Happy Halloween everyone!!  I was nervous all day as to what the weather was going to be like tonight.  It rained off an on all day and by 4:30 the skies were dark.  Really dark.  We started getting Emma ready around 4:30ish, and the rain stopped!!  And it didn't rain at all while we were out =)  The temperature was awesome too, in the low 60's =)  We had a really good time trick or treating, and Emma got a TON of candy!  Here's some pictures!

Here is Dorothy!!  I am in love with her dress.  I spent probably way too much money on it, but it was worth it.  And her shoes, love those too =)
Our neighbor just loves Emma =)
At my inlaws house.  My mother in law LOVES to decorate for every holiday! =)
I'm so in love with this little girl =)
Check out all the candy!  She got a ton.  I think we went to at least 50 maybe 60 houses.  It was crazy.  My feet definately hurt from walking, haha.  This last picture cracks me up because Emma had obviously just had a piece of candy with carmel in it, because the carmel is stuck in her teeth!!
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!  =)

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we finally carved pumpkins!!  We ended up only doing 2 of them.  Brian did his own, and then I helped Emma with hers.  Emma and I did a pumpkin with a cat, and Brian got technical with his!  He carved out a moon, and then got his drill out and drilled holes through the entire thing.  Stars and moon is what he went with.  It came out pretty awesome looking.  I don't have a picture of it today because i'm at work and haven't uploaded my pictures on to my laptop yet.  That will be for tomorrow.  So for tonight, you'll have to suffer with a couple of Instagram photos....hehe =)

I texted this picture to my mom and she thought the cat was a furby!  I guess it kinda does look like one =) 

We're starting to get the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  The wind is picking up and the rain is starting to come down.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad, and i'm also hoping this doesn't ruin Halloween for the kids.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So last night Emma fell asleep around 9:00 and was up and wide awake around 5:00 am.  She watched cartoons and then Brian cooked eggs, toast and ham for breakfast for her.  She was in such an awesome mood this morning for being up so early!  She's usually not a morning person at all.  And I think she looked pretty darn cute this morning heading off to school =)

I was quite surprised that she kept her headband in all day.  Usually she won't...but today she did =)

I also have to say Congratulations to a blogger friend =)  Joeylee from Sweet N Sassy Girls, gave birth to her 3rd baby girl the other day =)  Her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading and following.  So congratulations to you Joeylee and your family!  Kendall is adorable!!! =)

Halloween Costumes Past =)

Over at Kellys Korner she is doing a link up, and I thought I would join in! =)

I'm going to start with Emma's very first Halloween.  She was a little over a month old on her first Halloween and weighed about 4 1/2 pounds when this picture was taken =)  She was a pumpkin!!!

All this costume was, was a bib! =)  And I managed to find a pumpkin  hat that matched it.  She was super cute.  We didn't go anywhere on her first Halloween, but I just had to dress her up =)

Emma's second Halloween she was a chicken!  I loved this costume, I thought it was super cute!  She really didn't care too much for it though!  And at this moment in time I cannot locate a picture, because my desktop computer isn't working too well and that's where the photo is =(  I'll find it though!!!

Her third Halloween she was Raggedy Ann =)  At the time Brian had a co-worker who just happened to have an adult size Andy costume, and Brian was a wicked good sport and wore it!! =)

You can't really tell in this picture, but Emma didn't even go trick or treating this year.  Early Halloween morning Emma slipped in the living room and hit her mouth on the edge of the coffee table.  She split her lip wide open, and ended up getting a huge blister type thing on it.  It was awful.  She wasn't in the mood at all for trick or treating that night.  But her and Brians costumes were super cute!!! =)

 Her third Halloween, she was snow white.  Cutest snow white ever...if you ask me! =)

 She loved this dress.  Said she felt just like a real princess =)

On her 4th Halloween she was a Bumble Bee!  She was too cute as a Bee!

Love her face in this picture!!! haha

And last year she was Jesse from Toy Story! =)

I have loved all of Emma's Halloween costumes, and cannot wait for this Halloween.  She's going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I think she'll make a pretty cute Dorothy =) 

Thankful Thursday

Have I mentioned before that I dislike working nights??  haha  I may have mentioned that a time or two on here =)  Anyway, tonight is the kids Halloween night at a local restaurant.  Emma really really wanted to go and i'm so thankful that I have great inlaws that will take her when Brian and I are working.  Before Brian left for work this evening he took a picture of Emma and sent it to me.  She wanted to wear her halloween costume from last year to dinner tonight =)  I loved this Halloween costume =)

I can't believe it still fits her sooo good!!!  And last night I got Em's halloween costume for this year all fixed, so it fits her really good now!! =) 

Wednesday =)

I have been trying to get a good day to get outside and get some pictures of Emma with our dog Gunner.  Today was beautiful outside, and when Emma got out of school we went out and tried to get some photos.  The dog did not want to cooperate.  All he wanted to do was run, run, run.  He stays right in the yard, but he didn't want to stay still.  I managed to get only 2 pictures of the two of them.   We'll have to try it another day =)

