Show and Tell Tuesday {What's in my Bag}

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I am linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for her Show and Tell Tuesday.  These posts are fun.  I think I like them so much because well...i'm nosey!  ha! =)
Today we are showing, What's in our bags =)

Before I had kids I spent my money on bags.  I was pretty much obsessed with anything Dooney and Coach.  My closet is filled with them.  I always say I am going to sell them, and I don't.  Maybe someday!  So for now, here is my bag.

I've had this bag for a couple of years now and I love it.  It's Fossil brand, so not overly pricy.  But it's soft and not stiff.  There is nothing worse than a stiff purse.  

It surprisingly isn't too messy right now.  It seems to get that way often ;)

It's pretty boring!  I always have Ibuprofen and zicam in my bag.  Always.  Sunglasses for both Alyx and Me.  Lollipops and gummies for either of the girls, Band-Aids, you never know when you will need one!  My planner and pens.  My wallet, and a little Vera Bradley coin purse that has my work badge in it.  Gold bond lotion.  And last but not least, my car keys.  Pretty boring! ha! =)
Thanks for hosting Andrea!!

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