Bike Riding

I'm pretty sure that Summer may have found it's way here....Finally!!  We have had some nice days lately, and i'm sure hoping they stick around =) 

This morning Brian and I went to camp for a bit.  Just basically for a drive for a bit.  Anything to get out of the house for a while! ha!  As soon as we got out of the car, the black flies swarmed us.  So unfortunately we didn't stay long at all.  But it was still a pretty drive.

It's pretty beautiful there that's for sure!!

After Emma go out of school we decided to take her on a bike ride.  Well, she biked and Brian and I walked.  I'm thinking I may invest in a bike this summer =)  

We have a really awesome bike trail in our town.  I'm not exactly sure how many miles the entire thing is, but it's long I can tell you that much!  We walked probably just over a mile or so.  

We opted to take the trail to the University of Maine.  The trails are awesome.  Paved and they are super smooth. 

I had planned to put Alyx in just the stroller, but she had other plans of sleeping instead.  So she stayed in her carseat =)

The views on the trail were pretty awesome too!

Emma did awesome and had a blast!  I can't wait for us to go again...maybe next time i'll have a bike to ride =)  
And I actually dragged my good camera out with us to get some good pics!  But the rest of the pics are from my phone!

Emma missed the Selfie because she was too far ahead! haha

Alyx enjoyed playing in the grass in our front yard this afternoon.  She's not too sure what to think of the grass quite yet =)

After dinner Emma went out in the backyard and picked me some Rhubarb so I could make a Rhubarb cake.  It's my grandmothers recipe and it came out so good.  Not quite as good as hers though.

That's all I have for now!  Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow!!!

Second Grade Night

It's Friday!  The weekend begins in a short 7 hours! 
Last night we went to Emma's school for her 2nd Grade Portfolio night, and then a short concert after.  They had 2 portfolios put together of basically everything they have learned this year. 

And of course Alyx had to watch too!!
I cannot say enough good things about Emma's teacher this year.  She has been an amazing teacher.  She's funny but strict at the same time, and Emma just loves her.  Her communication with parents at home is awesome as well.  She keeps parents in the loop about everything that goes on in school and if Emma was struggling with anything.  I'm going to miss her next year!! And I think Emma will too!
The other day I was putting groceries away in the kitchen and Emma said she would watch the baby.  I went into their room and they were both laying on Emma's bed =)
Emma said she was reading and writing to Alyx =)  Although by looking at Alyx's face...she doesn't look too happy!!  haha 
Lastly, Alys has on an infant hat that is rolled down.  Hehe =)  Still happy though!
I'm not 100% sure what our plans are for the weekend.  Brian works tonight into tomorrow morning, so i'm sure he'll sleep a good part of tomorrow.  The joys of having a husband who works overnights.  =/.  Sunday we are going to celebrate his dads birthday with a BBQ.  Lots of yummy food to be had i'm sure!!

Monday =)

Happy Monday!  And not only is it Monday, but it is also my Friday!  I know crazy schedule I have =)
We had a good weekend, although I worked Friday-Sunday days.  I am sooo in love with working days now.  I worked nights for almost 11 years, and switching to days was seriously a huge adjustment.  But I wouldn't go back to working nights now for anything!  I absolutely love getting home at 3:30 in the afternoon, cooking my girls supper, giving them baths, and hanging out in the evening before bed.  And last night I got to witness this for the very first time ever!!
Miss Alyx sat up by herself completely unsupported!  It lasted maybe 15 seconds or so before she toppled over, but I was super proud of her!! 
We're having some difficutly in the rolling over department.  If she is on her tummy she can roll over no problem.  But if she is on her back...forget it.  She's not quite sure what to do with that arm of hers when it gets stuck.  Haha  Nothing i'm worried about because she does try, it's just that darn arm!!  No crawling yet! 
Happy Monday!


It's Saturday...but it's my Monday.  Uggh.  I love when I have weekends off, but oh well!  We had a good last couple of days.  Thursday we took Emma out of school a little early and went to Bar Harbor.  My MIL had a doctors appointment there so we drove her...and it was nice to leave town and go to the ocean =) 

It's so hard to get a really good picture of both the girls! haha

Bar Harbor is such a "tourist" town, but we love it.  We try to get down before the tourist season begins.
Alyx had such a huge smile on her face, but she was covering it with her arm =)
We ended the day with dinner at our favorite place, Green Tea.  I'm hoping that Alyx will love chinese and sushi as much as Emma does!! =)
Yesterday consisted of grocery shopping....and cleaning Emma's room.  Oh my word that child can destroy a room in no time.  And then when it comes to picking up...forget it, she is nowhere to be found!! It took me 1/2 of the afternoon to do, but I got it done and then for some reason decided to spoil her with new bed sheets and a blanket.  Yeah she is totally spoiled that girl!!
She's so happy just hanging out in her carseat and shopping with me =)
Anddd, we had AWESOME temps yesterday!  I wish it could be that temp every day of the week =)
Happy Weekend!!!

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope all you Mom's had a great Mother's Day!  Brian and I were both off on Saturday and Sunday which was great! 
Friday night Brian had to work but we went to visit him for a bit
Everytime we visit him, Emma has to draw something to put in his locker.  I went and checked out what she drew and I found his locker looking like this...

Some of these post it notes are from when she was really really little!  I thought it was adorable =) 
Saturday evening we went to my nieces softball game.  They did awesome and won, and it was really fun watching her play.  I think she is going to grow up to be an awesome softball player =)
And apperantly Alyx was very hungry at the game and just wanted to eat Brians hat =)
And of course you can't go to a softball game with out having sunflower seeds! 
Me and my little peanut =)
Sunday morning I woke up and Emma insisted on making me english muffin toasted with peanut of my favs!  And a cup of coffee of course ;)
We spent the majority of the morning was BEAUTIFUL outside!!!

And little Miss Alyx took a nap in her stroller
Isn't she just too cute?!? =) 
I just love these two girls!  They have definately made being a mommy pretty darn special! =)
We had a really great lunch..and I think Brian was starving...I took a picture of his plate!
Steak, chicken legs, corn on the cob, and loaded baked potato salad, super good!!
It was a great mothers day overall!  And now it's Monday...and back to work!

Alyx Grace * 6 Months Old *

Seriously?!  I have a 6 month old baby girl already.  These last 6 months have gone by way too fast for my liking.  I'm hoping that the next 6 months slow down just a tad =) 
Miss Alyx turned 6 months on Monday.  She is changing so much and I notice different things about her almost every day now.
We had Alyx's 6 month well child check yesterday.  And my poor little girl had 3 shots =(  She did well though.  She cried as soon as they did them for only a couple of minutes, and then she was good to go! 
So here are Miss Alyx's 6 month stats:
Weight: 15 pounds!! 
Length: 26 inches
Clothing: 6 months mostly and she can even still fit into some 3-6 months clothing
Diapers: Size 2
Sleeping: Oh does she like to sleep!  We put her to bed right around 8:00 pm and she falls right to sleep and wakes up in the morning around 7:00-7:30.  She naps a couple of times throughtout the day, but the naps usually doesn't last too long.  Sometimes she will surprise us and nap for a couple of hours.
Feedings: 7ozs of formula every 4 hours or so.  She also loves her food!  Sweet Potatoes is by far her very favorite.  She also likes green beans, peas, carrots, apple sauce, bananas, and her most recent try was pear/raspberry.  And whenever we are eating she keeps a very close eye on us and tries to grab food from us =)  Our doctor told us we could start introducing small pieces of Ritz crackers to her.  I'm anxious to see how she does with them!
She is grabbing onto *everything* these days.  Her most favorite thing to grab...Emma's hair!!  Right now Emma thinks it is just absolutely funny when Alyx does it...but i'm certain she will soon get sick of it =)
Everything that Alyx gets her hands on, goes straight into her mouth!  She loves to grab your cheeks with both hands and open her mouth up wide and pull your face into hers.  It's the cutest thing ever.  And then she just giggles away. 
She's such a happy baby, and always smiling.  Our first couple of weeks were pretty rough with her, when we were trying to figure out if she was colic or had acid reflux, but she's turned out amazing!!
Happy 6 months baby girl!!  I'm thankful every single day that I was picked to be your momma, and love you to pieces!!

Our Week in far!

I'm going to first by start off by saying...I want to go to Disney!!  haha  Everyone, and I mean everyone lately is posting about their Disney trips.  And i'm just a tad bit jealous ;)  Hehe 
Anyway...back in my little world we haven't been up to a whole lot.  We've spent quite a bit of time outside lately when it's been nice enough out.  Emma is finally getting all of her energy out that she had built up all winter! LOL =) 
Emma insisted on the pink gloves, not really sure why! 
Alyx wakes up like this every single morning.  She's sooooo happy!
I finally got a mirror for the back of the seat.  Now Alyx can look at her cute little self =)
 Little Miss's legs still don't reach the bottom of the exersaucer!! 
We put a pillow on the bottom still so her little legs won't dangle.  =)
We had to run over to one of Emma's friends house the other night to drop something off, so he and Emma played on his gigantic playset.  Emma LOVED it!

I cannot beleive that Emma will pick up worms!  She is scared to death of anything that flys...but I guess if it slithers around she's ok with that.  Haha 
Swinging away!  We have a ton of work to do on our playset this spring.  I really went to box it in and fill it with rubber mulch...but we'll see!!  Our Maine winters aren't so easy on outdoor swingsets =/.

Emma is loving the nice evenings lately, and being outside playing with cousins & friends!
Monday night we made Tacos for dinner.  Emma said to me while she was eating, "This is my most favorite meal, I could eat Tacos every day!"  She loves them that's for sure!! 
So there's our week in pictures...not at all in the correct order!
Miss Alyx has her 6 month well child check today.  Her 6 month post is coming very soon!!