Day 30 & Back to work

I survived today at work!  I got up just about 3:30, and had to be at work at 5:00.  The early mornings are definitely going to take some getting used to, but the fact that I will be at home.  With my girls.  Every. Single. Night.  Is totally worth it!  I went and picked Alyx up from daycare at about 3:20, and when I walked through the door she was sitting with the daycare providers husband and Alyx looked at me and grinned from ear to ear!  It melted my heart, and I just about started to tear up.  She knew who I was and I was so excited to see her =)  

She is getting so big, too fast!  

Emma & Alyx played on the playmat for quite some time tonight.  She loves when her big sister lays with her.

And here is Day 30!

I work tomorrow morning, and then i'm off for the weekend!  =)  I'm already ready for the weekend to be here! hehe =)

Twas the Night Before...Work

It's done.  My maternity leave.  Tomorrow morning I go back to work.  I kind of have mixed feelings about this.  It will be nice to get out of the house and have some adult "socialization" time, but at the same time...I LOVE being home with my girls.  I know once I get back into the groove of things and we get into a routine it will be just fine.  And after 11 years of working nights...I am finally working days!!!  I have to be at work at 5am, and I work until 3pm.  It will be great being home every night with the girls. are a couple of days of my 365 photos!

Day 28:

Day 29:

Alys looks scared to death in this picture! haha =)
And the big news...I finally got the iPhone 5 yesterday!  At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it.  Totally different than mine android I have had for quite a while.  But so far I must say, I'm loving it!!!  

Well..time to head to bed since I have to be up at 3:45 am.  Uggh.  Wish me luck tomorrow!!


I forgot to post yesterdays here is day 25!

It was a struggle getting this picture last night.  It's getting harder each day.  We are only 26 days now into the new year...only 339 days left Emma.  You can do this! haha

Here is today's.  Day 26 of 365.

I love those 2!

This afternoon we had lunch at my inlaws.  My MIL made the best pot roast!  And then my father in law came down to help Brian put up the last set of lights in the kitchen.  

I love them!  They look more orangy in the picture than they actually are.  Now we need to save for our countertop and flooring, and then we will be done.  Well until it's time for a new stove and dishwasher and fridge! haha

I'm making this short because we are only 15 minutes away until The Bachelor wedding!  Time to make some popcorn and watch it =)  

Before & After

We finished the kitchen mini makeover!  Well for now anyway.  Our next project will be new flooring and countertops.  Oh my word how badly I want new countertops...but they are a bit pricey, so we'll wait a bit on those =)  I think we may have made 4 trips to Home Depot and Lowes returning light fixtures and such.  But we finally got something we both really liked.  I really like our kitchen much better now than before.


I hated the yellow, and when you take pictures in the kitchen it looks like an ugly yellow color.  Yuck!  


I like it so much better, and we had these super duper ugly box florescent lights on the ceiling.  We finally got rid of those and put up normal lighting =)  We actually have another set of lighting to replace above our sink.  We have recessed lighting above the sink and I got 2 decorative pendant lights to hang instead.  Hopefully Brian will put those up when he wakes up today!  And I'm anxious to get things hung up on the walls too.  Just not sure what I want above our table.  Any ideas??  

I might as well add our daily photo too =)

Day 24.  This was by far the most painful photo so far to take.  Emma did NOT want to have her picture taken and was actually crying hysterically and here is a forced smile from her.  LOL  Someday she will love having these photos.  But right now she could care less. haha =)

Day 23

The last 2 days have been crazy!  But here is day 23.

It was taken just minutes before bedtime, and in all honesty I had forgot all about taking last nights picture.  If it weren't for Emma (trying to procrastinate going to bed, because every other night she sighs when it's time to take the picture) I would have completely forgotten!

Brian and I tend to say things like, "Hey let's paint the kitchen today" and head to Home Depot, buy paint, and come home and paint.  Not too often do we say, "well do you think we should?  maybe next week".  If something pops into our head in terms of stuff like that, we usually do it right then.  So yes, we painted our kitchen Wednesday & Thursday.  And then Thursday morning we decided, "Hey, let's change out the ugly florescent ceiling lights out of the kitchen".  So what did we do?  Went to Home Depot and bought new ceiling lighting.  I'm not sharing pictures quite yet, because nothing can ever be easy when we get into electrical work in this house.  Brian and his dad started the work yesterday and will *hopefully* finish it this afternoon!  I'm very anxious to have normal ceiling lights instead of the horrible horrible florescent lighting we had in there.  And I have to say, I love the newly painted kitchen!  =)

What's for dinner? And Day 22

I got the girls picture done bright and early today!

Poor Emma said she felt like a snowman today! I made her wear flannel lined jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a fleece pullover on top of her shirt. It is soooo bitterly cold this morning so she needed to dress warm =)

What's for dinner tonight? What are you all having?  I get soooo tired of making the same things over and over again.  So if you have a good recipe of something yummy...pass it on to me!  I'm sure Brian and Emma would like something different too=)

Day 20 & 21...and pictures!

Lets start with Day 20 of my 365 days of pictures!

My Zebras!  I love these matching pj's.  I got Alyx's at my baby shower, and actually got hers in a size newborn and 0-3 months.  Now I need to find 3-6 months in it!  Emma's pj's came from Target, and they are footed too =) 

Day 21

It appears as though Alyx is trying to escape away from Emma! haha =)
After I dropped Emma off at school I took a few photos of Miss Alyx.  She liked like the camera this morning 

Oh those blue eyes.  I melt every time she looks at me.  I think if her eyes were going to change colors they would have changed by now.  

And tonight...this is what I found when I walked into the living room.

When I left the room she was on her back....the little bugger flipped over onto her tummy and I missed it!!!  She looks pretty proud of herself though =)

Our Weekend & Day 18 & 19

The weekend has unfortunately come to an end too soon!  
Yesterday Brian and I headed to Portland.  We left around 2:00, but before we left I had to take Alyx & Emma's picture of course!

Day 18

We dropped Alyx off at my inlaws, and Emma stayed here at our house with my mom.  And then Brian and I headed south to Portland!

We got to Portland around 5 or so and checked into our hotel.  

I took a picture of our room because Emma kept telling me I had to send her a picture of what our room looked like! haha  She is too funny!

We couldn't decide where we wanted to go to dinner, but in the end we decided on, On The Border.  Neither of us had ever been there, and we both loved it!

My meal, which was half eaten by the time I remembered to take a picture =)

After dinner we got all wild and crazy and went to Target!  Crazy huh?  We went to a couple of other stores and did some shopping and then headed back to the hotel.  

We got up this morning and went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast...sooo my favorite place ever to eat!

After breakfast we started back home.  It was snowing and the roads were absolutely horrible.  It took us what seemed like forever to get home.  We had a 3 hour drive home, and the speed had been dropped to 40 mph, and we saw a ton of accidents.

Thankfully Brian drove because there is no way I wanted to!!

We finally got home, and of course had to take the photo for Day 19!

I missed these 2 so much while we were gone.  But it was definitely nice to get away with Brian for a night!

It's Friday & Day 17 of 365

Since being on maternity leave for the last 3 months (which is quickly coming to an end..sad face) it hasn't really mattered to me that it's Friday, or that the weekend is coming. i'm happy it's Friday.  Brian and I are leaving tomorrow and going away for a night!!  Alyx is going to be staying with my mother in law and Emma is going to be staying here at our house with my mom. We are heading to Portland, which is the southern part of the state and about 3 hours from home.  Emma is excited to have some alone time with my mom.  Which I think is good for her.  She definitely has times when she is jealous of Alyx, and this will give my mom time to focus on just Emma and spoil her for a day =)  And my mother in law is super excited to have Alyx overnight!

Alyx was a super sleepy head again today.  It's gotta be a growth spurt, but she has been such a happy happy baby!!

She is reminding me more and more of Emma every day. Especially when she smiles!  

And here is our Day 17 photo!

They both wore comfy sweat suits today!  Emma had gym today and she loves wearing sweatpants on gym days at school.  And it was only fair that Alyx be just as comfy!  But why oh why do they make hoods so gigantic on sweatshirts for babies??  I could hardly get her into her carseat because the hood is so large on this hoodie! haha =)  

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Day 16 of 365

Alyx really did not want her picture taken tonight.  It was bad timing on my part...she was hungry and at the time I guess I felt it was more important to take the daily photo =) hehe

She quickly got her bottle as soon as the picture was taken =)

We had a super lazy day around here today.  Alyx slept all night, woke up around 7, had a bottle and went back to sleep until almost noon.  Growth spurt maybe?  

When she woke up she was a happy happy baby!!

Does anyone know of any website or place that you can print your Instagram photos?  I have a few photos that I would love to have printed, or maybe put on a small canvas.  If you know of anywhere, let me know!! =)

Day 14 & 15 of 365

I missed posting yesterday, so you get 2 today!

This was Tuesday, Day 14!

And here is tonights, Day 15 =)

Notice Alyx's blown sock! haha =)

Today was an interesting day.  We had an appointment this afternoon at the Vet for our cat, Bella.  She has been sick for a couple of weeks now and she seemed to be getting worse.  So I made her an appointment.  Thinking she was dying and had cancer or something, cause of course I webmd'd it to death on the internet.  She isn't dying.  Thank god!!!  But she has fleas.  Ugggghhhhh!  And since she wasn't up to date with her shots, she had to have 3 of those today.  We have to treat her for the next 6 months for fleas, and she had to get some meds for her skin.  So...$386.00 later we walked out the door.  Oh, and that's not all.  Tomorrow we have to bring our other cat, and our dog to the Vet so they can also be treated for fleas in case they have them as well.  Our other cat isn't up to date to date with shots so I can only imagine how much tomorrow will be.  I love my animals, but gosh they are costing me an awful lot of money! haha =)  

Day 13 of 365

Here is Day 13 of 365!

And I *almost* forgot to take todays picture!  I had intended to take it this morning, but then we were in a hurry.  Emma was getting ready for bed and I remembered.  Emma tried to get me to just take it in the morning, but I said no way! haha =)  

At least Alyx looks somewhat happy in this picture...she has been super duper fussy today!  Hoping for a good nights rest for all of us tonight =)

Day 12 of 365

Here is our Day 12 picture!

And as you can see, Alyx is crashed =)  Let's hope she sleeps through the entire night!

We had a very lazy day today.  My mother in law took both girls this morning around 10:30, and I came home and took a nap.  I was exhausted this morning.  So it was nice to come home and just sleep for a few hours =)  I picked Alyx up at 3:00, and then they brought Emma home at 5:30.  We had a quick easy dinner, and now are watching tv together.  Back to school tomorrow for Miss Emma! 

Day 11 of 365

It's day 11! I'm not liking this counting thing because it just reminds me that I am going back to work soon.  Brian still won't let me be a SAHM. Darn him! Haha =)

I Love how Alyx is looking at Emma in this picture. These two are always going to have a special bond. I'm sure once Alyx is mobile she will really start to annoy her sister. But for now, we are enjoying this =)

Day 10 of 365 * And some Randoms

It's Day 10 of 365, so here is your daily photo of Miss Emma & Miss Alyx =)

Don't they look just so happy and content?  While taking the picture at 7:00 am this morning it went kinda like this
Me: Okay Emma, Smile!
Emma: I don't want to smile
Me: Just one quick smile and then we will be done
Emma: I'm tired!  I don't want to smile!
Me: Emma just smile real quick, the quicker you smile the quicker we will be done
Emma: No, I don't want to take a picture I want to watch cartoons before school
Me: You can have a couple of M&M's before school if you smile
Emma: Ok!

And then she smiled! LOL  A little bribery with kids never hurts them =) hehe  

It's still super duper cold here.  Maybe one of these days it will warm up.  

