Ornament Show & Tell

This evening while going through all the blogs I read on a daily basis I found that Sarah From Our Journey did an Ornament Show & Tell.  What a great idea!  So here is my favs!

Brian and I got this ornament on our Honeymoon trip to Disney =)  I wish it had the year on it, but I guess we will always remember what year we got married! =)
This was from our very first visit to Disney with Emma when she was 2 years old =)
This is one of my favorites, because it's Emma's favorite.  It's the bell from the Polar Express.  She absolutely loves this ornament!
Emma's handprint when she was a year old.  I still remember how hard it was getting her to put her hand into the clay!
This one is special because my dads side of the family is Swedish, and my parents got this for me at a Swedish store. 
We got this Ornament from my great aunt the year Emma was born.  Emma always has to make sure that she puts this ornamnet on the tree =)
And lastly, this is one of my very favorites.  Brian and I got it the year we bought our house.  We found it and it was perfect.  I told him I always wanted a house with a red door too =) 
So now it's your turn!  What are your favorite ornaments? =)


It's been a long time since I have done a What i'm Loving Wednesday, and I don't have a ton to blog about today...so here we go with things i'm loving!

Loving this new nail polish color!

It looks black, but it's actually a deep purple.  It's the Sally Hansens Insta-Dri, which as you all know is my favorite polish EVER.  It dries sooo incredibly fast and with being a mom that is really awesome!  The color is Uptempo Plum. 

I'm also loving this little girl =)

She got a new hat yesterday from her Nana.  It's a little big for her, but I still think it's pretty cute on her =)

I'm also loving the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha.  Oh. My.  So good!!

I always get mine without whipped cream though.  I am probably the only one in the world that cannot stand whipped cream! haha

I'm also LOVING this....

I'm loving that we are getting this new store!!

Very excited!  We are also getting a Buffalo Wild Wings and a Five Guys Burgers and Fries =)  Lots of new stores and restaurants coming =)

I'm loving these little snowmen treats!  I think I may have to make them for Emma's class for school.

Pinned Image

I'm loving this Christmas CD

I definately reccomend it! 

I'm loving this purple retro metro bag from Thirty-One

Retro Metro Tote

I love this bag.  I have been debating wether or not to buy it.  It's kinda pricy and it's Chritmas and I should be buying for other people...not me.  Maybe soon! Ha! =)

So there you have it.  My What i'm loving Wednesday!  What are you loving? 

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Thursday afternoon after Thanksgiving dinner we got our Christmas tree up!  We used to have a real tree, but then we decided to go the fake route.  I do miss a real tree though.  Brian had to work Thursday night, so Emma and I decorated it =)  She LOVES to help.  I used to be really really picky about my ornaments being spaced out just perfectly, but now with Emma....they tend to get put up in clumps around the tree.  And I'm ok with that!  She thinks it's beautiful, and she is only little once.  These are the times i'll miss when she gets older.  So I did a post about her decorating the tree, but I never shared the final picture of the tree.

 Our Christmas Tree 2012 =)  It's not perfect, but it fits us just fine!!  

Again, sorry for the crappy photo quality of all my pictures.  I always carry my cellphone on me, and hardly ever have my real camera with me.  I need to start carrying it with me everywhere I go.  My purse is plenty big enough to carry it that's for sure! haha

We spent Saturday afternoon and night at my parents house.  It's always nice to go home (and sleep in the next morning!)  We also supported small business Saturday!  I got a little Christmas shopping done which was nice =)

Emma watched The Polar Express on the way to the grandparents house.  Ohhhh how she LOVES this movie!

We stopped and saw Daddy too!

Emma loves mornings when she can just lounge around the living room watching cartoons and having breakfast!

Last night we celebrated my mother in laws Birthday.  Her actual birthday was on Thanksgiving.  We had an ice-cream cake from DQ, and it was sooo good!  My MIL is the best decorator for Holidays!  She has her house completely decked out, and I love it  I told her that I feel like i'm walking into a craft store! haha  It's not overly done or tacky though at all!  Her tree is just beautiful.  Here is a pic of it.


