The dreaded test!

Last Thursday I had my 24 week checkup!  And the dreaded GTT (glucose tolerance test)  But while waiting for those results, we got to have another peek of our little girl =)  She's growing and doing well!!  Although, she refused to get into a position where we could get a really good glimpse of her.  After the ultrasound was done, I headed back downstairs at the doctors office to get my gtt results.  And guess what?  I failed =(  So that meant, that I needed to do the even more dreaded 4 hour GTT test.  That was scheduled for yesterday. 

I got to the hospital at 7am, had my first blood draw.  Waited about 30 minutes, and then I was given this wonderful breakfast cocktail. 


I really don't think I will ever be able to drink another Sunkist soda again in my life.  Ugghh. 
After that for the next 3 hours I had my blood drawn again.  Finally at 11:00 I was able to leave and head home. 

Around 4:30 yesterday, my doctors nurse called and told me I failed this one as well =(  Super sad face now.  So now I am scheduled with an appointment at the diabetes clinic at the hospital on Tuesday.  She gave me a brief description of things I can eat and things I can't eat.  But I will definately find out more on Tuesday.  Emma and I went to the grocery store last night, and I was just about in tears there.  So confusing about what I can and can't eat.  Once i'm into this "new" routine of eating it will be much much better!  I know that I will get used to it.  But I know that I am going to miss my sweets.  I have a huge chocolate tooth!  haha
So if any of you have been or are diagnosed with Gestational diabetes...any information you have or recipes or advice would be awesome!!! =)

I'm Back!

We're back from our mini vacation!  We had such a great time!  We left on Friday morning and headed to Massachusetts for the much awaited Taylor Swift concert!  We left around 7am and got to Massachusetts just before 2:30.  We left for the stadium a little after 3, and i'm glad we left early because the traffic was super crazy! 


Before the show started outside of Gillette Stadium (where the New England Patriots play)
And I didn't bring my good camera with me to the concert.  The tickets said on them no cameras allowed with detachable lenses. 
When we finally made it to our seats, I thought I was surely going to have a slight heart attack.  I have a *huge* fear of heights, and our seats were so high up that I thought for sure that we were just going to fall out of them! haha 
This picture of Emma cracks me up!  She was just a tad bit excited for the concert to start!  And she had to wait a long time too.  But she was excellent while we were there!  We got to the stadium somewhere around 4.  The concert started at 6:30 with an opener that I had never heard of.  Then we had Austin Mahone come out and sing for a while, and then Ed Sherhan.  Taylor took the stage I think around 9:00.  Emma was a trooper waiting for her that's for sure.  And we even managed to get completely down poured on.  But we still had a blast!!
I so wish I had my camera with me.  The pictures I took of Taylor just didn't come out at all. 
I have to say that she put on one heck of an amazing performance!  I would HIGHLY recommend her concert to anyone.  It was fun, entertaining, and just all around awesome! 
The next morning we packed up at the hotel, and drove to Mystic, Connecticut to spend the next 2 nights.  We spent the next 2 days, sight seeing around Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It's beautiful down there.
Total photo bomb! haha
Crazy glasses and balloon hat at Margaritaville =)
We even made a stop at a mall in Massachusetts just so Emma could go to the American Girl Doll store.  She saved her money to buy the girl of the year, Saige.  So that's what she bought!
And of course, we bought a couple of outfits for the doll, and her Nana may have bought her an outfit for the doll as well =) 
So we definitely had a good time, except on the way home Emma told us she didn't feel good.  We stopped at numerous rest areas so she could use the bathroom.  Not so fun traveling a long distance with someone not feeling too well.  But she is better today!! 

Day 3: Commenting Challenge

I'm linking up with Jenna's Journey again today for Day 3 of the Commenting Challenge!  Todays topic is Pintrest!!  I'll be honest, I got onto the Pintrest bandwagon a little later than most people.  I had heard of it, but honestly never really understood it.  But then one night, I figured it out, and then became obsessed with it! 
So my absolute favorite Pintrest recipe I have found yet is Honey yeast rolls.  These have been a huge hit every time I have made them!  I did a post about them HERE.  They are simple to make, but yet soooo yummy!!
I have also come across a few recipes from pintrest that looked great, but then after making them found out they weren't so great. 
I'm loving pintrest right now for baby ideas too.  Nursery ideas for the baby etc.  =)

Speaking of baby...tomorrow I have my 24 week baby update!  Tomorrow, I will be exactly 24 weeks!  I also have the gestational check as well.  I really don't look forward to it, I remember when I was pregnant with Emma and I had all I could do to drink down that bottle of orange stuff! Yuck!  But as soon as i'm done that, I head right to have another ultrasound =)  We are sooo excited to see her face again =)  And I tell you, she is a wiggly little baby!  She is constantly moving around in my belly.  I don't remember Emma being this active at all.  There are times when it actually keeps me awake, but I love it! 
And all I have is 1 picture to share with you all today.  Emma loves driving around in her mustang, but she sure is a crazy driver!!
Happy Wednesday all!! =)

Day 2: Commenting Challenge

I'm linking up again today for Day 2 of Jenna's Journey Fourth Annual Commenting Challenge!  Yesterday was "About Me', you can check out my about me post HERE.  I think it's fun finding new blogs to read, and connecting with new people.  If you missed yesterday, it's not too late to join in!  

Todays Topic is:

What's your favorite TV show/series/reality show?  If you don't watch TV, what about a favorite movie or book?

So I confess...I LOVE TV!  If you have read my blog for a while, then you know that I work nights.  So most everything I watch is on my DVR.  But with being pregnant, and working nights...on my days off i'm in bed as early as Emma is.  I'm exhausted!!  But here are some of my absolute favorite shows.

Love, Love, Love the Bachelor & The Bachelorette!  However, I have seen only the first episode of this season of the Bachelorette.  

Another of my fav tv shows is Army Wives.  This is probably by far my favorite!  I've seen every episode from every season.  

I'm pretty much a sucker for reality shows.  Real Housewives of OC, Any wedding or baby show on TLC.  You name it...I probably like it!

I also love to read!  I'm definitely a sucker for a good love story book.  Anything by Nicholas Sparks!

So there you have it for Day 2!!  I hope I haven't bored you all to death! 

4th Annual Commenting Challenge!

Hey Everyone!  I did this blog commenting challenge last year, and one of my blogger friends Tonya over at Here Comes the Sun is doing it again this year, so I thought, Heck why not!!  If you haven't done a blog challenge...I suggest you do!  They are a great way to meet new people, and read some really awesome blogs =)

So here is todays challenge...ABOUT ME

So what's there to know about me?  Well, for starters, I'm Johannah.  I live in Maine with my husband, Brian.  We have been married for 6 years as of the end of June.  We have a daughter named Emma.  She is 6 years old, and she is our world!  She came into this world 2 months premature and spent 1 month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but she's as healthy as can be now.  And, we are also expecting another baby!  I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant with our 2nd girl =)  I'm due the middle of November, and we are over the moon excited about the new baby! 
I work fulltime as a police/fire/ems/911 dispatcher.  I have been working the same job for 10 years now.  My husband is a police officer in a neighboring town by us. 

{Me and my little family}

Other than blogging, I keep up with some blog friends through facebook and Instagram.  I have really met some really great moms through here. And a couple of them I would love to meet someday! 

That's pretty much it about me for now.  I could probably go on all day long about things I like/dislike, but you would all be pretty bored by the end of it!

Make sure to link up and join this challenge, it will be fun! =) 

Weekend Recap

I very much dislike when weekends have to end....well the weekends that I am off from work anyway =)  We had a great weekend!!  Saturday Brian had to work during the day, and Emma and I ended up meeting him at work and having lunch with him.  After we went grocery shopping, and as I was leaving I noticed a Seafood truck parked along side the road with a sign that said 5 Lobsters for $20.00.  Score!  I stopped and picked some up, and when Brian got out of work we had lobsters, corn on the cob and potato salad for supper!  Sooo good! 

This morning I called my parents and invited them for an afternoon BBQ.  I really wish they lived in the same town.  But they came down, Brian made us up some really great burgers, and I made a Caesar salad, for dessert I made a dirt cake!  I'll have to share the recipe for it soon, it's so simple but yet so good! 

Later this afternoon we took Emma to the university gardens to take some pictures of her.  It's been a while since we have done this.  Andddd, we got a lot of fake smiles from her! haha  But a lot of them came out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself =)

Emma already loves her baby sister!

I really dislike having my pictures taken! ha =)
After we left there, we took Emma to Burger King for an ice cream cone.  Can't be there 50 cent cones right now!  We then took a drive to the lake and day dreamed about one day owning a camp on that lake =) 

Emma has been so excited for the Disney Movie, Teen Beach Movie to come on.  Well it premiered on Friday...and guess what?  Friday around 8:15 we lost power, and never got the power back until Noon on Saturday.  So she missed the movie.  But have no fear, it's on again tonight!  So we're letting Emma stay up late to watch it.   She had fun on the way back from the lake, we stopped and let her run around the splash pad at the park and then we came home and she drove around the yard in her battery operated mustang. 
It was a great weekend.  I wish it could last longer, but tomorrow it's back to work.  BUT, i'm working days tomorrow so i'll be home at night tomorrow!  Friday we leave for Boston to see Taylor Swift!!!  And then Saturday morning we're leaving Boston and heading to Rhode Island for 2 days.  It's going to definitely be a long long long car ride.  Thankfully we have a dvd player, DS, Kindle, and anything else to keep her occupied! haha! =) 
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Playing Catch Up!

We are most definitely having summer weather now!  Most days are almost to the point that is unbearably hot!!  And being pregnant....doesn't make it that much fun! HA!  So we have spent many days now going to my parents house to use their pool.  I'm trying awfully hard to talk Brian into putting a pool in our backyard...but that's not working out so well.  So Brian, if you read this....I reallllllyyyyy want a pool! hehe =)

Emma LOVES the fact that she can touch bottom this year in Nana's pool!  She has become quite the little fish.   I'm loving my days in the pool.  I think I could sit and float all day long.  My mom had to laugh at me the other day because she was inside the house and I was out in the pool floating, and I called her from my cellphone to bring me a glass of water to drink! haha  

The evenings have been soooo buggy at night here.  We have tried a few times to do campfires, but we are quickly pushed back inside my those stinkin darn mosquitoes.  We brought Emma to see the movie Despicable Me 2 in 3D last week.  She has never been one for 3D movies, so I wasn't too sure if she would like it or not, but she loved it!  And Brian and I did too!

Yesterday we attended Brian's uncles funeral.  It was by far one of the most emotional funerals I have ever been to.  He had been a firefighter in our town, the funeral was a fireman's funeral. 

Today Emma had her dentist appointment at our new Dentist office.  And we LOVED them!!  They were sooo amazing with Emma.  And the place was amazingly nice.  They had iPads set up in the kids room from kids to use, an Xbox, and a kitchen set.  Emma had a blast playing in there =)

They had a big flat screen tv up on the ceiling, and before her cleaning the hygienist came out and got Emma and brought her to a huge cabinet of blue rays for her to pick out a movie.  She chose Tangled.  They didn't have this kind of treatment for me when I was little at the dentist office! =)  After she was done we got a great report that her teeth are wonderful!  She got a bag of toothpaste, new tooth brush, floss sticks, and a bunch of other things.  And on a funny side note, earlier in the day she asked me at the store for a milky way candy bar.  I told her after her dentist appointment she could have it.  Well, Brian was also having his teeth cleaned and Emma finished way before him.  I had to leave for work so I brought her into Brians room so she could be with him.  While the Dentist is working on Brians teeth, Emma asks me for her milky way before I leave.  The hygienist says, I just cleaned your teeth sparkling clean and told you about sugar bugs and now you want a candy bar?!?  LOL   Needless to say, she didn't get to eat the candy bar while at the Dentist office =)

So I think i'm caught up on all the going on's here =)  Next week we have another baby appointment!  Can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures again! =)

Baby Update {21 Weeks}

I have never done a baby update like this, and I thought it might be kinda fun and something I can always look back on =) 

Due Date?  November 14th.  Since I had a c-section with Miss Emma...i'm scheduled to have another one

How far along?  21 weeks & 6 days

Size of baby?  She's approx the size of a spaghetti squash and 1 pound

Weight Gain?  -9 lbs  So far I haven't gained any weight, although I sure feel like I have!  The doctor isn't concerned about the weight loss, I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds anyway! ha!

Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes!  Even with the weight loss, I still need them!

Movement?  She's an active one that's for sure!  I'm loving feeling all the kicks right now!

Food Cravings?  This time around I don't have a specific craving really.  However when I was pregnant with Emma all I ever wanted was Oreos and boneless buffalo wings =)

Gender?  Girl!!  Alyx Grace =)

Labor?  None at all, hoping to keep it that way too!

Belly button in or out? In

 What I miss?  Sleeping on my stomach!  Ugghh.  I'm such a tummy sleeper

Looking forward to?  My next ultrasound.  It's scheduled for July 25th

 Alyx's profile from our last ultrasound visit =)

Anddd...She has a Name!!!

Picking a name is a hard thing to do!!  We didn't have any difficulties picking out Emma's name at all.  But with this new baby....we did!  So here is her name.........

Alyx Grace

I pretty much love the name =)  But then again, i'm partial to it!  There really is no significance to it, not a family name or anything, just one that Brian and I could both agree on.  And a big plus is that Emma approved of it as well! =)  

So now that Alyx officially has a name...I better start ordering monogrammed stuff =) 

NEW Baby Things =)

So don't get me wrong, I have a ton of baby stuff left over from when Emma was a baby...however...I do want some new stuff as well!  We are definitely going to reuse Emma's highchair and large items like that.  And I soooo can't help myself when going into stores to go immediately to the baby section!  I thought I would share today some things that I am loving for new baby girl!

I love this burp cloth!  The colors are perfect too


I love love love this baby blanket!  And I may or may not have already ordered it.  So Brian, if you are reading this, it should be arriving on our doorstep soon =) hehe


Emma had a pair of Robeez and I loved them!  Can't wait to buy another pair! 


These bibs are too cute!  I really love anything chevron!


I think these Taggie Blankets are so cute! 


I love these owl hats =)  Emma had one for last winter, and I think the baby is going to need one as well =)

So there you have it...some things for the new baby i'm loving!  And once we are completely final on her middle name...i'll share what her name is going to be!!! =)