What a week

So much has been going on in the news lately.  And all of it is just sad.  There is no other way to put it.  We were very saddened to hear of what happened in Oklahoma.  I can't even begin to imagine.  One moment they had everything, and then the next minute...they lost everything.  Including loved ones. 

I'm also sad because for the last week, a 15 year old girl went missing from the next town over.  She went to school in the town we live in, and today after an entire week long search they found her deceased less than 1 mile from our house.  I'm sad and sick all at the same time.  My work has been crazy busy because of this.  I've never in the 10 years I have worked at my job seen our officers and detectives work day and night without sleep for a week.  I'm thankful for them that they were able to give closure to the family members of this girl.  And i'm also thankful that today they made an arrest in her murder.  Stuff like this just doesn't happen here.  It's a small town, and i'm holding Emma a lot closer tonight.  In memory of this girl, they want everyone in our town to keep their porch lights on all night.  Our light will be on.

In other news...guess who has a cold again?  Yup, Emma.  I actually can't be certain it's a cold...it may be allergies but I'm not 100% sure.  Whatever it is, hopefully it goes away soon. 

Has anyone been watching The Voice?  Oh my word!  It is my favorite season yet!  I am loving Danielle Bradbury...so I am predicting now for her to win =) 

Tonight we had a big dinner planned since Brian and I were both off, and guess what?  He got called into work.  Arrghh.  Our jobs can be so frustrating sometimes, but at least we have them =)

Sorry for the picture less post.  I haven't really taken any pictures at all since it's been yucky rainy outside for the last couple of days.  Hopefully the rain will go away and we'll see sunshiny skies again soon =)


So I am afraid we are going to have a very long summer on our hands.  Emma has always been slightly afraid of bugs.  But it was never really an issue.  However...this year, it's different.  Anything that moves or crawls she completely freaks out.  And i'm afraid we aren't even really into "bug" season yet.  This morning she was at my mother in laws riding her bike and a couple of times she let out a screech because of a bug or what not.  But this wasn't even close to how much she freaked out when we got home.  I had to *make* her go outside when we got home.  She didn't want to because there was bees around.  Once we finally got outside she was playing with her chalk and then all of a sudden a bee flew by, the chalk went flying and she flew into the house and said, "I'm done".  I asked what she was done with and she said "going outside".  I asked her if she was going to spend all summer sitting inside while all the other kids in the neighborhood were outside having fun, and she just looked at me. So, does anyone have any tips/tricks with dealing with this issue and kids?  I think I would understand her fear better if she had been stung by a bee before, or had a bad insect bite or something...but she's had neither.  If it moves, crawls or flys...she's done.  I did manage to snap one picture of her outside playing with her chalk.  And it's a completely forced smile because she was constantly looking at her surroundings waiting for something to move around her.  Lol  Poor Em.

A couple of years ago we planted a Japanese flowering crabapple tree in our front yard.  This year it has the most beautiful flowers on it.  I wish it flowered all summer, but we only get a week or two of the flowers.  It smells so good too...and i'm pretty sure the bees flock to this tree.
And poor Gunner, he wanted to be out front with us pretty bad, but one of our neighbors was having a yard sale, so I didn't need him barking and whining and all that stuff.
So he stayed in, away from all the bugs ;)
I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend!! =)

Updates & A Recipe

My days are off are ending, and it's back to work tomorrow for the weekend.  I often wish I had a Monday-Friday job, with nights, weekends, and holidays off.  But unfortunately it is what it is and i'm thankful that I have a great job to go to!  Brian and I had a pretty productive day yesterday.  We decided to take out a couple of small areas of grass in our yard and put mulch in and plant 2 Rhododendrons.  It came out good, still needs some work.  Hence why i'm not posting any photos of that just yet =)

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night.  Brian wanted to finish the Boston Bruins hockey game, and then he went to bed.  And of course I had to get caught up on Chicago Fire.  Do any of you watch it?  It is by far one of my favorite shows right now, and i'm sad the season finale is next week!

So tonight for supper, I wanted to make something different.  And then I got thinking how much I love the Cracker Barrel.  And how we don't have one around here, and since I didn't think Brian would drive me 3-4 hours to the nearest one...I decided to try a couple of copycat recipes.  And they were both a big hit!  One of my favorites from CB is their chicken & rice.  After dropping Em off at school this morning I stopped and got the ingredients to make it. 

So here is what you'll need.
2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 can of sliced mushrooms
2 lbs of chicken tenders
Mix it all up and it should look like this.  I cooked mine on high for 4 hours, and it was cooked perfect.  I was kind of worried because Brian isn't a fan of anything "cream of whatever kind of soup".  But he really really liked this. 
I served it over white rice.  I cooked the rice in Chicken broth and sautéed an onion with a little butter and added that to the rice as well. 
I also found the recipe for the Cracker Barrel hashbrown casserole.  So I definitely got my Cracker Barrel fix tonight =)
Emma had gymnastics tonight.  She is so exhausted on Fridays from being at school all day, and then having gymnastics at 6:30 to 7:30.  She did really well!  After we were done there we headed to Target to get a few things.  And of course we couldn't go without a stop in the toy aisle.  Ha! =) 

By reading my posts i'm sure you can tell i'm pregnant.  I am hungry all the time lately, but I tend to just pick at it a little and then i'm done.  So of course while we were at Target I found something I have been wanting to try for a while...so yeah I picked it up. 
Ever had it?  It's pure Yummyness!!!  I promised Brian I would leave him some to try.  I'm not so sure there will be any left =)
Once we finally got home Emma settled in on the couch watching the Disney show, Dog with a Blog.  I haven't heard her laugh so hard in a long time.  Apparently the dog was singing opera, and she found it hilarious!  It was pretty cute =)

Snuggled in having her favorite snack...Spinach & Artichoke dip. 
It's now 10:30, and I thought she would be sound asleep by now...but guess what.  Nope!  But I love my one on one time with her at night =) 

Happy Friday all!!

I'm back! Again =)

I'm back...again!  I have been MIA from blogging for a while now.  I haven't even logged on to read all of my favorite blogs that I read daily.  So that is my goal tonight, to get caught up on all my blogs =)

Last week Brians grandmother passed away.  Which is Emma's great grandmother.  Emma refered to her as "Old Mimi".  We are all going to miss her a lot. She was such a sweet lady.  We would visit her often and sit on her front porch with her.  It was her house that we went to every Christmas Eve, the entire family would meet there.  This year is going to be very strange without Old Mimi being there. 

Other than that, not much else has been going on.  We had a really good mothers day.  We had a big dinner at my inlaws with some super yummy food!  All the kids had a good time playing with each other.  Emma made me a really cute card, and at school she made me a picture frame that she decorated, and the teacher put her picture in it.  It's definately adorable =)  And she and Brian got me some flowers for outside.  I told Brian that I really didn't want anything for Mothers day, so the flowers for outside were perfect!

I love the plant holder on the right...I thought it was super cute!  And don't mind the bottom of my screen door which needs to be painted white!  It is a pet peeve of mine that is going to be painted asap! haha

And in Baby news...everything is still going well!  I'm still feeling a teeny bit sick now and then.  So i'm still on my nausea meds.  The last 2 mornings have been kinda bad, but it passes.  I'll be glad when all the nausea stops completely.  I'm praying it does =)

Unfortunately that's really all I have for now.  I've missed reading all your blogs...so now it's time to play catch up!  =)

CrockPot Saturday

I'm pretty sure that I have never shared this recipe, and I'm not sure why because it is by far one of our very favorite Crockpot recipes!  Chicken Taco Soup!  And it is seriously the most easy recipe ever.  Hardly any measuring involved and no chopping or dicing!  I just finished putting this together in the Crockpot for our supper tonight, and I thought I would share incase anyone needs supper/dinner ideas for tonight or tomorrow. 

Chicken Taco Soup
2-4 Chicken breasts (about 1 lb, and they can be frozen too)
1 can of corn (I use the Green Giant super sweet corn, and I use 2 cans)
1can of black beans
1 can of chili beans or red kidney beans (I don't always put beans in this soup)
2 cans of canned Rotel diced tomato's with green chilies
1 8oz can of tomato sauce
1 12oz bottle of beer (or chicken broth)
1 1.25 oz packet Taco Seasoning
Put everything directly into the Crockpot, mix well and set on High for 3-4 hours or Low for 7-8 hours.  When it's just about done, take the chicken breasts out and shred the chicken up.  Then add it back to the crockpot.  And that's it =)
I have made this recipe before using chicken broth instead of beer, and the flavor isn't as good.  So if you do make this, I would suggest using the beer.  I'm not a beer person at all, cannot stand the taste of it.  But all the alcohol cooks out of it while in the crockpot.  And before I made this I did a lot of researching online on whether or not I could eat it since I am pregnant and all.  =) 
It's a terrible photo, but here is what it looks like when you get it all together

On another note...the weather here is sooo beautiful again.  I'm feeling for all of you that I have told me that it's either raining and cold where you are or even snowing!  It's May now, so hopefully the weather will start to look up!
Emma and I have been to the park the last 2 days, and we will probably go again today before I go into work at 4.  I dislike weekends that I have to work especially when it is is so nice out.  But, i'm off Monday & Tuesday and it's suppose to be close to 75 degrees both days.  I'll take that I suppose =)
Hope everyone enjoys your Saturday!