This picture is really dark, but it's the 4 cousins in front of Mimi's Christmas tree!  =)

 We have 11 days left until our Disney trip!  It's gone by way fast...I just hope the trip itself lasts a bit longer!  I haven't done any packing at all.  I really need to get on that asap.  Next week i'm getting my hair cut, colored and highlighted.  Way overdue!!  And i'm taking Emma to get a manicure before we go...she's going to love it!  Happy Monday all! =)

Happy Thanksgiving =)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving...and you aren't too full =)  We spent the afternoon at Brians grandmothers house.  We had an excellent meal, and good company =) 

It's traditon in our family the night before Thanksgiving that all the kids spend the night at camp.  Brian wasn't able to go because he had to work so Emma went out with my brother in law and the rest of the kids.  They had sooo much fun out there.  They made memories that they will remember forever.  That makes me smile =)

Since all the kids were at camp, and Brian was working my mother in law and I went Christmas shopping!!  For Emma's big gift this year we decided to go with a doll house of some sort.  And I found the perfect one at Sams Club the other day, so we went last night and picked it up.  I'm pretty sure she's going to love it!

And then we did the WalMart thing, and that place was packed!  So we headed to dinner.  It was nice to be able to go out and enjoy some nice quiet time and get some things accomplished.
When I got back home last night I decided to try making a pecan pie.  Must say, it was a success!  And everyone loved it today at Thanksgiving lunch!
This was before it went into the oven.
And here it is finished!
Next time i'd like to try making my own pie crust!
So this morning Emma got home around 8:30ish or so.  I got up and made a coffee cake and a cup of coffee and Emma wanted hot cocoa.  So she enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa, a bagel, and watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I love to watch the parade as much as her!
We headed over to Brians grandmothers around noon...we got 1/2 way there and I realized I didn't bring my camera =(  I was sooo bummed.  So the next couple are from my phone. 
Our meal was excellent!  Lots of turkey, potato, stuffing, gravy, peas, squash, rolls and sweet potato casserole!  Yumm!!
We got home, and it was time to decorate our Christmas tree!!!  We usually always do it Thanksgiving afternoon or the day after.  Emma loves to decorate it!
So it took me an entire day to do this post.  And that is because I finally got the dreaded message when uploading photos, that I was at maxiumum capacity or whatever for my photos.  So I opted to purchase the extra 25gb or what not.  So now that i'm officially paying for this blog, maybe i'll blog every single day.  HA! =) 
I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  I know we sure did!  And now that Thanksgiving is over...we are on our official countdown now for Disney! 
 We are at 14 days now!  Exactly 2 weeks from today we'll be on the plane flying there =)  It's not like i'm excited or anything....hehe =)

Go Away Sickness!

It never fails.  Right before we leave for a trip where we have to get on an airplane, Emma gets an ear infection.  Always.  Every single time we have flown this happens.  She's had a cold now for about 10 days, and one day of the nasty vomitting.  So this morning we're at the grocery store, and she stops and says "Ouch!"  I asked her what was wrong and she said can't you hear that cracking?  I was like, noooo what cracking?  And god bless her she put her head up next to my ear and said, "That cracking!"  Then I realized she was trying to tell me that she could hear crackling in her ear.  So rather than put it off, I took her right to walk in care at our doctors office.  And sure enough...double ear infection.  She's started her antibiotics and we'll pray that it works and they go away before we leave for Disney in 19 days! 

She wasn't too impressed she had to wear a face mask.  But at our doctors if they hear just a slight cough from you...automatic mask! 

This weekends weather was absolutely goregous!  I was really hoping to get out to take some pictures of Emma, but I never got the chance to.  Em is off from school from Wednesday until the following Monday so i'm *hoping* to get them done!  I have my Christmas card layout all ready and waiting for a picture!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  =)

Surprise for Emma =)

We have been struggling this year as to what to get Emma for Christmas.  I had a few ideas, but nothing majorily fun and exciting.  And then one evening I was watching tv and I had an idea, but I wasn't sure if what I was thinking about was going to be available or not.  So I went online and found sure enough I would be able to get this for Emma, but would have to wait until today to get it.  So at 11:00 am today I went online and ordered this for Emma......

Yup, that's right!  Taylor Swift concert tickets!!!!  She is going to be ecstatic!!!  I can't wait for her to open them on Christmas morning =)  She just loves and admires Taylor Swift.  I think it's really great too!  I don't think I could think of a better role model for kids to look up to than Taylor.  We have watched many interviews of her and she is a very class young lady.  And of course we own all her cd's =)  I have a video of Emma when she was about 2 years old sitting in the backseat of my car singing a Taylor Swift song, it's really adorable =)
The only thing is, Emma is going to have to wait until July for the concert.  And we have to travel to Boston, Massachusetts for it.  Which is completely fine with me!  Weekend roadtrip!  But, it's going to be hard for her to wait i'm sure!  

