Throwback Thursday!

It's Thursday!  And it's also my Monday, and tomorrow is my Friday and it's actually Friday! haha Confused much?  My schedule is so weird, i'm back at work today, and knock on's slow so far!  I have the weekend off, and i'm pretty excited about that.  We don't have any plans at all, but i'm hoping to get outside with Emma...and maybe Alyx too.  We'll see just how cold it is first. 
Let's start with a little Throwback Thursday, shall we? 
Totally makes me laugh!  I'm the one in the jean jacket with the super curly hair with a scowl on my face! haha =)  I miss those days!
Monday evening after I got out of work, Brian took me and the girls out to dinner. We have a new restaurant in town that I have been dying to try out.  The food was great, and the atmosphere was wonderful. 
I had crab stuffed haddock, red skin mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus. They also make some really great sounding pizzas, so we will have to try pizza night there soon!
We really haven't done much of anything lately.  It's been soooo cold, and i'm more than ready for some warm weather.  It will be so nice to get out of the house with Alyx and go for walks, play in the backyard...those kinds of things.  Lately we've spent many days in our pj's, and even getting into our pj's right after coming home from school and work.  We need some outdoor time...SOON!! =)
So I have just some random photos for you!
Emma got this gigantic teddy bear from one of my co-workers.  She LOVES it!! =)
Zebras EVERYWHERE!  You can barely see Alyx in there! 
Emma insisted on doing her homework the other night with this huge pencil.  Hey, whatever works I guess!
I really think Emma is going to be a teacher of some sort when she gets older.  She loves playing school, and will even play school by herself.  She could sit for hours and "teach"!
Big stretches and Big smiles!!  Alyx is such a happy happy baby!!
Alyx sporting one of her many SaraEllie Bows.  My favorite bows!  I love the style of them, and well I think she looks pretty cute in this one =)
I have a new favorite bedtime snack.  Yeah, i'm 31 years old and still have to have something before bed! LOL  But this is my favorite right now!
This stuff is just good.  I don't know how else to put it.
It's not watery at all like some hot chocolates can get.  It's nice and creamy, and just yummy!  Try it!
Enjoy your Thursday all! =)

Locks of Love

Yesterday I FINALLY had my hair cut...and colored too of course =)  It had been well over a year since I had actually gone to a salon and had my hair done.  It was very much needed!  My hair was at the point where I couldn't do anything with it, so I basically threw it up on top of my head every single day.  And because my hair is so thick, it was heavy! haha  Before I went yesterday I took a before picture and posted it on facebook.  One of my friends posted that I should donate it to Locks of Love.  I was so glad she mentioned that!  If you have never head of locks of love, basically if you cut your hair and it is long enough you can donate it to Locks of Love.  It's for Children under the age of 21 who suffer from long term hair loss due to any medical condition.  The hair has to be 10 inches at least in length.  

So here is the Before Picture:

The cut:

And the After:

It is still quite long, but I have it straightened in this picture, so it looks a little longer than it actually is.  Emma told me I look 15 now.  I'll take it! haha =)  

If you have any hair to cut, and it's long enough, I strongly suggest donating it! =)

Pictures...HELP!! =)

I swear I am the worst fashion person on this planet!  We have family pictures coming up next month, and i'm stressing BIG time about what we should all wear.  I'm tired of the solid colored shirts for all of us.  I have Alyx's outfit all picked out.  So basically I need to work off of her outfit...and I am stressing over finding something for Emma...Me...and Brian that is going to match her outfit!  Ugghh.  lol  So here is what we are working with. 

I love this outfit so much!  I got it for a baby shower gift, and she is finally going to fit into it.  So since there is a lot going on in Alyx's outfit, is why i'm so undecided as to what the rest of us should wear.  So here is where I need your help.  LOL  What do you think for the rest of us?  I just need to hire a fashion stylist, that's all =)

Day Trip!

I think Emma has had a pretty good school vacation so far!  Thursday morning we decided to head to the condo for the day.  Brians parents and his brother and his wife and their kids were all down there as well.  We packed up and headed down.  It's about 1 1/2 hours away from us.  The girls were great on the ride down there. 
And guess who forgot her camera??  Yeah.  This girl.  So all I was able to take were iPhone pictures.
Emma and her cousins, Hannah & Haley had a blast swimming in the pool!  They spent quite a bit of time in there having fun and swimming =)
Brian and I went out for a short drive, it's pretty beautiful there.

It was soooo cold down at the ocean. 
And of course I had to pick some shells for Miss Emma!
I think Alyx enjoyed her first trip to the condo too! 
She is getting too big, too quick!!!
Yesterday was a cooking day!  I made some homemade pumpkin chip cookies, which are Emma's favorite.  She loves them!  And I love the recipe I have because it makes a ton.  It's the perfect recipe if you are going somewhere and need to bring a lot of cookies.
And for dinner I made "Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls"  I had seen the recipe floating around facebook for a while, and decided to give it a try.
It was delish!  Emma and Brian both loved it, so it will defiantely be something I will make again.  And it was super easy.  One pot meal!  I'm pretty glad that Emma isn't a picky will probably be a different story when Alyx starts eating! haha =)
Happy Saturday!!


Yesterday was a good day.  I may or may not have been spoiled just a teeny tiny bit!  But who doesn't like to be spoiled every now and then?? 
I came home from work to find this little pretty thing.
Alex & Ani bracelet.  I've been wanting one for a while, and I pretty much love it!
Side note.  Emma was mad because it's not called an Alyx & Emma bracelet.  She didn't get that, Alex & Ani is the brand name.  Haha =)
My mom has been staying with us for a couple of days because Emma is on school vacation.  So last night after supper (I made the most amazing beef stew ever btw) we went out shopping.  We stopped at LL Bean, and my mom surprised me by buying me the Bean boots I have been wanting!  Loveee them!!
They are super warm and fuzzy inside =) hehe
I don't even have any cute pictures of the kids today to share.  I've kinda fallen off the picture a day everyday for 365 days.  =(  So I think i'm going to do one photo a week.  Maybe I can keep up with that!  Haha  Being a working mom and coming home to 2 kiddos...keeps me busy and I don't always remember to pick up my camera every day.  I'll try to do better! hehe =)

Our Weekend - Part 2

Sunday (yesterday) we had so much fun!  Brians grandmother has a big hill in her backyard and we took all the girls sledding. 

It was COLD!!! 

After about the 10th time walking up the hill from sledding...I was pooped! haha 

The video quality is pretty bad, but these girls had a blast sledding down the hill! 

After going down the hill over and over again, we went inside and Brians grandmother and aunt made us some homemade hot cocoa.  It was really good!

Alyx stayed nice and warm and cozy inside while the rest of us froze!!

And she napped =)

Later in the evening we all went to my inlaws for dinner.  We all made something different and brought it with us.  I made Ham & Swiss Sammies.  If you've never had them, you have no idea what you are missing out on!  They are so good and really easy to make.  And you can make a lot of them fairly quickly.  Here is the recipe =)

2 12 count package Kings Hawaiian Rolls
1/2 pound swiss cheese
    1 pound thin sliced ham
   1 stick  butter melted
   3 teaspooons ground mustard
   1 tsp poppy seeds (optional)
   1 medium chopped onion
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
Slice all of the rolls in half and place the bottom halves on a cookie sheet
    Place ham and cheese on the bottom of the sliced rolls. Cover with the top half of roll.
Mix together the melted butter, ground mustard, poppy seeds, chopped onion & worsterchire sauce.  Poor over the top of the buns.  I also added a little of this mixture inside the sandwich as well. 
Let it sit for an hour or two
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 for 15 minutes or until warmed through and the cheese is gooey and melty.

We had such a good weekend.  And when we have weekends like this, i'm sad to see them come to an end.  And now it's Monday. 

And i'm at work.  But at least I get to drink my coffee out of a cute mug =) 

 p.s. be sure to check out Part 1 of our Weekend!

Our Weekend - Part 1

I didn't get a Valentine's Day post up so...Happy Valentine's Day!!  We didn't do a whole lot for V-day this year.  School was actually cancelled on Friday because of the snow.  I'm so tired of snow!  I'm anxiously awaiting spring, but then that brings mud season.  But at least we won't have to shovel, and deal with bitterly cold temps!! =)
We had an awesome weekend!!  Saturday was the big Father/Daughter Valentines Day dance, and Emma was soooo excited for it!  I took her Saturday to have her hair done at the salon.  She even picked out the hairstyle she wanted =)  I gave her my phone one afternoon and had her look at tons of hairstyles on Pintrest, and this is how she wanted it.
When we left there she kept saying, "It looks just like it did in the picture!" haha =)
We got home, and she and Brian both got dressed and ready.  They had dinner reservations at a local resturant and Emma was pretty excited to have a date with her dad!
She kept saying to us, "Doesn't my daddy look handsome!" haha  She cracks me up!!
She even picked out her dress, and she did a good job! 
My 2 brother in laws took their girls as well and a couple of their friends went too.  We all met at my inlaws house to take photos of everyone.
All the girls looked so pretty!  Princesses for sure!!
And of course we couldn't forget Miss Alyx.  Even though she wasn't attending the dance, she had to get in on the pictures too =)
After pictures, they were off to the dance!
{I made Brian take the camera with him to the dance! haha}
They all had a great time, and Emma even won a doorprize!!  She was exhausted when she got home.
Make sure to check out Part 2 of our weekend!!

Our Week

Is it really only Thursday?  This has seemed like a long week and seems like it should be Friday!  Alyx has a really bad cold and has been super stuffy.  I feel so bad for her, but her spirits have been great!  Still a happy smiley baby =)
Tonya from Here comes the Sun, suggested I try a NoseFrida (nasal aspirator) with Alyx.  The concept of it is completely disguisting.  But as a parent you will pretty much do anything to make your baby feel better.  I got one, and yeah it's defiantely weird, but oh it works!! 
I highly highly recommend it!  I got ours at Target for $15.00.
I also scored some super awesome deals while I was at Target.
I got these pj's on the right, and cute little fleece outfit for under $2.00!  Crazy!
I actually bought 2 pairs of the pj's.  One to keep at my moms.  They are super cute, and they are the Just One You brand by Carters. Both are really big sizes, but Alyx will grow into them eventually.
Emma and I went to BAM, which she loves!  She loves books so much...thankfully!
She ended choosing a Frozen chapter book.  We've been reading 2 chapters a night before bed. 
Emma had to make a Valentines Day mailbox for school.  Usually they make them at school, but this year their "homework" was to make it at home.  We ended up taking a cracker box, covering it with pink sparkly paper, and then Emma decorated it with stickers.  She had fun doing it!
And since we are suppose to get a ton more snow tonight into tomorrow, they are expecting that school will be cancelled tomorrow so they are doing their Valentines Day party today!
Miss Alyx is loving her Bumbo!  We had this one for Emma when she was little too and she loved it!  Alyx has a whole new perspective on the world now sitting upright =)
The new binki is now her best friend =)  She LOVES this and I think it's pretty cute too!  I had remembered seeing Shawna's little girl at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, with one of these back sometime ago.  So I asked her where she got it and what it was called, and got Alyx one =) 
Emma asked me to braid her hair the other night before I did.  She didn't really care for the outcome the next morning.  It was a little too "pouffy" as she said.  So up in a ponytail it went.  I thought it looked super cute all curly!
My mom came down last night to spend the night.  And she made whoopie pies for us!
So so so good! 
Well Happy Thursday all.  I hope you aren't getting too much snow yourselves.  It's suppose to hit us this afternoon.  Close to 20 inches they say.  With ice.  I can hardly wait.  Uggh.  Is it summer yet?!?!