Almost Christmas!

We're almost there friends!  4 days until the big day.  I'm trying to focus more on family and less on gifts this year.  It's hard because I always want to try and get just the perfect gift for everyone.  We are still doing gifts for each other, but i'm not stressing about them nearly as much this year.  And I know that the grandparents will all spoil Emma rotton!  =)

My mother in law brought Emma to school this morning, which meant Brian and I could sleep in!  Wahoo!  We slept until about 10:30, which was soooo nice!  We got up got ready and headed to the mall.  I thought the mall was going to be absolutely packed, but it wasn't bad.  It was bareable.  I got a few things for my mom =)  And if anyone needs a quick gift for anyone, I googled Yankee Candle coupons and found one for $20 off a purchase of $45 or more!  They expire on the 24th, and it's definately worth it!  Google for them!
Then the hubby treated me to Chinese for lunch!!!

Our sweet friends who live in Georgia sent Emma a Christmas package in the mail.  It came today and they told us to open it today.  Emma was definately happy about that!  She got the CUTEST sweatshirt!  My friend does a lot of embrodiary and this sweatshirt is perfect for the Holidays!  I took a quick picture of Emma in it.  She wasn't in the mood for pictures because she was on her way to have a flu shot.... =(

Isn't it cute!!!  Poor Emma had to fake the smile big time.  She wasn't looking forward to having a shot at all.  But Brian said she did really well!!  Tonight I am working, and she and Brian are going out for some shopping and dinner.  They will have a blast i'm sure!!

So i'm trying to find different stuff to make for Christmas Eve and Day this year.  So here are a couple of things that i'm going to make!!


This is the Pioneer Womans layered salad!  It looks soooo good, but yet Simple!  If you click on the picture it will bring you to the recipe.

Another thing I want to make is Slow Cooker Chocolate Candy.  It sounds super good!  I saw it the other day while watching Tricia Yearwoods show on Food Network. 

                                                         Click the picture for the recipe =)

This is my last night of work then I have 4 days off.  I'm ready to spend some time with family cooking, listening to Christmas music and relaxing!!! =)

6 Days!

Can you seriously believe that Christmas is going to be here in 6 days??  It really snuck up on us this year.  I think partially because we were getting ready for our Disney trip, it just doesn't seem like there was enough time to get ready for everything this year.  Every year we decorate the outside of our house with lights.  This year we didn't.  And it wasn't because we didn't want to, we just ran out of time.  Well every time we go by a house that has lights on Emma would tell us how sad she was that we didn't have outdoor lights this year!  Brian and I were at Target last night and all their Christmas lights were 30% off.  Score!  We picked up a bunch and while Emma was at school today...we decorated outside!  She was pretty excited when she got home from school! =)

The entire time Brian was up on the ladder I was pretty much freaking out! haha  I think he was starting to get mad at me because I kept asking him if he was ok or if he felt like he was going to fall.  lol  Anyway...the lights got up and nobody fell! =)
It was soooo cold here today and snowing quite a bit so I talked Brian into going to lunch for sandwiches and soup =) 
A fellow blogger, Chelley at Anything But Grey, blogged about some homamade Cinnamon Ornaments today.  I had to make them with Emma!  So after school we made them!  I didn't take pictures of the step by step if you want to see those photos, check out Chelley's blog =)  But here is the recipe:
Mix Together
1/4 cup of Applesauce
1 cup of Cinnamon
1/2 cup craft glue (I used Elmers craft glue)
Mix it all together and then let it sit for an hour.
After an hour roll it out with a rolling pin, and then cut out ornaments.  Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours.  And this is what you get:
They smell SOOOOOO good!  I can't wait to get some ribbon and hang them on the tree!  I used a plastic straw to make the holes in them before baking them!  It's definately a fun thing to do with kids! 

So here are some pictures I took tonight after we got the lights up on the house!
We have always done icicle lights on the front of the house, so this year the clear bulb lights are different and I think I like them!!
I guess i'll share a few more pictures of the inside decorations!
I love our tree!  Although the picture makes the lights look really quite funky.  They are just normal regular colored lights, not even led lights. ha!
This picture is real.  The vacum cleaner on the left hand side of the fireplace.  Emma sitting in the recliner...eating supper.  Nooo I would never let hear eat dinner in the living room =)
And here is my most favorite Christmas decoration in the entire house...

Emma made this in her Pre-K class, and I just absolutely LOVE it!  They made it on fabric and I immediately had it framed.  It definately means a lot =)
So lets back up to last night.  We finally built our gingerbread house!

Didn't we do an awesome job!! Haha  We woke up this morning and the entire thing had collapsed!  Emma asked me why I took the top off.  I had to kinda laugh and then tell her that it fell apart.  She wasn't too happy!!!
Tonight Brian is working, so Emma and I are going to snuggle up in the living room and watch Christmas movies!  Looks like there are all kinds of good Christmas movies on tonight =) 


 I just wanted to take a second and say how heavy my heart is after this horrific incident in Connecticut.  I am just so sad and completely sickened about it.  Emma is the same age as those children.  I can't help but give her extra hugs and tell her how much I love her.  I wasn't going to say anything to Emma about what happened.  She's still little to me.  And I really didn't think she needed to know.  Sunday afternoon I got a call from Emma's school.  It was one of those pre-recorded messages.  They assured us the parents that they are up to date on their safety plans, and all the teachers and school officials met Saturday to go over everything again.  Sunday night after much thought I decided I needed to say something to Emma.  I really didn't want her to go to school Monday morning and have kids tell her what they thought they knew.  So I kept it kind of vague, told her lots of kids were hurt and that some had gone to heaven.  She had a lot of questions for me.  She wanted to know what happened to the person that hurt the kids and teachers.  I told her the truth, and also told her that she didn't need to go to school and talk to other kids about it.  I also told her that if any kids came to her asking her about it, that she needed to tell them to ask their teacher.  I'm so sad about this.  It feels so close to home.  Connecticut is part of our New England family.   So to all the family members, victims, Police/Fire/Ems personal, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

A Christmas Tag

A blog that I read on a daily basis, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!, is written by Shawna and she tagged me in a Christmas Tag!  Check out her blog.  She has 2 super cute girls and her blog is super cute!   I'm playing along so read my responses below....and Check the bottom cause you may be tagged next!!!

1.) What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you and your family?

Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year!!! Brian and I have crazy jobs where we work crazy hours. And neither of our jobs "shut down" for Chrismtas. They are 24/7 365 types of jobs. We have been sooo fortunate and lucky that we have both been able to have Christmas Eve and Christmas day off every year since Emma was born. We take one night out of the Christmas season and go out looking at Christmas lights. And of course listen to Christmas music, drink hot cocoa and all that good stuff =)

2. Were you told the truth about Santa Clause by your parents, or did you find out another way? Do you plan on telling your kids about Santa (if you have them or plan to have them)?

To be quite honest, I don't remember exactly how I found out the truth. I think it may have been from my older cousin. But I was not angry or mad when I found out. I hope she believes for a long time. I do understand why some parents chose not to do the Santa thing. But that just isn't our thing.

3.) Real tree or fake tree?

Our first Christmas in our house we had a real tree. I had a real tree always growing up. But after Emma was born we chose to get a fake tree. I do miss the real thing...but I also love my fake tree =)

4. Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve, or both?

Growing up I was always allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve day. And I always got new pj's Christmas Eve night from Mrs Clause. I have carried both of those traditions on with Emma. She always looks forward to seeing what new pj's Mrs Clause has brought her =)

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch, and favorite Christmas song to sing or listen to?

My list for Christmas movies and music could go on and on and on. So here is my list for movies first!
Santa Claus The Movie. The very original one from 1985 with Dudley Moore & John Lithgow. If you have not seen this. You MUST!!
Miracle on 34th Street. Both new and old one
Home Alone 1
The Santa Clause - with Tim Allen
And of course any and all Christmas movies on the Family Channel, Hallmark of LMN!
Now for Christmas music:
White Chrismtas
Tennessee Christmas
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
All I want for Christmas is You....I have a ton more that I can't think of right now! =)

So now here is who i'm tagging.  I'm hoping you guys will play along as well!! =)

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I'm anxious to read what everyone has to say!! =)

Princess Makeover

When we were in Florida this past April, I had made reservations for Emma to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  It was by far one of the best experiences we have done with Emma.  She loved every second of it, and I knew since we were going again that she just had to go again.  So I made reservations for her again.  I know...she's kinda spoiled =)

Last time she wanted to dress up like Belle.  I had bought a dress for her off Etsy that I just LOVED!  This time she wanted to be Cinderella, and wanted to wear a regular Cinderella dress up dress.  We got up pretty early and headed to Downtown Disney to the...Bibbidi...Bobbidi...Boutique!!!

This was Emma's fairgodmohter.  Her name was Courtney.  She was wonderful.  She told Emma lots of great stories.  One being that Courtney is actually 222 years old.  Emma thought that was sooo awesome!  She was great!
After the Princess makeover we headed to the Magic Kingdom!!!!  My mother in law made reservations for us to have lunch inside the castle at Cinderella's Royal Table =)
I just love these topiaries!
You can barely see Miss Emma in this picture because the Castle is just so big!!
Emma finally met Cinderella!  She was sooo excited!  And I love how Em is holding her hands in this picture =)
After meeting with Cinderella we headed up stairs for our lunch.
The food was amazzzzinngg!!  Of course I had to take pictures of it!

As we were eating, all the different Princesses came around to the tables for photos and autographs.  My favorite is Snow White.  So I couldn't wait for Emma to see her too!
I love this picture of Emma looking out the window at the Castle =)

After lunch she was more than ready to get out of her dress.  I can't say I blame her, it looked kinda itchy! 

And this was the end of this day.  By 7:00 that night we were exhausted!  We had such long days while we were there, but every minute was worth it.  Stay tuned for more!!

I'm baccckkk!!

I'm back!!  We had a wonderful vacation!  I can't even begin to tell you all how amazing Disney is at Christmas time.  Disney definately knows how to do it up that's for sure!!  So I posted about our frist day there, and how we went to Downtown Disney that night.  The next day we just went around the area, did a little shopping and then we headed to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.  I have always wanted to go here.  I have seen on TV a million times about the life size ginerbread house they have this time of the year, and since we were going to be there....we HAD to go and see it!! 

This is the lobby when you first walk in.  Beautiful right?  I'd love to stay here sometime!!

This is the ginerbread house!  It is simply amazing!  They were passing around homemade gingerbread too!  There were people inside selling gingerbread cookies and houses.  Emma thought this was pretty cool =)
Emma and "Pop" =)
They had a place outside where they were roasting chestnuts...I found that I don't like them at all! haha
After we left there, we went over to Celebration, Florida.  It's a town that Disney built.  It's so awesome there!  They were gearing up for a christmas concert with a bunch of Disney Channel performers.  I know Emma would have loved to have seen them!
Later that evening after dinner we headed to Disney's Boardwalk.  If any of you plan on doing a Disney trip, this is a MUST!  It's a group of about 5 resorts, and they are on a boardwalk with a lake in the middle.  It's a great walk.  They have tons of great shops, bakeries, restarants etc.  And they have tons of great performers on the boardwalk itself.  We had a great time watching a magician.  He was really good!!
So this was the end of our first full day!  Stay tuned for the next day which was Sunday!!