Why I have been MIA

So I think I have a *pretty* good reason as to why I have been MIA here on my blog.  

 Our Family is growing!  We are expecting baby #2 this November =)  We are super excited, and I can't even begin to tell you Emma's excitement!  I just know she is going to be the sweetest and most helpful big sister!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a healthy pregnancy.  I've mentioned it on here before that my pregnancy with Emma didn't go quite as planned and I ended up having an emergency c-section at 7 months.  So far things are good.  I did end up at the doctors this morning for some cramping I was experiencing, but they did an ultrasound and everything is fine! =)  I have been experiencing some morning sickness, which I am sure hoping will pass soon. 

So this is why I haven't been blogging lately.  I've been super duper tired, nausea's, and all that good stuff that comes along with being pregnant =)  

Happy Spring!

Today is officially the first day of Spring...But it sure doesn't feel like Spring here!  Poor Emma woke up this morning crying because there was snow on the ground.  Also, because of the snow they cancelled her field trip.  But it has been rescheduled for Monday. 

Last night, or at 2 am this morning it was the worst drive home.  The roads were terrible, and when I got home our street hadn't been plowed and of course neither had our driveway.

 This is my driveway...Lovely right?

And nothing says Welcome Home more than not being able to see the steps to get into your own house because of so much snow...

I hope everyone else's first day of Spring was much more "Spring" than here!!! =)  

Tuesday Ramblings & Snow

Snow.  Really?  How much more are we going to get?  So far we have about 5 inches of snow, and they say we are probably going to get up to 18 inches.  And tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  Crazy!!

My morning started off a little after 5am, when I got a text message from Emma's school saying that there was no school today because of the weather.  I expected to get up and look out the window and see all kinds of snow.  There was nothing.  It didn't actually start snowing until around 11ish.  So we had a day spent at home watching shows and playing.  It will probably be cancelled for tomorrow as well.  If that's the case, Emma will be devastated since she has her class field trip to the planetarium.  She's been waiting to go for the last couple of weeks.  We'll keep our fingers crossed!

I really don't even have any fun pictures to share today =(  Boring, yes I know! 

I came home last night to find that our dog, who we have been leaving out of his crate while we are gone, got into our recycling bin and decided to tear everything up.  I was so not impressed.  So needless to say, tonight he is back in his crate for the night while we are at work. 

See what I got in the mail yesterday!  I contacted Amazon because my Kindle was having major battery issues.  It wouldn't hold a charge at all.  Amazon's response was, No problem, we will send a replacement Kindle Fire out to you free of charge.  Sweet!!  So I have to say their customer service is awesome!!

That's all the Ramblings I have for today.  Maybe tomorrow may be a little more exciting! HA! =)

Weekend Recap

The weekend is over yet again!  They always go by so fast.  We had a pretty good weekend.  Saturday morning we got up fairly early.  I had made an appointment for Emma to finally have her hair cut.  And as you know, we had a dilemma as to just how short we should go.  Here is the before picture of Emma...

Her hair was such a mess.  And to brush or comb it...it was almost like I was torturing her.  It was horrible!  lol 
She decided she didn't want to go too short.  But she still had quite a bit taken off!  I took some pictures this morning right before leaving for school!
Sooo much healthier and better looking =)
And we couldn't take pictures without taking a silly one too =)

Saturday we went to my parents for the night.  Brian had to work =(  My entire family went out for dinner Saturday night.  I think there was 16 of us total that went.  It was nice to see everyone, and Emma got to see some of her cousins that she doesn't see too often.  And we had a great meal too!
Yesterday consisted of me getting up wayyyy too early.  7am.  I'm not sure why I was up so early, since I was at my parents and they got up with Emma.  Oh well.  Last night we were all in bed pretty early. 
We don't have much planned for this week, other than school and work.  Emma does have a field trip at school planned for Wednesday.  They are going to the Planetarium.  She is very excited about it!  She brought home a progress report on Friday.  They have been learning a lot about Science and the planets, and she got amazing remarks on her progress report about how well she is doing in that area.  She did well in all areas, but I may have a little scientist on my hands =)  Haha
On another note.  According to the weather report we are in for 16 inches of snow over the next 48 hours.  Ummm No Thanks.  I'm over winter.  Way over winter.   Is spring here yet???
Happy Monday!!

Not Much Wednesday

I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday.  My days get so screwed up since I work odd hours and odd days and all that jazz.  But thankfully Emma quickly reminded me that it was not Monday, and it was Wednesday.  At least she can keep things straight =) 

My mom took Emma to gymnastics today since Brian was working, and I had to go to work.  She sent me this cute picture of her.