Yesterday Emma had her private gymnastics class!  She did really well, but she was exhausted when it was done.  There is a lot more work when it's one on one.  When there are other kids in the class there is a lot of waiting around waiting for the other kids to finish on the bars, or the beam and what not.  When it's one on one, it's just her and she was constantly moving.  She said she had a lot of fun though!  =)

Finally, yesterday we got the school pictures!!!  I couldn't wait to see it, and I don't think it could have come out any better!!! 
I think they came out really well =)
This morning Brian and 3 of his friends headed out bright and early to go hunting.  Gunner was not happy that he couldn't go today! HA!  So instead he went out running errands with me =)
Every time I got out of the car to run in somewhere, I would come out and he would be in the backseat sitting in Emma's booster seat!  Crazy dog! 
Since we only have 7 days left until Halloween, I need to get Emma's Halloween costume altered somehow!  I ordered it off of Etsy, and I'm in LOVE with it, but it's way too big!  I wish I could sew, but I can't =(    One of my co-workers is going to see if she can fix it for me.  So i'm crossing my fingers!!! =) 

Have a great night all!!! =)

Gymnastics =)

Last night Emma had her last class of gymnastics before the next session starts up.  She is currently in the Novice class, which is level 2.  The only way the kids can move onto the Intermediate level, which is level 3, is for them to have everything checked off on their Skills Sheet.  She was a little nervous yesterday afternoon before going.  She wanted to get into the Intermediate level.  So here are some pictures from yesterdays class =)

I think she looks so cute with her hair pulled up into a messy bun =) 
I have such a hard time getting good photos inside the gym at gymnastics.  So these quality on these photos is pretty crappy.
I didn't catch her complete hand stand!  I only caught her flipping back over! haha
After they were done with the class the coaches met with them for a minute and then handed them their skills sheet.  Emma was nervous to open hers.
Can you see what the bottom left says?  Please sign up for Intermediate next session!!!  She was sooooooo excited!  She may have high fived me a few times =) 
She has a week off before starting up the next session, so next week I signed her up for a private lesson.  I think she's going to love it. 

She made me smile on the way home from gymnastics last night.  We had previously tried Soccer twice & ballet and she disliked both very much.  So on the way home, she was sitting in the backseat and was telling me how much she just loves gymnastics.  Totally made me smile =)  We're excited for the next session to start back up in a week =)


Hello.  My name is Johannah.  And I am a couponaholic.  haha  No, not really...but I have been couponing twice in the last 2 days.  I had a ton of coupons that were ready to expire, so I had to use them up!  Quite a few people have asked how the couponing is done, so i'm going to try and explain a little of it.  I'm sorry if anyone of you find this post "boring"  haha

All my couponing has been strictly done at Target & The Dollar Tree.  They are the only 2 stores that I understand the couponing process, so that's why I stick with them.  This morning I went to Target.  and this is what I got. 

This came to around $77.00 for all this.  After coupons I paid $8.36.  Crazy right!!  I'll break it down for you.  Starting with the 4 bottles of method cleaning spray in the middle.
A bottle of Method Cleaning Spray is $2.99
You can buy a limit of 4 using coupons.  There is a sale going on at Target for buy 3 Method Sprays Get 1 Free.  So I used 4 manufacturer coupons for $1.00 off any Method item.  I then stacked that with 3 Target coupons for $1.00 off any Method item.  That makes it $1.97 for all 4 bottles of Method spray! 
With the Herbal Essence, I have coupons for Buy 1 Shampoo Get 1 Conditioner free.  And you can use a limit of 4 of those coupons at once. 
The Beggin dog strips were $2.97.  I had a manufacturers coupon from the weekend paper for Buy 1 Get 1 Free.  Plus a target coupon for 75 cents off.  So I stacked those together as well! 
I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone or if it's even helpful for people who have wanted to learn how to do this.  But I gave it a shot explaining! haha 
If you  have questions, please ask and i'll try my best to answer! =)

Day off Thursday =)

It's 8pm and i'm still awake! haha  As I said in my last post, I wasn't going to be getting much sleep today...and I really didn't.  I woke up at 6:30 and went and picked Emma up, got her ready for school and then dropped her off at school.  I went out shopping with a couple of friends and we went and did a little "couponing" =)  I tell you, it's pretty fun when you see your total come to $62.00, give them your coupons and it goes down to $15.00 =)  So here's what I got today.