Not much has been going on here lately.  Emma had to miss school on Wednesday =(  She has had a really bad cold that she just can't shake, and around 5am Wednesday she started with the yucky vomitting.  She layed low all day, watched cartoons, and slept on the couch.  She's feeling better, but we can't get rid of the runny nose and the cough.  She missed her first gymnastics class since June as well.  But we were able to make up the class today.  I can't even begin to tell you all how much she loves her gymnastics.  We finally have a good routine going with it.  Private class on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30, regular class on Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 and then another class on Fridays from 6:30 to 7:30.  Brian and I have discussed as long as she's still having fun with it we'll continue her in it.  And she sure does love it!! =) 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!  It's my weekend to work, so i'm stuck at work =(  I'm ready for days off and getting ready for Thanksgiving, and Brian and I are both off!! =)

Camp & A Recipe

Sunday we decided that Emma was feeling well enough so we headed to camp for the day/night.  We had a couple of friends go out with us as well, and we had a really good time.  Emma was able to stay inside in the living room right near the woodstove and relax and play a little.  I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but Brians parents have 2 camps.  A camp in the woods, "The Hunting Camp", and then a camp on a lake.  We went to the hunting camp.  And one of these pictures is going to take a lot of explaining to you all.  I wasn't sure I was going to post it, but I thought oh why not! 

My father in law named his camp Tall Pines.  I guess because there are a lot of Pine Trees out there.

We got more than 1/2 way out there and I realized I forgot my camera.  So my pics are all from my phone.
Alright, so here is the picture that needs some explaining....
In the living room at camp, in front of the couch is this very lovely casket.  And yes, it's a really casket.  This is the deal.  My father in law back a couple of years ago retired as the Fire Chief in our city.  After he retired, he was asked to work fulltime at a funeral home.  So for the last few years he has worked at a funeral home, and apperantly this casket was delivered one day and the top of it was damaged very badly.  So they were not able to sell it.  So my father in law decided he would take it and had his brother in law make a flat wooden top for it.  Strange?  Yes, very.  But it makes a great coffee table!  Lots of room on it!!  You should see peoples reactions when they walk into the camp for the first time and see this.  Back a couple of years ago we had Thanksgiving at camp.  All the kids sat around this and ate.  I looked at my husband and had to laugh and said this seems like a really messed up family that the kids are eating Thanksgiving dinner on top of a casket. haha 
So yeah, we had a good time at camp.  Ate lots of really yummy food!  I made these for the very first time.
Oh. My.  Yummyness!!!  They are Ham & Swiss sammies.  If you have never made them, they are simple simple simple!  And they were a HUGE hit! I made 2 of these so I doubled the recipe.  Here is the recipe. (doubled version recipe)
2 12 count package Kings Hawaiian Rolls
1/2 pound swiss cheese
    1 pound thin sliced ham
   1 stick  butter melted
   3 teaspooons ground mustard
   1 tsp poppy seeds (optional)
   1 medium chopped onion
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Slice all of the rolls in half and place the bottom halves on a cookie sheet
    Place ham and cheese on the bottom of the sliced rolls. Cover with the top half of roll.
Mix together the melted butter, ground mustard, poppy seeds, chopped onion & worsterchire sauce.  Poor over the top of the buns.  I also added a little of this mixture inside the sandwich as well. 
Let it sit for an hour or two
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 for 15 minutes or until warmed through and the cheese is gooey and melty.
It was super easy and quick to make this.  I can't even give anyone credit for this recipe because I have seen it on a ton of blogs lately. 
If you try them, be sure to let me know how you liked them =)

Well, since I worked last night, and brought Emma to school, it's a rainy day...i'm going back to bed for a few hours!  Enjoy your Tuesday morning everyone!

Lazy Saturday Night

I love Saturdays when Brian and I are off from work together =)  This morning we went shopping for a while and then had chinese for lunch!  Emma LOVES chinese, and well so do I.  ;)   
We went to the Christmas Tree Shop, which I could have spent hours in there today.  I'm not sure if any of you have these stores in your area, but they are awesome.  And no it's not all Christmas stuff.  Then we went to Target.  It's there that I realized I want to get my Christmas stuff out ASAP!  I am going to wait until Thanksgiving though.