I get to work tonight and find that our computers are down....seriously?  You have no idea how much we rely on our computers.  And when they are down...we have to revert to this...

Writing everything by HAND.  Ugghh.   Thankfully it only lasted a couple of hours!  

I am still searching for an Easter outfit for Emma.  In my head I know what I want, but I haven't been able to find anything similar.  I have even checked Etsy.  I want a pink or yellow chevron twirl skirt with a polka dot bottom on the skirt.  Do you guys have any ideas for me on where I can find one?  It's getting really close to Easter too, so who knows if I will find one!

Tuesday & A Recipe

What a morning we had today!  Brian told me last night before we went to bed that he was getting up at 6:00.  He is working all days this week, which has been awesome for him.  I heard him get up and I figured he was going to wake Emma up.  I ended up rolling back over and falling back to sleep.  I woke up around 7:15 ish and got up, noticed that Brian was in the shower and it was awful quiet in the house.  Guess what?  Emma was still sleeping!  We leave the house at 7:40, and she still had a book to read before school.  Plus eat breakfast!  Lol  So needless to say we rushed like no other this morning, and guess what she got for breakfast this morning....a chocolate granola bar =/.  Yeah I know, I deserve the mother of the year award! LOL  But she made it to school on time.  Brian took her since he was heading to work anyway.  So that left me here by myself today!  I headed to town to Target and Walmart to do some shopping and had coffee by myself.  I have to say it was nice and relaxing.  Although I do love when Brian is off and able to spend the day with me. 

After school we went right to gymnastics.  Emma did a lot of new stuff today, so I didn't want to distract her by taking pictures.  So I just stuck with taking pictures when she was at the other end of the gym on the bars.  Her absolute favorite!

Her coach is just amazing with her.  She is really patient with her, but she can be strict when she needs to be. 
Since Brian was going to be home tonight in time for dinner I wanted to make something yummy.  Homemade Mac & Cheese sounded good, so that's what we went with.  I found a new recipe, and I have to share it with you guys.  I have tried a few Mac & Cheese recipes, and it annoys me so bad when it comes out with chunks in it.  I have never been able to find a recipe that was nice and smooth and silky...until now!  I came across this recipe while at gymnastics looking for one on my phone. 
It's called Fannie Farmer's Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese.  If you click on that link it will link you directly to the recipe for it.  I completely forgot to take a picture of it when it first came out of the oven, so my picture is completely terrible and I probably shouldn't even post it, but oh well!
The only thing I did different was I doubled the recipe.  And next time I definately wouldn't because there would have been so much left over.  But, since we live across the street from inlaws, I brought it to their house and we shared it with them.  Everyone really loved it.  So if you do try this, let me know! 
While I was cooking I asked Emma if she could pick up the living room a little for me.  Her answer was, "Sure".  I almost passed out because usually it's, "I don't want to right now" {insert whining voice while saying that} lol  She even came into the kitchen asking for paper towels and spray.  After she was done she wrote this note.

The arrow at the very end is pointing to the living room! haha  She did a great job cleaning it, she even washed our side tables and refolded blankets and placed the couch pillows perfectly back on the couch.  So it's proven that she can really help when she wants to =)
I am really beginning to think that the behavior chart is working, lets just hope she doesn't get too used to it and give up on it =)

Adventures in Couponing

Shocking right?  I went couponing this afternoon! LOL  I had planned going this morning after dropping Emma off at school, but I couldn't get out of my own way this morning.  I was sooo tired.  So instead I came home, sat in the recliner started watching the Today Show, and before I knew it I woke up and it was almost noon.  We picked Emma up from school at 2:15 and then went to Target.  She was exhausted this afternoon and fell asleep in the cart again.  School definately wears her out.  So here is what I got this time.

12 boxes of Bounce dryer sheets, 2 bottles of Pledge Multi Surface, 2 things of Deodarant, 2 containers of floss, 1 bag of Tide Pods, 2 small bottles of Suave shampoo, and 4 bags of beggin strips.  Total cost was $51.00.  After coupons I paid $12.31.  =)  Not too shabby!  We now have a ton of Beggin' Strips, so I am planning on making a trip in the next day or 2 with Emma to our local Animal Orphange to give most of bags to them. 
So back to this morning, Emma had a complete meltdown this morning that I didn't pick out a dress for her to wear to school.  Full blown tears and everything.  So of course, I gave in and got a dress out for her.  I should have taken a picture of her before she left this morning because she looked soooo cute.  After school she was a little on the frazzled side.  Messy hair, twisted belt on the dress, shoes off.  LOL  Anyway, I still think she's pretty darn cute =)
Anyone watch the season finale of The Bachelor tonight??  I was a tad disappointed as to who he picked, but oh well!  I'm super excited to see that the next Bachelorette is going to be Des!  She is the one I wanted Sean to pick originally.  Andddd...does anyone watch Army Wives?  I was shocked to say the least at the season premiere last night.  I don't think this season is going to be the same at all.
 Now that everyone is in bed sleeping, and well I should be too, I am searching for just the perfect easter skirt for Emma! =)

