Baby Update =)

This morning after dropping Emma off at school we headed to the doctor for a baby check up!  I love these appointments where we have an ultra sound, I just love seeing new pictures of Baby Sirois =)  Everything went very well, and i'm 11 1/2 weeks along now.  Soooo much further to go still! lol 

Getting big!!  Tomorrow I have to go back for a Ultrascreen, and then I need to have a bunch of blood work done.  I'm thinking i'll go Thursday and have that done since I am off that day.  It's all starting to get so real now, and we are just beyond excited!!

Emma came home from school today and had a little package that was addressed to
"Big Sister Emma Sirois"
I should have taken a picture of her when she saw it, she was grinning from ear to ear =)
This is what she got

I just LOVE this shirt!!  I have mentioned her on the blog before, Leslie from "The Momma Fish" Etsy shop sent this to Emma!  Leslie is incredibly sweet and thoughtful and as you can tell by her big smile, Emma loved it!  { please don't mind Emma's blue teeth, I think she had just eaten a blue airhead candy, lol }

The Circus is Coming! The Circus is Coming!

Saturday we finally went to the Circus.  Emma has been so excited about it!  It wasn't exactly the best circus in the world.  They were missing some key components to it, like the trapeze people, Elephants, Tigers all the good stuff.  But all in all, it was still good and Emma had a good time!

A circus is not a circus without Cotton Candy of course!
Our civic center is scheduled to be torn down later this summer.  It was kind of sad knowing this will be the last time we would be there.  I grew up going here with my parents to high school basketball tournaments, to shows and concerts.  It's really old and they have built a beautiful new arena, but this one will definitely be missed.
I was kinda creeped out by the amount of Clowns that there was.  LOL
And of course a snow cone in a lighted cup!
After the circus we let Emma choose where we went for supper.  She chose a Chinese buffet!  Worked for us, and it's her very favorite!
Today Brian and I were both off.  Sooo nice to have an entire weekend off together.  We did a little around the house, and went to Old Navy for their stuff & save sale that's going on right now =) 
After we came home, we had decided we were going to bbq outside.  We hadn't used our grill in quite  awhile, so Brian cleaned it all up since it had sat pretty much all winter.  When he started it, the flames were coming out the side of the grill and in all kinds of weird places.  So needless to say, we had to go out and buy a brand new one tonight. 
I know, you all probably find this terribly annoying...but I always take pictures of food.  LOL

{Photo by Emma}
So the next couple of pictures, Emma took =)  She was walking around the yard with my big dslr, snapping photos! 
{Photo by Emma}
{Photo by Emma}
{Photo by Emma}
While Brian was grilling, we heard a very familiar sound of Summer.  The music from the ice cream truck! 

She waited out on the lawn for him to make his way to our house
The girls across the street joined in too!
She chose a snow cone!  For after supper of course!
And our meal!  Brian sure likes to eat! haha  I laughed because his plate was overfilling with the food =) 
Tomorrow morning we have another ultrasound!  Soooo excited to see our baby's picture again! =) 
Hopefully you all had great weekends and hopefully your weather was just as beautiful as ours! 

Boring Thursday

It's going to be a picture less post today!  Sorry!  I did a whole lot of nothing today, but Sleep!  I got out of work at 2:00 this morning, when straight home and got into bed.  Guess what time I got up today?  1:30 this afternoon!  Can you say tired??  Brian was really good and got Emma up and ready for school and neither of them woke me.

We picked Emma up from school and ran to the store so we could get a couple of sandwiches to bring with us to work.  We have a local store that makes the best sandwiches. I know, this all useless information, however I really have not much to blog about today! ha =)

Emma has a spring concert coming up.  I'm not sure the exact date, but I was thinking last night I really need to get her a new dress.  And low and be hold my mother texted me a picture of a dress she bought her today in Florida.  Perfect! 

So yeah...that's about it.  Now that I have completely bored you all to death with this.  Carry some more exciting blogs today other than mine.  Hahaha =)

Wednesday =)

It's Wednesday!  The middle of the week, and it's just the start of my work week.  But a plus is that I have the weekend off, and it is suppose to be beautiful out!  And we have tickets to bring Emma to the Circus.  First time she has been, so i'm hoping it's good!

Last night Emma's school did a Science Fair.  I was kinda not excited to go to it, but it turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids.  They had a ton of activities for all the kids to do.  Emma had a blast!

This was a bubble thing they did using a hula hoop.  I didn't get a very good picture, but they brought the bubble all the way around her, she thought it was pretty awesome!
They also had this mixture done up in a little kiddie pool of cornstarch, water and something else.  And the kids were running on top of it.  If you stopped though you would sink.  Emma liked it, but it was kinda messy! 

We went out for dinner last night at one of our fav local restaurants, and had Me and Emma's very favorite dessert...Creme Brulee!  Yumm-O!

I have to share this next photo for one reason.  I was bring Emma to school this morning and took this photo of her.

Check out the armrest of her booster seat.  It's Chocolate! YUCK!  I had given her a peppermint pattie yesterday.  But little did I know she didn't have a napkin to wipe her grubby little paws on, so she wipped them on her carseat.  To say the least we had a discussion about where we wipe our hands.  LOL 

That's about all I have to share for today.  I must say, that i'm still feeling really good since being on my meds!  I'm hoping and praying it stays this way =)


Emma went back to school today after being on April vacation for the last week.  She was sooo excited to get back and see her friends.  I thank god that she loves school as much as she does.  We had promised Em when she got out of school today that we would take her to the farm to see the animals.  I have written about this in the past, and she just loves it at the farm. We've taken her since she was just tiny.  I always take a picture of her and Brian in the same spot every year.  I shared this photo last year, and for some reason now I can't figure out how to add this years to the collage, so i'll share the photos separate. 

{click to enlarge}

And now here is this year...
I just love comparing these photos, every year to see how much she has grown!  And i'm not sure where in the world 2009 went, but apparently I skipped that year getting a picture.  Darn!
Checking out the newborn baby cows...for some odd reason I didn't take a picture of them.  But trust me, they were Cauutteee!

Overall, the farm was fun.  And then Emma got slobbered on by a cow.  LOL 
So I blogged last night about what I should cook for dinner tonight.  We went with bacon wrapped asparagus, steak and baked potato.  We tend to eat dinner a lot with my inlaws since they are right across the street, so that's what we did tonight.  Brian and I cooked there.  And it was super good!
I brushed the asparagus with a little olive oil, and then sprinkled with some sea salt and pepper. 
These steaks look huge, but trust me, they weren't!  They were really good though!  I have to say, Brian is a darn good grill cooker! 
Tomorrow we are back at gymnastics after having a week of it off!  Emma is really excited to get back at it.  I'm not sure what the plans are for tomorrow evening, but I heard tonight that our favorite summer ice cream shop opened the other day....may have to convince Brian to take me =) 

Weekend Recap

Everyone have a good weekend?  We had some pretty good weather here!  Friday was goregous!  We spent the morning at home just hanging out and doing some cleaning.  My inlaws took all the grandkids to McDonalds for lunch so they could play in the playplace and what not.  Brian and I stayed home and had some pretty darn good ham sandwiches made by little ole' me.  Ha! =)  And to be honest, yes it was goregous out, but we had a really hard time leaving the house because we were addicted to watching the news.  With everything that was happening in and around Boston, it was just hard to leave the tv.  Eventually we did head outside and enjoyed the weather at my inlaws.  The girls had a blast riding their bikes and playing catch in the yard.  Then of course it was time to come inside for a break....

A watermelon break of course!!  This picture cracks me up, because Em's expression is just a riot.  Her eyes are huge, and that's definately a fake smile =)

So now i've got ahead of myself, let me back up to Thursday night.  We were busy all evening after our trip to Bar Harbor.  Brian had a meeting and that didn't get over until almost 6:30.  Then we went grocery shopping.  Came home, put stuff away, and all that jazz.  At 9:00 Emma said, "you know we never ate supper".  Whooopss!  And yes, she was up that late too.  So we made homemade pizzas.  Hey, she's on school vacation, she can stay up late and eat a later supper right?!?!

They were soooo good.  On the left we had red marinara sauce, mozzerella & feta cheese, spinach, onions and kalmata olives.  And the right is Emma's favorite, Ranch chicken pizza. 

Friday night again I was glued to the tv still watching the Boston happenings.  I was soooo glad to see that they finally got the suspect #2.  And it was pretty neat to watch the people in Watertown, MA lining the streets and cheering for all the law enforcement officers driving down the street.  Kinda gave me chills. 

Saturday was a crappy day, rain, rain, rain.  We didn't do a whole lot.  Watched a couple of movies, had a tea party and played.  I was suppose to work, but I ended up having to take a vacation day.  My brother in law had organized a benefit magic/comedy show for his fire department he works for, and my entire family was going.  Well since I work until 2am, it was kinda hard to find a babysitter for Emma.  So why not, I took the day off and got to spend the whole day with Emma.  Didn't hurt my feelings at all =)  And today, well i'm at work.  But I can't complain, cause after tonight...2 more days off for me!

Since Brian and I are both off tomorrow night, and it's suppose to be really nice again, I want to cook a really good dinner.  On the grill.  So my question for all of you.  What are some really good recipes you all do on the grill?  I know we are going to do grilled asparagus, so i'm looking for the Main part of the meal.  Chicken, steak, seafood.  Anything.  Share your recipes with me!  Please =) 

Day Trip!

We got to leave town for the morning/afternoon, and it was so nice to get away for a few hours!  We got up early this morning and drove to Bar Harbor.  It's only about an hour away.  Our plan was to take Emma mini golfing.  That plan fell through because the temps were too low and we didn't really want to stand outside golfing and freeze.  So instead we went to downtown Bar Harbor and had lunch at a cool little restaurant called Geddy's. 

This was the best I could get for a picture of Emma.  She refused to smile normal! Ha!  She had fish n' chips and she thought it was really cool because her plate was actually a Frisbee.  And she got to take it home.  After lunch we took a walk around the beach on the ocean.  At this point I think it would have been warmer to go mini golfing rather than walking around the ocean area.  It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G!  But we survived!!
I don't think she could have stood any straighter! haha
The restaurant we at ate.  It's really unique inside, old license plates from all over the country hanging up and other neat things.  Lots of stuff to look at while you eat!
The last picture is one that I took from my phone, and it turned out to be my most favorite from the day!  Emma loves digging around looking for shells and sea glass.  We didn't find too much today, a few shells and a couple of pieces of sea glass and that's it.  We didn't stay as long as we wanted because the tide was coming in, and well we didn't want to get swept out to sea! haha 
Tonight we are just going to lay low.  Maybe make a homemade pizza for supper.  Brian has a meeting at work tonight and then we'll probably just watch a movie.  I love when Emma is on school vacation because she can stay up a little later and the best part...we can all sleep in in the morning! =)


I've never ran a marathon, infact I don't run at all.  But I am just in shock still at what happened in Boston.  Boston is so close to us, and part of our New England family, so it's hit really close to home.  I'm really tired of having to explain these horrific acts to Emma.  First the Newtown tragedies, and now this.  It's hard to explain to her.  And she has a ton of questions.  Sometimes I have a hard time answering all of her questions. I don't want to shelter her and think that this world is completely fine, and that there are no bad people in the world.  I'm just hoping and praying that this madness in our country stops.  But for now, we are praying for everyone that was affected by this horrible tragedy. 

On another note.  I am feeling SOOOO much better!  I can't even tell you.  The meds i'm on are like a miracle.  As long as I take them when i'm suppose to, i'm good to go.  Other than being exhausted all the time, it's all good right now.  I'm hoping that this naseau will pass soon so that I can stop taking them completely. 

Emma is on school vacation this week.  The weather was beautiful today so she and Brian spent a lot of time outdoors today.  While I slept.  haha  Tomorrow Brian and I are both off so we are planning on taking her to Pirates Cove for some mini golf, and probably lunch somewhere too.  Hopefully the weather will be as nice tomorrow as it was today =) 

My parents are in Florida for the next 2 weeks.  They just left yesterday, and i'm already sick of seeing my mothers facebook posts and getting her texts about how nice it is there, and blah blah blah!  LOL  I know, we were just there in December, but i'm still jealous that they are there and i'm not. HA! =)

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Wednesday!! =)

I'm still here =)

Oh yes, i'm still here.  And I haven't blogged in a while.  Reason for this?  I have been sick sick sick.  The morning sickness, afternoon sickness and night sickness has set in.  I finally broke down today and called my doctor and they have put my on an anti-nausea med.  I'm praying that this works.  I even had to miss 2 days of work this week because well, I just couldn't get out of bed.  I'm really hoping that this will pass soon!