We signed Emma up for a private gymnastics lesson today, and she did GREAT!  She really needed ot work on the vault, and her coach focused a lot on that.  She is getting much better at it now =)  Her coach is so great with her too! =)

Emma stayed at my inlaws last night while Brian and I were at work.  Actually Brian was at camp for the night, it's hunting season so the men in the family always go to camp on the weekends.  They have "Man" time. haha =)  So this morning when we went and picked Emma up my mother in law said that Em woke up with a runny nose.  Well after gymnastics she told me she didn't feel good.  She hardly ever says that.  So I knew she must really be sick.  We got home at 5:00 and by 5:15 her pajamas were on, she was snuggled up in the recliner with a fuzzy blanket, 2 pillow pets and roll of toilet paper and she was sound asleep by 5:30.  I feel so bad for her.  Hoping she feels better super soon!
Emma is sleeping, Brian is sleeping because he has to work the midnight shift tonigh at 11pm, both of our cats are sleeping, and the dog is sleeping. Haha, exciting Saturday night on my hands!  I'm getting caught up on my shows I missed all week.  First up is my food network shows.  I love Trisha's Southern Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman.  And by watching them, i'm starving now and in the mood to cook =)  I'm thinking maybe some hot rolls =)

Tomorrow if Emma is feeling better we may head out to camp for the day/evening. We'll see how she is feeling though! 

Winter is a comin!

This morning we woke up to snow.  And not just a little dusting of it.  It was quite a bit.  I woke up around 3:00 am this morning to the sound of the towns snow plow going by the house.  Ughhh.  I'm really not looking forward to winter coming at all!!  But I guess soon enough spring will be here! 

And I felt REALLY bad because I ordered a winter jacket for Emma and it hasn't come in yet!  So she went off to school today with a fleece jacket which really wasn't warm enough.  Hopefully it will be here by tomorrow!!  

I mentioned the other night about Emma having her meltdown about a toy in WalMart, and how I ended up taking her to buy Christmas presents for someone else.  Today I got my box to put everything in!  I think Emma really will have a good time filling it all up!  I got the idea to do this from Briana at School in our Slippers =)  So thank you Bri for the idea!!! =)

I think by doing this, Emma has learned a good lesson.  I hope to do this every year now with her =)


Election Tuesday!

It's voting day!!!  We got up bright and early, brought Emma to school and then hit the polls to vote!  Usually they have a couple of places for different parts of our city to vote in, but this year there was only one place to vote.  And that meant it was super busy!  We didn't end up staying, we headed out to run errands and then went back later in the morning. 

We went to Target this morning and all of their Halloween stuff was 90% off today!  I lucked out and got Emma a costume for her to use as dress up clothes.  It's a supergirl costume.  Originally $30.00, and I got it 90% off and paid $3.00!!!  She's going to have a blast playing with it =)

Brian and I had a breakfast date at my very favorite bagel shop.  Bagel Central =)  I love this place soooo much!


We had a salmon omelet and an onion bagel.  Oh. My. Word.  Soooo good =) 
After our breakfast date we had to run to a uniforn shop so Brian could pick up a new uniform for work.  And then we finally went and voted.  The place was still packed but we didn't have to wait too long.
We headed home after and I really wanted to try and take a short nap, because I have only got a couple of hours of sleep since I worked last night.  But of course I couldn't fall asleep.  Then the mailman came.  And there was an envelope.  Addressed to ME!!! =)
I love it!!  It's a cup cozie!  Remember the nailpolish/scarf swap I did a while back?  Well I was paired up with Jennifer at Sweet Little Loving's, and she made this and sent it to me!  She is super sweet and I am in LOVE with it!  I immediately had to run to the coffee shop after I picked Emma up from school so I could try it out! =)
I am officially in LOVE with this cup cozie!  Jennifer has an Etsy shop selling these.  And I actually ordered some from her to give as Christmas gifts =)  If you are interested in purchasing them, check out Plum Ruffle.  She has a really good deal going on right now with them, so don't wait too long!!!  Thank you again Jennifer, you are awesome! =)
Brian has to work tonight =(  So after he left for work, I wanted to head to either Target or WalMart and check out some sheets for Emma's bed.  Well...she had a slight melt down in WalMart.  And not really a slight meltown, it was a major meltdown.  All over a toy.  Of course.  It's always the toys right.  I ended up just leaving the cart in the aisle and leaving the store with her.  She's hardly ever like this in a store, and I was blown away by it.  So we left and I had a super long talk with her about Christmas coming very soon and going to Disney very soon.  She doesn't realize sometimes how fortunate she really is.  And after this long discussion I think she somehwhat understood.  So we ended up heading to a different store where I told her she was not going to get a single thing, and she was going to buy some Christmas gifts for a little girl who doesn't have much of anything.  She had a lot of fun picking up some little toys, puzzles, toothbrush, markers, crayons and a few other things for the person we will send it to.  When we got into the car Emma thanked me for letting her pick out stuff for someone who doesn't have anything.  I was really really glad she understood what we were doing. 
Tomorrow is another full day of school for Emma and then gymnastics practice after school!  Can't wait!  =)