Bedroom Dilemma

Ohh the bedroom dilemma!  Our house is quite small, and our room and Emma's room are both on the 1st floor.  We do have an upstairs, however it's more like a finished attic.  And we need more space in our house!  I feel like we are all cramped in our downstairs.  However.  The stairs to get to our upstairs aren't exactly the best stairs in the world.  They are steep.  Emma and Brian both really want to move her bedroom upstairs.  But i'm super nervous about doing so.  I'm afraid that she is going to wake up in the night and need to use the bathroom and end up falling down those darn stairs.  We've had a couple of people look at them to see if there is anyway we can redesign them to be less steep and what not, but we aren't really sure if it can be done or not, due to the location of the stairs.  BUT, the other part of me really wants to move her upstairs so we can have more room in our downstairs living area.  We would love to have an office/tv room.  And the room that Emma is in now would be perfect for that!  Emma loves the upstairs bedroom.  It's perfect for a little girl.  It has a HUGE closet, which she doesn't have now.  It has a built in dresser drawers into the wall, and the hardwood floors up there are in mint condition.  There are so many cute things we could do to make it just perfect for her.  But i'm just so stinkin nervous about those darn stairs.  I have even though about having an intercom system put in so if she needs to get up in the night she can press the button and tell me.  LOL  Pathetic right??  Anyway, i'll have to take pictures very soon so you all can see exactly what I am talking about.

If she does move upstairs soon, then I think she needs to have all new bedding and bedroom accessories! =)  I really want to go with a chevron & polka dot theme.  I am soooo in love with those patterns right now.  And I think lots of bright colors would be great!

 These are just some ideas I have.  I want it to be super bright and colorful for her if and when she makes the move upstairs =) 

Anyone have any suggestions on good places to get bedding?  I'm always looking!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Our Saturday

Our Saturday was suppose to start out bright and early with a gymnastics class.  However...Emma ended up crawling into bed with me at 5:30 this morning, and fell back asleep.  At 8:00 she woke up and asked if she could please stay home today because she was "soooo tired".  I completely agreeded, so we stayed in bed and guess what?  We both fell back asleep until 9:30.  She apperantly was really tired, and I guess I was too =) 

I went to the store this morning and when I came back Emma had decided to play dress up while I was gone.  And I totally should have taken a picture but I didn't!  She had makeup all over her face and had a dress on.  It was actually quite funny! 

We made lunch together this afternoon.  At Emma's request we had salami & cheese sandwiches, homemade macaroni salad, cantelope, and black olives.  Odd combo of things, but she loved it and ate it all up!

I let Emma dress herself today.  I have to say, she doesn't have much of a fashion sense!  LOL  But we aren't going anywhere today so I figure i'll just let her stay in this outfit.  And I often let Emma eat her lunch in the living room. 
I think she is eating the cheese of her sandwich in this picture.  haha
You can somewhat see her beautiful outfit in this picture.  Grey & Pink heart shirt matched with a pair of yellow and white striped leggings.  Beautiful!!  And it also appears that she may be either feeding the dog or teasing him with a piece of food.  He was definately begging for some food =)
Back a couple of days ago I mentioned our behavior chart we started March 1st.  We are 9 days into this month and Brian and I both see a HUGE difference in her behavior.  At the end of the night she is sooo anxious to get a star on the calander that she tries sooo hard to get a gold star.  We went with 3 different colors.  Gold for Great.  Silver for Good.  And Red....Bad.  Lol  
So far we have 5 Gold Stars, 2 Silver and 1 Red.  We'll see how the rest of the month goes!

I completely forgot to post the pictures from the Father/Daughter dance.  We just got the cd of them the other day, and i'm in love with them.  They are by far my most favorite picture of Brian and Emma!
I can't wait to get these printed and framed! 
I have to work tonight.  Yuckkk!  I keep trying to convince Brian that he should let me stay at home and be a stay at home mom.  But he keeps saying no.  LOL  Enjoy your Saturday all! =)

It's Friday!