Other than that not much else has been going on around here.  Emma tested out in her gymnastics class the other day.  She is staying in the same level that she is currently in.  She was a little disappointed, but I told her it's just going to make her that much better! =)

We haven't done much of anything lately.  Emma is on school vacation next week and i'm hoping we will be able to do a day trip somewhere.  If the weather would cooperate it would be nice to go to the ocean for an afternoon.  But we'll have to see seeing as though the weather forecast is calling for 4 inches of snow tonight.  Seriously?  It's April 11th.  The white stuff can leave anytime now =)

Unfortunately that is about all I have for now.  Hopefully i'll get back to blogging regularly very soon!! =)

Happy Easter!

In my last post I said I would start blogging more...well I have totally lacked there.  We've been super busy lately, and I'm remembering what being pregnant is like.  LOL  Last week I was pretty sick.  Not just in the morning either.  Pretty much all day.  Emma was the biggest help and sweetheart and always asking me how I was feeling and if she could do anything for me.  She really is the sweetest little girl =)  But, I am starting to feel a lot better.  If I could just get over being tired ALL the time.  Anyway.  Let's back up to several days ago.

Thursday Emma woke up really congested.  She was at my mother in laws house since Brian and I were both working.  She got up at 3:30 am because she didn't feel well.  We kept her home from school, and she basically just lounged around all day.  Just before I left for work on Thursday she fell asleep.  I get to work and about 4:45 pm Brian called me, and I could instantly tell something was wrong just from the sound of his voice.  He said he woke Emma up and she couldn't take a breath and she was really lathergic.  Thankfully my brother in law who is a paramedic happened to be right there and he came over and they rushed her to the ER.  I got to the hospital the same time as them, and let me tell you she looked so pathetic.  Not herself at all.  I was getting her registered and noticed a pretty big wait.  Well the nurse came out and happened to be one of my next door neighbors from growing up, and she brought us in the room wait for us!  After doing some tests and seeing the doctor they believe since she was so congested that she had a mucus build up and it caused an airway obstruction.  Pretty scary.  After a while of being there she started to act just like herself again =)

She stayed home from school on Friday, and she is doing much better now.  Thank God.

Saturday we got up pretty early.  It was my nieces 10th Birthday =)  I cannot believe she is 10 years old already!  So that brings me to, what in the world do you get a 10 year old girl for a gift??  haha  I had the hardest time.  And of course waited until the very last minute...that morning.  We ended up getting her an amazon gift card for her Kindle and then 2 books.  Remember the Babysitters Club series from about 20 years ago?  That's what I got her for books!  Hope she loves them as much as I did!

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with my brother in laws, his wife, and their 2 kids.  We have a fairly new restaurant in town called The Family Dog.  It's pretty cool.  Each table has some sort of retro game on it.  Ours had Jenga on it.  Emma and her cousin had a blast playing it while waiting for our meal!

Brian and I stayed up wayyyy too late on Saturday night.  We were trying to prepare for the "Easter Bunny".  And Sunday morning bright and early shortly after 7am, Emma woke up and was ready to find eggs!  I do have lots of Easter pictures, but they are at home and i'm at work.  Darn!

She got a cute shrit from our friends in the mail, and she sported some super awesome Bunny ears too!

I cooked a HUGE meal Sunday for lunch.  Apperantly I was playing the pregancy card and couldn't decide between doing a Ham or a Turkey for lunch.  So why not do both!  LOL 

We had my parents down for lunch, and when I asked my mother to open the oven to baste the turkey, she couldn't believe I cooked both a turkey and a ham! lol   We had lots of good stuff to go with it all too.  My mom baked the best Whoopie Pie cake ever for desert! 

By late Sunday afternoon I was completely exhausted.  Brian and my mom were amazing and they cleaned up after lunch and I layed on the couch and almost fell asleep a few times. 

I hope you all had a great Easter as well =)