I think I did pretty good!!!  Most everything came from Target, expect the 2 colgates and the 2 bottles of LA Looks hair gel. 
So at Target I got:
4 Bottles of Herbal Essence Shampoo
4 Bottles of Herbal Essence Conditioner
2 Bottles of Method cleaning spray
2 Bottles of Pledge multisurface spray
2 Bottles of All laundry Detergent
2 Bottles of ACT mouthwash
1`package of Schick razers
That all came to $62 and I only paid $15
I then went to the Dollar Tree.  I had 2 coupons for colgate toothpaste and 2 coupons for the LA Looks hair gel.  I got the counter and paid 20 cents for everything =)  The clerk laughed when she saw the price.  It's fun.  And if you don't coupon you definately should.  I'm still learning, but i'm loving it so far!! 
I ended up getting home around 11:30, and I was dead tired.  I went and layed down and fell asleep until 1:45, then it was time to go and get Emma.  We came home and Brian had to leave for work shortly after, so we went out to supper together before he left.  Yeah, we ate supper at 3:30 today =)  We just ended up at Taco Bell/KFC.  I had the new Cantina Salad.  If you all have it near you, try it.  It was really good and super fresh tasting =) 

Emma just made pumpkin chip cookies for her class tomorrow.  She did it all by herself too!  I put all the ingredients out for her and told her how much to measure, and she did it!  I think she was pretty proud of herself =)
She had a lot of fun making them =)
Tomorrow if Friday and we find out what level Emma goes into for gymnastics =)  She's pretty excited about it!!
This evening after we left the grocery store we were going across a bridge and I was reminded why fall in Maine is my favorite time of the year.  It's so beautiful this time of the year.
Soon this will all be snow covered...not looking forward to that at all. 
Have a good evening all =)'s 3am...

Yes, that's right it's 3am.  I got out of work at 2am, and it takes me about 20-25 minutes to get home.  And now i'm sitting here writing.  I have to be up at 6:45 to get Emma from my in laws house and get her ready for school...and then bring her to school.  Usually after that I would come right home and go back to bed for a few hours, but not today.  I'm heading out to go shopping with a couple of friends at 8:30 am.  Can you say crazy?!? haha  I do know one thing.  My very first stop after dropping Emma off at school will be Starbucks!!!!

It's only Thursday and it's been a long week so far.  My work week felt like days off were never in sight.  I'm on 2 days off, and go back Saturday evening.  My schedule is so weird.  I get very frustrated with it at times.  On Monday we were given 5 new schedules to look at, and all the employees get to vote on them.  I'm hoping and hoping that I will be going to a day shift.  The one I really want is 5am to 3pm.  It would be perfect because I would be out of work every day around the same time Emma would be getting home....and my inlaws wouldn't have to keep her at night much anymore!  That's a really big thing for me right now.  She is 6 years old now, and I think it's important that I work my schedule around as much as possible for her to stay at home every night.  It's very difficult when both parents work nights.  Anyway, enough of my complaining about this!!  =)

In 2 weeks Emma will be starting her 4th round of gymnastics!!!  We don't find out until Friday which level she will be in.  She's pretty excited =) 

So I only have one picture today.  Back almost 3 years ago now I bought Emma her very first Matilda Jane dress.  The dress has been worn a ton of times and still looks brand new.  I tried it on her yesterday morning before school and was soooooo excited that it still fits =)  This is one of my favorite dresses she has ever had.  So of course she had to wear it =)

Have a great morning every one =)

Oh Weekend...Don't End Yet!

We had an awesome weekend!!!  Saturday morning started out with hanging out with Miss Emma for a bit and then she was going to my parents house for the night =)  My parents live about an hour away, so we met my mom 1/2 way to drop Emma off to them.  We were ahead of schedule so we stopped by Coldstone Creamery for an ice cream first =)

She chose Cake Batter ice cream with Chocolate shavings.  I thought for sure she would go for something like cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears...but nope.  Plain and simple is what she wanted =)
After Coldstone we met my mom and loaded her car up with everything that Emma insisted on bringing with her.  I think she had 1/2 of her bedroom with her! Ha =)

Brian and I headed back home and got ready to head out for dinner.  We didn't end up going out just the 2 of us.  A friend of ours and his girlfriend ended up going with us.  We had such an amazing time!!! 
So I tried to make reservations at the Kobe Japenese Steakhouse, which just opened last week, and they told me they don't take reservations.  We got there at 6:00 and there was already a 1 and 1/2 hour wait.  We decided we would wait, but we ended up leaving and going to a couple of stores while we waited.  We finally got back to the restaurant a little after 7:00 and we weren't seated until about 7:45.  I have never seen a wait like this at a restaurant in our area before!  It was crazy busy!!! 
Us in the car before we left =)
This was our Chef.  He was really fun and entertaining.  He even chopped up food and then threw it into our mouths!  I surprised myself and actually caught it in my mouth, haha =)
The chef did this on purpose...but I tell you what, It got really really hot when he did this!!

I'm not sure if you all have been to one of these, but they cook everything right on the grill in front of you.  Everyone got a salad, soup, rice and veggies.  And then you pick your meat, steak, chicken, salmon, scallops or shrimp.  I chose the Steak & Shrimp combo, and It was a great decisison!!
This was my plate =)  Super good!  We would definately go back to this restaurant again, but will probably wait a while to let the hype of it settle down a little bit.  Anddd it was a tad bit pricy as well, but well worth it!

We ended the evening by going to Margaritas Mexican Restaurant for a margarita.  I had the Russellrita, which is a strawberry & raspberry margarita.  It's really yummy!!

Brian and I ended up sleeping in today until 11:00!!  We headed up to my parents house to get Emma and are now back home watching the New England Patriots game =)  Homemade chicken fingers and french fries is on the menu tonight for supper =) 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend =)