New Car =)

I FINALLY got my new car!!  We have been searching for the right one since probably February.  I pretty much looked at everything.  Deep down I knew that I wanted a Ford Edge, but I was having a really hard time finding one in my price range.  Well low and be hold I found one that was a program car.  15,000 miles on it and in perfect condition =)  So Thursday We spent pretty much all afternoon at a car dealership about an hour from us, getting all the paperwork signed and in order and then it was all mine =)  I have had a few cars, and by far this is my most favorite one yet!  I love just about everything about it!

I have to laugh at the above photo.  For some reason this picture makes the car look all squished down and funny looking! haha

Emma really likes the back seat, lots of room =)

So i've been pretty psyched the last couple of days!  Now I think that we need to take a day trip somewhere soon in it!  =)

This morning Emma and I made a trip to the Farmers Market.  I love this time of the year when they have all their fresh veggies!  But what i'm loving the most is a lady there that sells homemade bread.  I've talked about it before on here, but she makes the best garlic and dill bread ever.  So we bought 2 small loaves of it.  =) 

I have also started to realize that my love of Iced Coffee is getting quite expensive.  So now i'm making my own in my keurig!  So much cheaper, and we have a keurig at work, so I can make one in the evening at work too.  Gosh i'm addicted to my iced coffee.  Love it!!! 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!! =)


Summer Olympics

Emma has been so pumped to see the Olympics!  And honestly so have I!  She is so much into gymnastis right now, and she is really excited to watch them on TV.  Brian had to work tonight so it was just Emma and I home to watch them.  Before the opening ceremonies started we headed into town to go to a few stores.  Our first stop was Joann Fabrics.  I was completely blown away when I walked in there.  All of the decorations in the front of the store were Thanksgiving decorations!  Seriously?  This is July, almost August, but still.  I love Thanksgiving and all, but it's wayyyy to early.  Next stop was AC Moore, and they had some Christmas decorations up.  Yup.  For Real.  They had fake garland, bows, and ornaments out.  I guess I don't get it.  But oh well! =)  Anywayyy...Remember making friendship bracelets when you were little?  Emma has been wanting to make them so we bought a huge bag of the string to make them.  I think she got a bag of like 30 different colors!  So we headed home, got all comfy in our pj's, and made friendship bracelets and watched the opening ceremonies!  Boy have my Friday nights changed since Emma came along!  But I wouldn't change a single thing! 

She tried and tried to stay awake to watch them light the "big flame" as she called it.  And she made it!  Almost to midnight!  But hey, it's summer vacation and it's not like the Olympics come around every year.  Just minutes after the opening ceremonies ended this is what I saw...

Those two are best buds that's for sure! 

We've had a good couple of days.  Tomorrow I go back to work =(   And the fair is in town so we plan on taking Emma to it one of these days coming up! 

Yesterday I finally got my new car!!!!  I'm sooooo excited about it.  We did a lot of looking around and I finally got something that I am super happy with!!  I'll blog about that tomorrow so I can share pictures! =) 

Quick Week Update!

What a week it's been!  I really have no photos to share at all tonight.  Well maybe a couple of cell phone pictures.  I haven't taken my camera with us anywhere at all.  So let me back up a little bit to last week.

Last Thursday my mother went to southern Maine for the day.  On her way back she stopped at my work for a bit.  I was super excited because she brought me a sandwich from Panera, and she also bought Emma some clothes for the upcoming school year!  About 35 minutes after she left, my father called me at work.  I knew something had to be wrong because my dad never calls me there.  Pretty much the first words out of his mouth was, your mother is ok, but she's been in an accident.  My heart went right to my throat, and I wanted to throw up.  I left the room to call him back on my cell phone.  He told me she was traveling down the interstate, in her mustang with the top down and she hit a bear.  He said she was pretty banged up but was ok.  After about an hour I was finally able to get a hold of her on her cell phone.  I'm so thankful that she was ok and wasn't too seriously injured.  The bear on the other hand didn't make it.  The next day I was off from work, so Brian and I, and Emma of course packed up for the day and went to go visit her.  Her arm was all black and blue and her hand was pretty swollen.  Things can happen so fast and you just never know.  I'm very thankful that it wasn't worse!!!! 

So moving on!  My mother in law bought Emma new water goggles and a snorkle! 

 I about died laughing when she put this on!  She was moving her arms like she was swimming =)  A little bit big for her, but it will do the purpose =)

After we got back from Florida, which was in May, Emma "misplaced" her Nintendo Dsi.  Seriously!  How do you lose it?  Only my child.  Well she found it.  And obviously this goes to say that I didn't look very hard either, because it was on the lip of the floor molding in her bedroom, BEHIND her door!  So we have found it, and she is addicted to it once again.  

