A Pictureless Post.....Well maybe 1 picture!

I know, I know....most of you don't like posts without pictures.  But hey, I really have none for today.  Not even a single one of Emma.  I only saw her today from 2:15 until 3:00.  An entire 45 minutes.  That's what stinks about working nights.  I was really hoping to be working days this year, but it didn't work out.  Let's hope for next year!!

So today we had a HUGE windstorm.  It was crazy.  I woke up around 4:30 this morning and could hear the wind howling.  The weather here has been soooo cold.  I got up around 9:00 and there were tree limbs everywhere, and our trash can was blowing away.  When Brian came home he told me that the roof off one of our local stores had blown off.  When I got to work about 3:45 today everyone was ready to pull out their hair!  They said it had been super busy.  We dispatch for over 80 fire/ems departments where I work, plus dispatching for police departments.  So I can only imagine how busy they were!  I must say I was glad I came to work when I did....After the storm =) haha

Brian and I have an appointment on Sunday morning with the Timeshare people!  Eeekk!!  I'm really excited!  I will definitely bring my camera while we are there.  It's a really nice place and it's right on the ocean.  But we really don't have a lot of intentions of staying there much.  We plan to trade the timeshare to other places.  Like Disney =)  Once all the paperwork is completed and all that good stuff, then i'll post more about it =)  So here is a picture I found online of the place we are going =)

And It's Superbowl Sunday this weekend!  What is everyone's plans??  We are probably going to my inlaws to watch the game and have some yummy snacks!!

Our week...So far =)

Over the last few days I have found that I don't cook anymore!  We have eaten out so much lately that is just absolutely ridiculous!  Monday night Brian and I were both off, we were out shopping that evening and realized it was getting late and we had not eaten dinner yet.  So we went to Applebees.  Emma was absolutely crazy there!  Not bad, just in a really silly mood.  But she had us laughing hysterically!  The waitress must have thought we were crazy!

This kid can cross her eyes really well!  haha =)

Tuesday, Brian and I went out shopping in the morning with his mom.  I got some really awesome deals!  Check out this one!

I got 2 of these, and they were each 28 cents!  I also got a quilt throw type blanket for Emma for 98 cents!  The prices were markdown crazy!  After that we went to TJ Maxx, I have been looking for just the perfect bowl for Fruit and I found it!  After we left there it was lunch time...and guess what?  We went out for lunch. We went to a BBQ place.  This place is great.  We only have 1 bbq place around here, so it's kind of a treat to do there =) 

And they serve Sweet Tea!!!  This is the only place in our area that serves it.  I just love it! 

After we finished lunch it was time to pick Emma up at school and then head to her "private" gymnastics class.  I know she is super spoiled.  But i'm spending the money on something that she just LOVES to do.  So that doesn't bother me at all.  She did super good Tuesday in her lesson.  I'm very proud of her. 

I really need to start bringing my actual camera with me instead of relying on my cellphone. 

So after gymnastics we headed to my inlaws and picked my mother in law up to go....that's right out for Dinner!  Haha  We had given them a gift certificate for Christmas to Kobe Ninja House.  And they wanted us to come along with them when they went.  So of course, we gladly went with them!  The show these guys put on as they are cooking is great.  Emma just loves it.  And they make her laugh.  Our chef cooked the rice and then put about 2 grains of rice on her plate and told her that's all she was getting!  It was really cute, and she laughed =) 

Today I was awoken at 5:00 by a text message, followed by a phone call, followed by an immediate E-mail.  My phone was going crazy!  When I finally realized that it was my phone making those noises, I looked at it and it was Emma's school letting parents know that there was a 2 hour school delay because of icy roads.  So this morning was all messed up.  Emma has eaten school lunch all year, but this week she wanted home lunch.  So I made her lunch and then asked her where her lunch box was, which she replied..."In my cubby at school" Great place for it =)  So today I made her get school lunch and you would have thought it was the end of the world.  Oh. My.  But when she came home from school I asked what they had and they had steak sandwiches and she said it was really good, so I think she was glad she didn't have home lunch.

So that has been our week so far.  Hopefully the rest of the week is just as exciting! lol =)

Thanksgiving Sunday

Yup!  We had Thanksgiving dinner today! =)  My mother in law had a turkey in the freezer and invited us all for a "Thanksgiving" lunch!!  Nothing better than turkey and all the fixins!  We had a really good lunch with my inlaws, brother in law, his wife and my niece Lily.

It's a blurry picture of Lily because she moved just as I snapped the picture!  But cute none the less!! =)

We had an uneventful weekend.  Brian and I are both working this weekend.  So Emma spent last night with my in-laws and she is staying their tonight as well.  

I do have some exciting news.  Exciting to us anyway!  We got an unbelievable deal on buying into a Time Share, so we are doing it!!!  I'm sooo excited!  I don't want to jinx ourselves because we haven't signed any of the paperwork yet.  We are going Sunday to look at a timeshare here in Maine and get all the paperwork lined up.  The awesome thing about it is that we don't ever have to use the Time Share here in our state, we can transfer it to anywhere in the country or world at that!  Once all the paperwork is done and all that i'll post more details!!  

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!! =)

Mini Kitchen Renovation

Wednesday night while I was at work Brian called me and said he wanted to do a glass tile back splash in our kitchen.  Like the  very next day.  I instantly sighed I think.  It was work that I really wasn't in the mood to get into.  It always seems that when we want to do a project it ends up being a lot more involved than we had planned.   So anyway, I told him I would help.  I got out of work at 2am.  Slept for a couple of hours and got up to get Emma ready for school at 6:45.  We brought her to school and then headed to Home Depot.  Let me tell you, by 8am I was exhausted. 

So we got to Home Depot.  I found some glass tiles that I *LOVED*.  And guess what.  They didn't have enough.  They said they could order them and they would be here in a week.  But oh no.  We asked if any other stores had them.  Well they did.  At a store that was a little over an hour away.  Sooo what did we do?  We bought what they had at our local Home Depot, and then got in the car and drove an hour to the other store and bought the rest of what we needed.  Oh. My.  Word.  The way this was starting out I was sure we were doomed. 

We finally got home and went right to town starting with it.  Usually you have to grout the wall, then place the tiles on the wall, wait several hours and then grout on top of them.  The guy at Home Depot suggested these sheets of glue that you just stick to your wall and there is no mess at all!!  Let me tell you....they were AMAZING!!!  We got the glue on the walls and the tiles up within probably an hour.  And then later that night we grouted it.  It was super fast, and super easy!  We never ran into a single problem while we were doing it.  And the end results, were amazing!!!

This is the Before picture.  Pretty blah and boring.  And now...here is the After!!
I just love it!!  My next project is new counter tops because I despise the color of the counter we have now...and then eventually a new floor =)
My mom got me the new light for the kitchen, and the Snack Jar.  I just love the snack jar!!! 
So there is your preview of our Mini Kitchen Renovation!  If you are thinking about doing a back splash...don't be scared of it like I was!! It's pretty simple =)

Weekend Recap

Ohhh weekend.  Why did you have to leave so fast?  We had a good weekend, but there wasn't much time for relaxing!  Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents house for the night.  We didn't leave until around 2:00 and it takes us an hour to get there.  We hung out there for a bit, Brian headed to work around 5:00, then my dad left to head to work for a bit.  So that left Me, Emma and my Mom.  We went to a local restaurant and had dinner.  Emma ordered her favorite drink.  A Shirley Temple.  She also asked that they put it in a "fancy" glass =)  She cracks me up some times! 

We had some yummy food!  Calzones =)

After dinner we headed back to my parents house, and I headed out to go and ride with Brian at the PD!  He's been a police officer since before we met, and I had never gone out riding with him while he was on duty.  I got there around 8ish and left a little after midnight.  Nothing too exciting went on....but while he was on a traffic stop I snapped a picture of him...haha

That was the extent of excitement for the night!  But it was fun! =)


So I started this post around midnight.  Emma was sleeping peacefully and all of a sudden I heard a weird sound coming from her.  I ran into the bedroom to find that she was making some weird choking noises and I flipped the light on and the bed, wall, stuffed animals, pillows were completely covered in you guessed it...vomit.  =(  So lets make matters worse.  I call Brian, he came right home to help me...that's a plus of him being a police officer in the next town over, he can do that!  He started the bath for me while I got all the bedding into the wash.  And guess what.  No.Hot.Water.  Ugghhh.  I couldn't believe it.  This has NEVER happened to us.  So at 1:00, I am running up to my inlaws, thankfully they live right up the street.  We wake them up, and give Emma a bath there.  Poor Em =(   So now it's almost 2:00 am and we are sitting in the living room watching cartoons.  I am praying she feels better.  Very soon. 


It's Friday.  And boy oh boy am I glad I have Saturday and Sunday off!!!  It's been a really long 3 days at work.  I don't usually let work get to me, but last night it got to me.  I won't go into a lot of details...but talking an elderly man through CPR on his wife of 50 years is difficult.  And then finding out she didn't make it.  It stinks.  It's always the calls with the old people and kids that get to me.  I deal with these calls every single day.  This sounds terrible, but it's routine for me.  But this one just got to me, and gosh I feel bad for this man.  And unfortunately that won't be the last call I take like this. Buttttttt anyway.  I'm also really glad to have a couple of days off with Miss Emma!

Like 4 years ago we bought a Wii.  We haven't really used it that much lately.  And then I signed up for Netflix.  Since we watch the Netflix through the Wii, Emma has come to LOVE playing the Wii.  So as I was going through our games we have, I found a game that Emma got for her Birthday in 2011.....yeah I am terrible, it had never been opened.  So she has had a blast playing it.  It's Barbies Groom & Glam Pups.  It's pretty cute!

Not the greatest of pictures...but it'll do =)

I have also decided at night when i'm super bored I needed something to do.  So I decided to teach myself to knit!  I found an awesome tutorial on youtube.  And it was super helpful.  After one night I finished a dishcloth =)

Not too bad for my first one!  I think i've made 3 now.  They are really super easy to make and they pass time.

So for Christmas I got a couple of Starbucks gift cards <3.  LOVE.  The other day Brian and I were at Target...and our Target just so happens to have a Starbucks in it.  So I hopped over there and they were selling reusable cups for $1.00.  And best part, you can refill them anytime and pay only 52 cents for coffee and $1.00 for lattes!  

Tomorrow we are heading to my parents house for the night.  Brian has to work at the PD up there tomorrow night, so Emma and I are going to stay the night.  I love going home =)  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!


Recipe Post {Baked Chicken Parmesan}

I just have to share this new recipe that I made!  I got the recipe from Desiree @ Macke Monologues!  Definitely check out her blog, she posts a bunch of really great recipes =) 
It's called Baked Parmesan Chicken.  When I first read the recipe and saw that it called for Mayo, I was kinda like, Mayo?  On chicken?  But i'm telling you, It works!!  So here is what you need.

4 chicken breasts
1/2 cup of Hellmann's Mayo
1/4 cup of Shredded Parmesan
4 tbsp of Bread Crumbs
(I had a lot of chicken that needed to be used so I doubled the recipe)

Start off by Pre-heating your oven to 425
In a bowl combine the mayo and the shredded parmesan cheese
Put the chicken on a baking sheet or baking dish
Spread the top of the chicken with the Mayo & Parmesan mixture
And then top each chicken breast with 1 tbsp of bread crumbs.  I only had the parmesan bread crumbs on hand and they worked out awesome!

Bake for 20 minutes...and then it's DONE!  

I can't begin to tell you how simple this recipe was and how amazingly good it was!  The chicken was super moist and the flavor was really good!  I didn't get a picture of it all plated, because Brian and I both had to work so we brought it with us.  But I made squash and mashed potato to go along with it.  So if you are looking for a quick and easy dinner....this is HIGHLY recommended!  Thanks Desiree!!!
If you try this, let me know how you liked it!! =)

Emma...The Gymnast!

Today Emma had her private gymnastics class after school.  Like right after school.  We always have to hurry the second she gets out of school to get to the Y in time!  I have to brag for a second...she did absolutely amazing today!!!  I'm so proud of how well she is doing! 

Her absolute favorite is the bars.  She loves them, but has had a hard time flipping around by herself.  She worked sooo hard on them today.

After lots and lots of work on the bars today she finally flipped by herself....and yeah I got it on video!  =)  Check it out =)


She was pretty proud too I think! =)

It was definitely a good day of gymnastics!! 

Now...What to cook for dinner.  Any ideas???

It's Friday!

It's Friday!  I love Fridays that I am off, but totally wish I had the whole weekend off.  This morning Emma got up in a super duper good mood.  I *love* these mornings! haha  She is not usually a morning person at all.  She likes to sleep in.  And well so do I =)  We headed off to school, but I had to take a quick picture of her in her new Owl hat.  I'm in love with it!!

I think it's just adorable!!  =)

 After I dropped Emma off at school I came home and had a terrible headache.  I went back to lay down and ended up waking at at 1:45!  I couldn't believe I slept that long after sleeping all night.  Apparently I was exhausted!  We picked Miss Emma up at school at 2:15 and then went grocery shopping.  I came home and cooked an early dinner since Brian had to work tonight.  Meatloaf, mashed potato and squash.  It was sooo good.  It's nice to have comfort food like that now and then! =)  

After dinner Emma and I headed to gymnastics.  She did awesome tonight!!!

 Isn't it sad that Emma doesn't have any leotards!  Such a shame.  And one is missing from this picture.  It's "misplaced" somewhere and I cannot for the love of me find it.  I'm sure it'll turn up!  

I completely forgot my camera at home so I didn't get very many good photos.  I did take a couple with my cell phone.  She looovvesss the tumble track.  When she gets to the end of it now she holds the back of her knees and flips into the foam pit.  She did so well!  Sunday the Gymnastics team is having a gymnastics competition at the Y, so I plan on taking Emma.  I think she will LOVE it!  

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  It's my weekend to work, but it's only 2 days, and then i'm off for 2 more days! =)


 I haven't done a What I'm Loving Wednesday in a long time so I figured it's time =)  Soooo here we go!