It's Friday blogger friends! =)  What's everyone have planned for tonight?  Anything exciting?  For me and Emma we have an hour gymnastics class at 6:30.  And then I just *might* make a trip to Target.  It's been a few days since I have been there, and I may be going through Target withdrawls!   Brian has to work tonight.  Boo.  We never have any Friday nights off together.   So lets recap the last couple of days!

Last night we were all home, which was soooo nice.  Until Brians phone rang and he got called into work.  But he didn't have to be into work until 11pm, so we had time to make dinner and hang out as a family.  For dinner last night I cooked salmon, baked potato and asparagus!  Oh. My.  It was Delish!   Brian (who always makes fun of me for taking pictures of food) took a picture of his plate.  He definately loaded his potato with sour cream!

After dinner Emma and I made chocolate chip cookies!  She loves to help bake and cook.  So I basically let her do it all!
She did a really good job!  I tried a new cookie recipe that I found on pinterest.  The cookies were ok, but I don't think I would use that recipe again.

A few days ago I got a not so nice letter from our City informing me that I have not registered my dog with the city yet this year.  I'm not sure if this is mandatory for wherever you all live or not, but by January 31st anyone that owns a dog has to register it through your city/town.  They charge you $6.00.  Well.  Apperantly life got busy and I forgot.  So I get this letter telling me it needs to be done asap and what not.  It said they needed a current copy of his rabies vacination.  And because i'm late getting this done there is a $25.00 late fee.  Of course.  Why does this not surprise me.  So after a phone call to our vet to get that info, they informed me that he isn't up to date with his rabies vacine.  Ugghh.  So I make an appointment with them.  Before I hang up I ask, "Oh by the way, what is this going to cost me?"  The lady says about $150 or so.  WHAT?  Seriously?!?!  Nooo way was I paying that price.  Just to walk through the door for a visit was $55.00.  Brian called around and found a really nice veternarian place about 2 miles from us, and they were only going to charge us $58.00.  So we made an appointment for Gunner to see them today.  After dropping Emma off at school, I made a run through the Dunkin Donuts drive thru to get coffee and Brian starts laughing and points to the back seat.  There sat Gunner.  In Emma's carseat.
Isn't he just too cute =) 
My mom came down to visit today and we went to lunch at one of my fav restaurants.  We had some really yummy sandwiches
In the nearby town next door to us, they have some really neat sandwich shops and bakeries.  One of them is a bakery that is owned and operated by a couple of franciscan monks.  They're food is amazing, and I like to stop in sometimes and pick up a macaroon! 
It's time to head out for gymnastics....I hope you all have a great Friday evening!! =)

Tuesday Tidbits

Not a whole lot to blog about today, so i'm trying something new today.  Tuesday Tidbits!

1.  Have I mentioned that I have yet another cold?  Have I also mentioned that Emma missed another day of school last Thursday due to an ear infection?  Ugghh.  Seriously, i'm so over winter and ready for spring!

2.  Has anyone been watching Full House on Nick at night?  I always thought Nick at night shows were old....Wait?  Have I become old?  Emma is loving Full House!

3.  Army Wives season 7 premieres this Sunday!  I can hardly wait!!!

4.  I made a crockpot tortolini soup this morning.  This afternoon I took the cover off the crockpot and it was a total FAIL!  So disapointed!

5.  My mother got a smartphone today.  I have already had about 5 phone calls from her today asking me questions.  lol

6.  I found proof today that our dog and our cat Bella really do love each other.

7.  We have decided to start keeping our dog out of the crate while we are gone.  So far so good.  Lets hope we can get that giant black crate out of our kitchen very soon!

8.  Confession:  I am addicted to the stupid facebook game, Candy Crush.  I finally had to delete the app off my phone.  It was consuming a lot of my downtime at work.  I can find more productive things to be doing other than that =)

9.  Emma desperately needs a haircut.  She really wants to cut it shoulder length.  I'm having a really hard time with that idea.  I don't think she has the right kind of texture in her hair to be shoulder length.  We're getting to the age where she really wants to make some of her own decisions.  YIKES!

10.  We started a "behavior" chart at home.  I got the old school metalliac sticker stars.  Everyday Emma gets a star put on our calender.  Gold Star: Super Good  Silver: Good  Red: Not very Good.  So far we are 5 days into March.  We have 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 red.  We'll see how this goes! 

11.  I'm thinking it's time to do a blog revamp.  I love my blog layout and header, but I have had it for 2 years now, maybe it's time for something different =)

12.  I'm more in love with Pintrest right now than I have ever been.  I'm a pinning machine lately!!

13.  Not sure if I have mentioned, but i'm ready for spring and summer.  I'm ready for green grass, sunshine, and farmers markets with fresh veggies.  BBQ's outside on our patio.  And I could go on with this list!

14.  March is the month of Birthdays for our family.  All in march, My brother in law, my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, my niece, ME =) and Brian.  I really want to give Brian a nice gift this year for his birthday....any ideas blogger friends??

15.  And finally, it took me 2 hours to write this post.  That's how it goes when I am at work.   And now since my soup I made for dinnner tonight was a huge fail....I must figure out what to have for dinner =)

Portland...Date Weekend

What a weekend we had!!  We actually got to leave town Saturday for the night and it was awesome!  Friday my parents came and picked Emma up right after school and they traveled an hour north home and she spent the entire weekend with them.  Brian and I both worked Friday night, and Saturday early afternoon we packed up and made the 2 hour drive to Portland.  It's the largest city in Maine...and it's really not all that big compared to other big cities out there! haha 

Before we got to Portland, we stopped in Freeport.  It's our outlet store capital of Maine.  And well, I LOVE shopping =)  I can't even begin to tell you about the deals I got.  We stopped at Carters and OshKosh first.  Before we even got out of the car Brian said, "Emma has enough clothes"  LOL.  A girl can never have enough clothes.  Well we got inside both stores and the deals were so good, that he agreed that she can always use more clothes =)  Check out what I got. 

Staring with Carters

On the clearance rack...$3.99
Clearance rack...$4.99!!!
Again..Clearance rack...$4.99!  I Just love these dresses, and for less than $5.00, I love them even more!!
Osh Kosh
And lastly from OshKosh, $5.99.  This one is quite big for her, but she'll grow into it eventually!

After those 2 stores, Brian wanted to go into the North Face outlet...and of course I went straight to the kids section, and I scored this super cute puffer vest for $19.99!  That's pretty darn cheap for North Face!
This was by far my favorite purchase of the weekend!  I love the colors in it and think it's just really cute!!
After our mini shopping spree, we continued to Portland checked in at our hotel.  I love the hotel we always stay at there because they give you fresh hot chocolate chip cookies when you check in...yumm!!
And of course when looking out our hotel room window we could see the mall, and guess what...I never made it there.  Oh well! 
We had originally planned to go to a really nice restaurant in an area of Portland called The Old Port, however we decided not to only because the Civic Center is located across the street from the restaurant we wanted to go to, and they were having some big event Saturday evening at the civic center.  And i'm sure it was super crowded, so we ended up at The LongHorn.  We had a great meal, and it was nice to be alone and have adult conversation.  Although a lot of conversation was about Emma of course =) 
We started with an appetizer of shrimp.  It was delicious, although it looks more like a meal.  There was so much that we packed most of it up to go.  For dinner I had some parmesean chicken, that was amazing.  Brian had steak.
The picture makes it look completely terrible, but it definately wasn't!
After dinner we went to Target.  Exciting huh?  I found a new pair of brown flats, that I loved.  And Brian got socks!  We laughed while we were there about how we were on a date weekend and were out shopping for socks!  =)

Later that evening, we went to a bar.  I'm not a huge bar person. I hardly ever drink, unless it's a glass of wine here and there.  But...our main reason for going was to hang out with our friend TJ who we had not seen in almost 5 years.  Tj had lived in our area when Brian and I were first dating.  He and Brian worked together at the police department and were best friends.  We even honeymooned together to Florida after we all got married.  TJ and his wife at the time (they sadly just recently divorced) moved to Portland after he started working for the US Customs agency.  And he has most recently been working in Arizona.  But he happened to be in the area we were staying so we met up!  It was so good to see him.  And Brian was really happy to be reunited with his long lost best friend =)  We all agreed that 5 years is ridicoulous to go without seeing each other.
They had a really good time catching up! 

This morning we woke up at 10:00...it was soooo nice to sleep in this morning.  We got up and got ready and checked out of the hotel and then of course we went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast!  My absolute favorite!! 
Chicken, Eggs & Hasbrown Casserole, and of course biscuits!  And then we made the 2 hour trip home.  Our friend Christine had been watching our dog for us this weekend and she took him out with her dog and some friends ice fishing today.  She sent us these 2 pictures
And apperantly after hours of ice fishing, this is what it will do to you!  He even gets covered up with a jacket!  Such a baby!  He's been back home with us since about 5pm tonight, and he hasn't moved off the couch.  He's super tired!
So there you have it, our weekend away.  It's really nice to get away and have some alone time with the hubby, but it's always nice to get home to Emma =)