It's been so cold that at school the kids haven't been able to go outside and play. 

We have a major sleepy head on our hands this morning

I think she is still recovering from her shots yesterday =(  

And here is my sales pitch to all you moms out there with a newborn.  If you don't have a Rock N' Play...I highly highly recommend one!  Alyx LOVES hers.  We got ours at Target I think for around $49.00 on sale.

It's been great.  It's the only thing Alyx will sleep in right now, and it folds up pretty much flat so you can take it places with you.  We brought it to my parents house last weekend with us and it didn't take up hardly in room in the car.  

So if you have a newborn, or are expecting, Get one! hehe =)

I suppose the laundry is waiting for me to wash them, dry them, fold them, and put them away.  Happy Friday all! =)

Alyx Grace * 2 Months Old *

Can you believe it?!?  Alyx turned 2 months old on the 5th of this month.  Holy cow, the last 2 months have gone by fast.  So here is her official 2 month post =)

Sleeping:  Alyx is sleeping...AMAZING!  She is usually asleep for the night around 9ish, and then wakes up in the morning around 7 or so.  There have been a few nights here and there where she has woken up around midnight, but after about an ounce or so of her bottle she is back asleep.  I can handle that!

Eating:  She is currently still having 4oz bottles.  During the day she eats every 3 to 4 hours.  Usually more towards the 4 hours.  If we are out and about shopping though, she usually stays asleep and has gone around 5 hours before a bottle.  She does pretty well!

Clothing:  Alyx is wearing 0-3 months right now.  No more newborn stuff =(  I tried putting a newborn outfit on her the other day and her knees were all scrunched up and she got super fussy! haha

We had her 2 month well child check today so here are her stats:

Weight: 9 pounds 9 ounces!  She has gained weight since her last visit last month
Height:  22 inches
Hair: She still has a redish tint to it but it's more brownish
Eyes:  Ohh they are still blue...and please stay blue!  

Things she Loves/Hates:
She LOVES to be cuddled up tight
She isn't really fond of her baths still, but she is getting better with them
She LOVES to be sang to
She LOVES her playmat
She LOVES to smile and coo
And I really can't think of anything right now that she absolutely hates. haha

At her appointment today she had 3 stinkin shots =(  And they did not go over well with her.  She screamed, and I cried.  I hate seeing her in pain like that.  This afternoon she was still in a lot of pain, she screamed every time we touched her legs.  So a little tylenol and she seems to be doing better.  

Happy 2 months Miss Alyx!!  You are growing way to fast!!

Day 9 of 365

I'm on a roll here and blogging about the correct day!  Here is Day 9 of 365!!

And I actually took the picture before leaving for school this morning!  I was feeling quite accomplished this morning, LOL =)  Mornings are interesting here.  Emma is not a morning person, so getting her ready and also feeding Alyx who thinks she is going to starve to death if she doesn't get her bottle THE second she wakes up, is lots of fun to say the least! hehe =)  

Day 8 of 365

I'm actually blogging day 8 on...wait for it...Day 8!  Ha!  

Alyx looks impressed doesn't she?  And while taking this picture Emma was complaining..."We are going to have to do this" haha  To which I replied, "yup, you sure are!"

If you missed my post from earlier, be sure to check it out =)

New Look & Days 6 & 7 of 365

I finally have a new blog look!!  The last one I have had since I started blogging, so it was definitely time!!  And I think I really like it =)  

I told you I wouldn't be posting every single day of my 365 photos, and guess what?  I missed taking a picture 2 days in a row!  Ugghh.  Oh well.  I guess i'm just going to make an attempt to take one, and if I miss a day.  Well then, oh well I suppose.  So here are the days I haven't posted on the blog yet!

Day 6.  Emma had a snow day from school.  And actually we didn't get any snow just a lot more ice.  I'm tired of ice already! haha

Day 7.  Alyx wasn't into it as you can see! haha

And here are a couple of pictures of Miss Alyx from this morning

I just cannot get enough of her blue eyes!!  I am hoping they will always be blue! =)