Go Away --- RAIN!!!!

It has been raining here for what seems like forever.  I'm so bummed.  We had been planning this weekend for a few months now.  It's our towns fall festival, called Riverfest.  This was the first time that Brian and I were both going to be off for the entire weekend, and be able to go together as a family!  We were all pretty excited!

So last night, Friday night, they started the night off with fireworks at 9pm.  Emma started talking about the fireworks the second she got out of school.  About 6pm it started to rain.  And rain some more.  And rain a little more.  To the point at 9pm it was pouring.  Emma was beyond upset about it.  We told her they don't set off fireworks in the rain, and finally got her calmed down.  (After bribing her with a trip to Dairy Queen) Haha  Wellllll....we were sitting in the living room and at about 9:05 what did we hear?  Big booms.  Yeah fireworks.  She looked at us and started bawling her head off and said she knew what that sound was.  I felt terrible for her because I knew how much she was looking forward to it.  She never fell asleep until almost 10:30 last night.  Before she fell asleep she said she was going to be very upset if it rained tomorrow (now today) and ruined the parade. 

So we woke up at 8am this morning, the parade started at 10am.  It was cloudy and chilly but not raining!  There was hope!  We headed out around 9 so we could get a good parking spot and then walk downtown.  Around 9:15, the rain came down.  And rain it did.  Ugghh.  Emma was pretty upset, but at least we had a great parking spot right on Main St where we could watch the parade from the car.  We were really really excited to see the parade this year.  Anyone ever heard of the band/duo Karmin?  They sing the pop song Brokenhearted?  If not check them out on Youtube.  The female half of the duo Amy Heidemann is on the cover of Rolling Stone this month for being named the "Women who Rock 2012".  Anyway...the male half of the duo, Nick Noonan, went to high school with my hubby!  The came home for Riverfest and were the grand marshalls for the parade!  And we did get to see them!!!  Emma was pretty excited because she hears them on the radio all the time =)  I didn't bring my camera, because I didn't want it to get wet, so the only 2 photos I took were from my phone.  So after this long blabbering post, enjoy the 2 photos! haha

Amy is pretty famous for this hairstyle of hers!  It's definately different.
It was kinda cool though because our Old Town High School cheerleaders were in the parade and they all had their hair done exactly like Amy's!

Even though it rained, she still had a smile on her face.  We weren't even able to go to the park after the parade where all the festivities were being held because of the darn rain.  I came down with a cold on Thursday night, and standing outside this morning for over an hour in the cold rain didn't help it at all.  Tomorrow we are suppose to go apple picking....but the forecast is calling for...yeah you guessed it...RAIN!  So it looks like we'll be hanging out at home.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekends, and stays dry!! =)

Rain Rain Go Away!

Today Emma had her 1st grade Field Trip.  And you guessed it, it RAINED!  It rained during her Kindergarten field trip as well.  So far we aren't having very good luck in the field trip department.  Brian and I went along as chaperones.  I have such a blast watching the kids having fun and exploring new places.  Today their trip was to the Treworgy Family Apple Orchard!  Even though it rained, the kids {and adults} had a blast!! 

They all had to listen very carefully at all the instructions and directions that our "tour guide" was giving them.  This place is super fun!  They have a corn maze {which the kids didn't do}, they have farm animals, apple orchard, and a pumpkin patch.

We started out by going on a hay ride.  The tractor brought us down to the pumpkin patch.  Each of the kids were able to pick one small pumpkin =)
Emma's teacher, Mrs. Anderson, collected all the pumpkins.  And had to write each of the kids names on the bottom so they wouldn't get mixed up of course!
After picking a pumpkin they headed up to where the goats are.  The tour guide let them each feed them.  3 times to be exact.  The kids loved this!
This is George.  George is an Alpaca.  We were told that George is very friendly.  All the kids got to pat George and he was very nice.  When the kids all went outside, I put my hand over to George to pat him.  And George almost bit me.  To say the least I didn't like George.  Haha =)
After visiting with the goats outside, we went inside the barn and learned to how to milk a goat.  Each of the kids got a chance to try it.  Emma did pretty good!
The kids also got to head to the apple orchard section and pick an apple!  They had different kinds of apples to choose from.  I think the apples we chose were Red Delicious.  And they were delicious!
The kids were also shown how to make homemade apple cider!  And then they were able to sample some that was already made.
So even though it rained, we still had fun!  Brian and I bought a huge pumpkin for Emma's classroom while we were there.  We got back to the school just as the kids were heading off to lunch, so we snuck it into their classroom.  Emma said it was a big hit!! 
Brian headed off to work earlier this afternoon and I cheated for supper by making frozen enchildas from Sams!  Super easy, and now i'm exhausted.  Early to bed tonight!!! =)

Phones, Pictures & Pirates

Yesterday Brian and I finally joined the rest of the world and got smart phones =)  It's a huge change from our old phones, and I can tell you so far i'm loving it!  And I can honestly say that I have not  been on it constantly checking my facebook. 

Before I start about our day, I have to add that I *Dislike* the new blogger.  I want the old one back.  This one just seems more confusing and not as user friendly as the old one.  There i'm done with my short rant.  haha =)

So today Brian got up and brought Emma to school.  And I woke up at....11:30 this morning!  I was super tired, and worked until 2:00 this morning, so it felt soooo good to wake up late.  I did wake up around 7:15 because I heard Emma screaching from the bathroom.  Brian was trying to comb her hair and it must have been super tangled.  Her hair was getting way long and needed to be trimmed badly.  I picked Em up from school and then we headed to the salon to get a trim!

She looks so grown up in the last picture!  They did a great job with her hair, and it's much less tangly now =)  Since I now have a smartphone, I had to give the Instagram a try, so these photos are instragams =)  Not sure I love the instagram, but I wanted to try it =)
I haven't gone out and taken photos of Emma in a long time, so I wanted to go the gardens at the Univeristy and take some.  So we headed home after the haircut and changed quickly and then headed out for a mini photoshoot =)
I pretty much love the one above and below =)
I pretty much {heart} all of the pictures.  I can't wait to get some printed and hang them up =)
This evening one of the local restaurants in our town was having kids night, and the theme was "Pirates"  and 99 cent kids meals!  We went up there with my sister in law, my 2 nieces and a couple of friends and their daughter.  The kids had a lot of fun.  They had a pirate walking around making balloon animals.  Emma chose a parrot.  And then they got to make pirate hats and eye patches.  And after they ate their dinner they got to decorate their own brownies! 
Tomorrow Emma has another full day of school and then gymnastics!  And then it's the weekend, but my weekend to work.  Happy Friday everyone! =)

Tea Time!

On Sunday, my little Miss Emma turned 6 years old.  I cannot believe it.  We had an amazingly beautiful day for a "Tea Party!"  That's the theme that Emma chose for her birthday this year.  So we'll start out with her Birthday invitations.  I ordered them off Etsy, and I thought they came out super cute!

I pretty much ran around like a mad woman the morning of her party getting ready for everything.  I headed to the store to pick up all the balloons I ordered, and when I got there none of them were done.  They had put them in the folder for next week.  But thankfully they were able to get them done pretty quickly!
The Birthday girl getting ready for her party!  She was writing out a birthday card for her best friend, who's birthday is the following day!
The tea party all set up waiting for Emma's guests =) 
Getting ready to open some gifts
Emma got a telescope from Nana & BeeBee!  She was pretty excited about this!! =)

After opening gifts it was time for "Tea"  Emma was so excited to have a tea party with all
her friends =)
I was soooo happy as to how her cake, cupcakes & cookies turned out!!  I ordered them from a local bakery, and I would definately order from them again =)
Brian set up a little photo booth type thing in our backyard, so after their tea & sweets we headed out there for some pictures!
I am in *Love* with this picture!  I think it is just absolutely hilarious!!!
And of course Brian and I had to get in on it as well! =) 
So that is the end of Emma's birthday party.  It was a lot of work getting ready for it, but it was worth it because not only did Emma have a great time, everyone did!  =)