfast this past Saturday! I love love love the idea of doing one sticks in Nana's pool -so much fun! Love all your fun activities -it's going to be a great summer!

  3. We haven't entered the I'm bored phase yet and I am praying when we do it doesn't last long. How in the world could you be bored, kid!?

  4. The Bored Jar is a great idea!! Love the list you all came up with for your Summer...sounds like a fun school break is headed your way! Thanks so much for linking up with us again!