 Emma finished gymnastics class on Saturday!  I signed her up last week for the level 2 class, and she was soooo excited to start level 2.  Well.  On Saturday they gave us her "certificate" of completion.  All of the steps had to be completely checked off before moving on to Level 2.  And guess what?  All of the steps weren't checked off, and Emma has to re-do level 1.  She was kinda sad, but I told her that this is going to just make her even better at it!  She still loves gymnastics, so that makes me super happy! =)  And I can't even begin to tell you how much I love watching her do it! 

I hope everyone enjoys their week!!  I'm *hopefully* going to buy my new car on Thursday!  As long as everything goes well!!! =) 

Gymnastics & Park!

We all slept in today and it was great!  All 3 of us got up around 10 this morning.  We definately were all rested.  Around 11 we made eggs and sausage and we had toast from the bread we got at the farmers market.  Oh. My. Word.  Is all I have to say about the bread.  It's a garlic dill bread and it's amazing!  After we got ready for the day and headed to Emma's gymnastics class!  She only has 2 more classes of level 1 and then she moves onto level 2 next Wednesday!  She is doing soooo good!

I am super proud of how well she is doing!  She finally found something that she loves and enjoys doing!  Brian and I have so much fun watching her.  We keep telling her to work hard and maybe she will be in the Olympics someday =)

After gymnastics we came home for a bit.  I made a chili and then brought Emma to the playground at her school.  There wasn't a single person there.  We had the place to ourselves!

After the playground we headed home for some chili!  It was good, but I put wayyy too many beans in it.  I'm not a bean person at all.  But my hubby is.  So I did my best to eat around them.  Haha

Brian had to head to work tonight, so Emma and I went and did a little bit of shopping, and then we headed to another park in town so she could play on the splash pad!  She loves it!

So today was a great day, and the weather was perfect!!  Hope everyone enjoyed their day as well =)

Mommy & Daughter Day

I sometimes feel like I don't give all the attention to Emma that she deserves.  I'm a working mom, and work 40 hours a week, usually a little more than that.  And to top it off, I don't work a normal Monday - Friday schedule.  I work nights and I have every other weekend off.  I go into work at 4pm and I leave work at 2am.  During the school year it is super hard.  I take Emma to school so she is there by 7:45 am.  I come home and sleep for a few hours, get stuff done around the house, and then pick her up at school at 2:15.  I then have 45 minutes with her before I have to leave for work.  Basically during the days I work, I only see her for a very short time in the morning and then for 45 minutes after school.  I *Dislike* this very much.  I have been working this schedule since before she was born.  So with it being summer now, I have lots more time to spend with her!  And let me tell you that I'm loving it!  It makes me really think about next year taking a day shift at work.  So today my husband was working.  I told Emma that she and I were going to have a Mommy & Daughter day.  =)   When we woke up we headed to a friends house so I could pick up my orders from my Thirty-One party.  I LOVE the stuff I got =)  And then we headed to a bagel shop for "brunch".  Emma LOVES bagels and I had never taken her to this place. 

Her choice of bagel today was, a plain bagel with scalion cream cheese!  To drink, a Raspberry Lime Rickey!  I choose a salt bagel, which I must say was wayyyy too salty!  I know, I know.  What do you expect if you order a salt bagel.  It was still good though.  And they make the best green olive cream cheese.  We make it at home as well.  Super yummy.  This place was definately a hit with Emma! 

After our brunch we had to drop some of the Thirty-One stuff off at my work.  Emma loves going there for some reason.  She always has to check out my locker at work to make sure I still have all her pictures hanging in there!  She makes me laugh =)

Then it was off to Toys-R-Us!  They were having a sale on nintendo ds games.  I let her pick out 2 new games.  She chose a build-a-bear game and Pinkalicious.  Both cute games!

The weather was kinda rainy and drizzly all day here.  Every Tuesday & Saturday in the next town over from us they have a farmers market.  So after my husband got out of work we headed there.  I'm not sure why but Emma kept asking all day if it was time to go to the farmers market =)   I ended up with fresh leaf lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, and a loaf of garlic dill bread!  Emma also bought me a small bouquet of flowers.  (i'm pretty sure daddy gave her the money for it though)  =)  I love them both! 

We headed home after that and started on making dinner.  Steaks, Potatoes on the grill with onions and garlic.  And I made a fresh garden salad with my veggies from the farmers market! 

My husband, who always laughs at me when I take photos of food, picks up the camera tonight when we sat down to eat and took a photo of his dinner plate! 

After dinner I let Emma make a cake!  She loves to help cook in the kitchen.  I had picked up a box cake mix for her.  And she went right to town making it =)

She is a great egg cracker!  The lighting in my kitchen is horrible, and I dislike my countertops very much.  Haha

I never took a photo of the finished product.  But we had a double layer strawberry cake with strawberry frosting!  She loves pink cakes! 

So all in all we had a great day!  When I put Emma to bed tonight she said, "Mommy, you are the best mommy I could ever have"  Completely melted my heart.  I love that little girl to pieces!  I'm off tomorrow as well which makes me super happy!!! =)   Since it's almost 1:00 am here, I suppose it's off to bed I go!! =)

Vacation on my mind =)

What a morning Emma and I have had!  We have watched cartoons, read books, and even played hair dresser!  I was the lucky one this morning to have my hair done.  Emma also informed me this morning that she wants to be a school teacher when she grows up.  That makes me happy =)  We'll see if she sticks with that!

Emma went and got her dry erase board and asked me to draw a picture for her.  So here is what I made for her.

We are soooooooo excited!  I made reservations the other day for Emma to go to the Bippidy Boppidy Boutique again, and we also made reservations for lunch at Cinderellas Royal Table which is located right inside the castle at the Magic Kingdom.  We have never been to Disney at Christmas time, and we are really excited for it! =)  The 144 days will fly by i'm sure!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week! =)


This is my weekend to work.  The weather is absolutely beautiful.  And as i'm driving to work I look at my dash and this is what I see...(I was in the parking lot when I took this picture...I don't text and drive)

99 degrees out.  For one, i'm thankful for the AC but, I would love to be off this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather with my family.   The winters in Maine are soooooo long, so when it's summer I wish I didn't have to work.  But i'm also thankful that I have a great job!!! =)

Happy Weekend Everyone!! =)

Bah Habah & 80th Blog Post!

It's my 80th blog post!!  I've surprised myself big time by keeping up with this blog! =)  I don't update every single day, but I think i'm doing pretty darn good! =)

So yesterday we took a trip to the coast of Maine.  Bar Harbor...or as a person from Maine calls it, Bah Habah.  =) 

We went with my parents.  Well kind of.  They took their own car and we took our car.  Brian and I were suppose to drive my moms mustang and they were going to take our car, but.....Emma didn't want to ride in the Mustang, and wanted daddy and I to ride in the car with her.  Sooo the 5 year old won that battle.  =) 

First Stop, Lunt's Lobster Pound.  I love it here.  My parents started taking me there when I was about a year old.  We go every year.  The food is amazing.  We enjoyed Lobsters, Steamed Clams & corn on the cob.

Em LOVES lobster!  And steamers too.  =)


I love that everything is so fresh here, and cooked right outside while you wait. 

After having lunch we headed to downtown Bar Harbor.  It's really the picturesque coastal community.  Really beautiful, but there is no way I could live there.  Way too many tourists! haha

Someday Brian and I will stay here.  The Bar Harbor Inn & Spa.   It's goregous there =)

Check out the Pose.  I asked Em to stand there so I could take her photo, and she gives me this pose!  Model much?  =)

So we did some shopping in downtown Bar Harbor.  I got a new coffee mug =)  Emma got a new shirt and Brian ended up getting 2 Boston Red Sox signs for his future "man room"

After that we headed to Acadia National Park.  I really wanted to take Emma to Thunder Hole.  Basically it's on the ocean, the waves come up onto this hugggeee rock and it makes a sound like it's thundering.  However there were hardly any waves and she didn't hear the "thunder" noise.  I promised her when we got home we would look it up on youtube so she could see it.  And we did!

My mom and dad riding around in their convertible.  Yeah.  I'll admit it.  I was slightly jealous =)

Emma and Brian taking a walk.  Yeah she's wearing her 3rd shirt for the day! 

After walking around for a bit we headed back to the car for a little drive.  We ended up in Northeast Harbor...where Martha Stewarts house is.  Although we have never been able to find it.  We found a cute little beach though.  Emma insisted she get her "babin" suit on.  =)

This is my favorite picture from today.  I think the photos that aren't "staged" are always the ones that come out the best. 
We had a great day yesterday.  Our morning even started out with Emma crying hysterically.  I don't even remember now what the issue was, but she quickly got over it as soon as my parents arrived.  Just a tiny melt down =)

It was the hottest day ever today here!  I took Emma to the pool at 10am this morning.  By that time it was already about 88 degrees.  She had a blast swimming for about 3 hours =)

I didn't take many photos at the pool today because I was enjoying the sun =)  After we left there we headed to Em's gymnastics class.  She is doing really well with it!  We have had a good couple of days.  Soooo wish I wasn't working this weekend.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend =)