Strawberry Pickin'

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post!  We are all still beyond excited we are having another girl =) 

Back to this past weekend.  Saturday was spent shopping with my mom.  Emma got completely spoiled by her as always.  A new pool for our backyard and a sprinkler.  And then my mom treated me to an amazing lunch of a lobster roll at a local restaurant.  =)  Saturday night was spent inside watching a movie and enjoying take out chinese for supper. 

Sunday we got up and went Strawberry picking!  I have been wanting to go, and was so glad we were able to go!  We got to the Strawberry Farm around 11, and we spent about an hour or so there. 

Emma was quite the strawberry picker!!  I think she picked 3 or 4 full quarts of berries herself.

We ended up with 20 quarts of Strawberries!  We went right to the grocery store after so I could get all the stuff we needed to make jam with the berries.

This was the Strawberry Rhubarb jam in the making =)

We ended up with 32 jars of Straberry Rhubarb jam and Strawberry jam when we were all done!  I have never made jam before, and it was a success!  It was definately time consuming, but not as difficult as I had imagined it would be.  And we still had a TON of berries leftover even with making all that jam.  I'm not sure what else we will do with the berries.  So if you have some really good strawberry recipes...pass them along to me =) 

Berry picking was definately a success! =)

Is it a Boy? or Is it a Girl?

It's a Girl!!!

We are beyond happy and excited!!  To be honest, I was certain that we were having a boy.  All the boy dreams I have had, I was certain of it.  But she's definately a girl =)  And a stubborn little girl she is already!  She did not want to show us today a good picture of her at all today.  And it took the Ultrasound lady forever to get the picture showing us she is a girl!  But we finally got one =)  Everything with her looks great and healthy.  I wanted it to be a special moment for Emma too.  We took her with us, and the lady that did the Ultrasound whispered to Emma the gender of the baby, and then Emma got to tell me and Brian =) 

Since I am an only child, this will be the 2nd granddaughter for my parents, and my inlaws 5th grandaughter!  No boys at all on either side! 

Emma and I are anxious to start shopping, shopping, shopping!  =)

Stay tuned later today for another post about our weekend =)

Lazy Few Days

We haven't been very productive the last few all! The weather this week has been ok.  However, i'm back at work for the next 3 nights, and the weather today and the rest of the week is going to be beautiful!  I'm really more than ready for it to feel like summer!  And stay summer for a while =)

Saturday started out by brining Emma 1/2 way to meet my mom.  They were taking her for the weekend since Brian and I were both working.  She insisted on bringing her bike and everything else that would fit in the car! hehe =)

We had lunch with my mom and then I had to say goodbye to Emma for the weekend.  Poor Em, she cried and cried =(  I felt so bad leaving her, but I knew she was going to have a blast with my parents.  They kept her busy!  Lots of trips to the park, and they have a new walking/bike path that they took her on and she biked a 1 mile and 6/10 tenths! 

Monday morning Brian and I got up and headed to my parents for the day/night.  Emma was very glad to see us both!  My mom took me and Emma out for supper since my dad and Brian were both working together at the police department.  And I have been craving steamed clams sooo bad, so I broke down finally and ordered them!!

After dinner, we had a little accident at my parents house.  Emma fell down a couple of outdoor cememt steps and cut up her leg pretty darn bad.  There were lots of tears and crying, but she's fine.  Nothing a little bandaid couldn't fix.

Tuesday we were up bright and early and headed back home.  Emma had gymnastics yesterday afternoon.  She loves her private lessons with her coach.  She's such a great coach for Emma.  She definately pushes Emma to do her very best!

After gymnastics we went grocery shopping and then headed home and cooked a really yummy dinner!  I made a roasted chicken, baked potato salad, and fresh brocolli!  My mother in law brought a whoopie pie cake to us for desert!  Sooo good!

In other news...

I'm 18 weeks and 3 days =)  We go to the doctor on the 24th, this Monday, for another checkup and to find out if Baby Sirois is a boy or girl!!  My instinct is that it's a boy.  I have had a few dreams, and in every dream it's a boy!  Either way, boy or girl, as long as it's healthy we'll be happy =) 

Bathroom Pics =)

A couple of you mentioned in my last post you wanted to see pictures of our bathroom.  We just redid our shower, and I tell you what.  It makes taking a shower much more enjoyable now that is brand new! haha  Our shower before was a really terrible yucky yellow color.  Now it's nice and white!  It's not a big huge spectacular shower, it's pretty simple to say the least, but it's perfect for us.  When we bought our house almost 7 years ago we wanted to redo the entire bathroom, but that just wasn't in the cards at the time.  We waited about a year and then redid it, all except for the shower.  But Brian put a fresh coat of paint on everything the other day, and it feels like the bathroom is new again!

Sadly out bathroom is very small, and the only bathroom we have in the house.  Someday we will have another one! 
One thing that annoys me about having a shower curtain is that we have 2 cats who think they can climb it.  Super annoying...haha
And our new shower!  I was going to put all the stuff away for the picture, but I thought, no way, this is real life.  =)
So there you have it, our bathroom.  Nothing too exciting =)

So back to today.  We got up this morning fairly early and wanted to hit up some yard/garage sales.  I'll be honest.  I'm not a *huge* fan of buying someone else's used stuff.  But the area we were at is a really super nice area.  I went to one ladies house and she had a ton of girls clothes for sale.  All name brand.  Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, P.S. Kids which is the aeropostale brand for kids, and more.  I ended up getting a brand spanking new Under Armour hoodie for Emma that is absolutely adorable!  I got a ton of clothes for Emma, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and more for $12.00.  I was super excited about it! 
Brian headed off to work and Emma and I headed to the park which she had been asking about all day long! =)

After being at the park for oh maybe less than 10 minutes we heard a big rumble of thunder and then it started sprinkling.  I knew Emma was disappointed and I turned around and noticed the splash pad so I told Emma to go run through it.  She thought I was joking at first since she was fully clothed. Haha 
She thought it was the best thing!  Running through and getting soaked with her clothes on =)
Thankfully we don't live far from the park so she didn't have to sit in the car soaking wet for long =)
Tomorrow Emma is leaving to go to my parents house for the weekend.  Brian both have to work and they offered to take her.  She's pretty excited about spending the weekend there. 
We're hoping to find a good movie to watch tonight!  Enjoy your Friday all! =)

Thursday Thursday {clever title I know}

The sun has *finally* decided it wanted to come and visit us!!  We have had nothing but rain for over a week now.  I'm so glad to finally see some sunshine =) 

We started out our morning by going to me and Emma's favorite breakfast place!  We love their onion bagels with green olive cream cheese!  I never thought it would be Emma's favorite, but it sure is by far.

Our next stop was Target.  We redid our shower in our bathroom finally.  It was a really really ugly yellow color.  Sunday my dad came down and helped Brian with it, and they completely changed it out.  Now we have a nice sparkling white shower =)  So I wanted to get a bunch of new bathroom stuff, and Emma scored by getting a new thing of chalk and a new dress.  We came home Emma played with chalk and of course got covered in chalk! =)

That's all for now.  Brian just had to leave for work =(  And I have a mandatory meeting tonight at work, so much for an entire day off with my little family. Oh well, there is always tomorrow =) 

Lost Tooth!

It finally happened!  Emma lost her very first tooth!  She was the only one in her entire class that hadn't lost one yet.  We had a first grade celebration at her school last week and she pointed out to us that they have a tooth chart on the wall and how she was the only one without a tooth on it.  So needless to say she was soooo excited to go to school after losing it so she could add a tooth to her name! 

She was super excited for the Tooth Fairy to come that night!  The first thing she checked when she got up was her tooth fairy box to see what was left =)
The Tooth Fairy box she is using is the box that I had when I was little.  She thought it was pretty cool that she gets to use mine =) 
So I haven't been away from blogging because I wanted to be.  First off, I have been having really irritating computer problems with Lightroom freezing my computer.  I finally figured out how to fix it though!  And second of all, my camera is irritating me because every one of my photos looks grainy no matter what lens I use, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it!  Any tips, tricks or ideas??
And finally, Emma has her last day of 1st grade on Tuesday!  They go to school just until 11 on Tuesday and then they are done for the summer.  I honestly cannot believe that she is going to be a 2nd grader already!  Definitely a little sad about this, she is growing way too fast.  But we have a fun summer planned, including our trip to Boston to see Taylor Swift!  She's only been counting down since she got the tickets for Christmas!! =)

4 Months!

Well, I am officially at 4 weeks along!  I have been feeling great, other than being tired.  The nausea has pretty much completely gone away!  Thankfully!  I have this app on my phone that tells me that the baby is about the size of an Avocado at this point.  We were at the grocery store the other day and Emma wanted to hold an avocado so she could see how big the baby is.  She's too funny!

We had a doctors appointment on Thursday.  Like I said, I have been feeling great lately.  Well, my doctor didn't like my blood pressure at all.  It was 124/80.  My last pregnancy with Emma it got much higher than that.  So he was a little afraid that I may be headed back that way again...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not.  So i'm on a blood pressure medication now twice a day.  Anddd...he also said that my vitamin D levels were kind of low so he wanted me to take at least 1000 IU's of Vitamin D a day and go have some blood work done at the hospital.  I had the blood work done right after leaving the dr's office, and about 5pm on Thursday evening my doctors nurse called and said my Vitamin D levels were at 10 and they should be at 100.  So needless to say i'm now taking 4000 IU's of Vitamin D now.  And to think, I have been feeling so good! 

The weather here the last few days has been nothing but beautiful!  Today is Hot, Hot, Hot.  By 10am it was already 85 degrees.  Emma has gone to my parents for the weekend.  My mom sent me this cute picture of her on her way to my little cousins birthday party.

I really wish I wasn't working this weekend, because it would have been a perfect time spent at my parents pool!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend! =)