Baby Update {37 Weeks}

Due Date? November 12, 2013 – 11/12/13 =) 

How far along? 37 Weeks & 2 days! 2 Weeks and 5 days left!  OH MY!!!!!!

Size of baby?  According to the pregnancy app on my phone, Alyx should be around the size of a Watermelon right now.  Approx 6 ½ pounds

Gender? Alyx Grace...Girl =)

Weight gain? Lost again this week! 

Maternity Clothes? Ohh yes.  Nothing but maternity clothes.  In fact, I would LOVE to stay in Yoga type pants all day everyday at this point.
Food Cravings? Chinese.  Haha

Movement? Still getting quite a bit of movement.  Although it’s more painful movement at this point.  I think she is just running out room so I’m getting kicked in the ribs a lot, and a foot keeps kicking me in my side. =)

Labor signs? None at all!

Belly button in or out? In

What I miss? I’m ready for a good nights sleep.  I miss sleep on my stomach so badly!  I also really miss wearing my wedding rings.  I have taken them off because of a little swelling in my hands.  But the swelling in my feet the past 2 weeks has been terrible!!

Looking forward to? Oh my gosh…I can’t wait to meet this little peanut!!!  Emma is beyond excited as well…And Brian too of course!! =)
So now that I can relax because the bedroom situation with Emma and the baby have been figured out, painted and decorated {If you missed that post click here}.  I still have a few things that need to be done.  I NEED to pack a hospital bag this weekend.  That's something I never had the opportunity do when I was pregnant with Emma.  I went to a normal baby appointment, and was told I was being admitted to the hosptial asap.  Brian went home and packed me a bag!  He did a good job too =)  So Saturday, I have to get that done.  I also want to get the stroller put together, and the carseat put in my car.  The pack and play needs to be put together as well.  And somewhere in there we need to make a trip to Sweet Frog which opened today, for some frozen yogurt! haha =) 
My mom bought Alyx and outfit to come home in, and I absolutely love it.  However...Emma and I have been have a big disagreement in this area! LOL  She has picked something out for Alyx, and is adamit that Alyx wear it as her coming home outfit.  I'm probably going to give in and let her have her way in this.  =) 
And speaking of Emma...she is feeling much better!  She hasn't been to school since Monday, but she is going tomorrow!  =)

Sorry for a completely pictureless post...but I have no other pictures to share tonight!

Nursery Reveal =)

For the last few months we have had a HUGE dillemma on our hands regarding the bedroom situation for when the baby arrives.  I was certain that Emma was going to be soooo excited to move her bedroom upstairs and have her own space.   Well...not so much.  So for the time being, Emma & Alyx are going to be sharing a room.  And Emma is beyond excited about this.  For the first few months Alyx will be in our room anyway.  I'm really loving how their room turned out.  We decided on a neutral color for the walls, grey.  Emma wanted something really bright and colorful, but i've assured her we can make the room bright and colorful with accessories! =)  So here is the nursery section of the room.

{click on picture to enlarge}
I'm loving the crib!  Brian and I were putting the crib together last night, only to find that one of the pieces of wood was completely broken.  I was super mad, but I ended up calling the store and they allowed me to bring just the broken piece back and they replaced it today with a new piece.  The dresser came from Brians parents camp.  It was a mess when we got it.  It was painted a really yucky green color.  It's amazing what a little paint, and new knobs can do to something!
And the canvas above the crib was a find of mine this morning at Hobby Lobby!  I wasn't sure what I wanted to put there, but came across this and fell in love with it!  The colors matched perfectly!! 
I still have some stuff on the other side of the room that I haven't finished putting away yet, so a picture of Emma's side of the room is going to have to wait for now =) 
Speaking of Emma.  She has Croup.  She has been so sick, and has only gone to school 1 day this week.  Monday.  She won't be going to school tomorrow either.  I feel so bad for her.  She's not getting much sleep either because her cough is so bad that it keeps her up at night.  Cough medicine isn't helping either.  Tomorrow i'm taking her back to the doctor to see what they have to say.  Praying it goes away very soon!
And speaking of doctors...I had a doctors appointment this morning!  Everything is still looking good.  My BP was a little high this morning, but everything else was good!  I go back on Monday for an ultrasound.  So we have 20 days until Miss Alyx makes her apperance! =)  Cannot wait!

Happy Happy Happy!!!

I just got an e-mail today telling me that my 12 weeks of maternity leave were approved!!!  I'm super excited!  My doctor put me out for 8 weeks, but my employer is allowing me to take the extra 4 weeks, so I will be out for the entire 3 months.  I'm beyond excited and happy!  I think that Emma will be pretty excited to have me home for that amount of time least i'm hoping she will be! hehe =) 

My post from yesterday, I got a few recipe ideas that i'm anxious to try!  So if you have anything that you and your family love...please share!  I'm hoping to get a few meals done, and then freeze them.  That way it will be super easy when Alyx makes her appearance =) 

I can't do a complete picture-less post!  At my baby shower last weekend, my mother gave Emma a new outfit.  She didn't want Em to feel left out of course =) 

I love this outfit!  And I have another shirt that matches the skirt perfectly!  I love that it's boots and leggings weather again! 
So I think we have everything that we pretty much need for when Alyx makes her arrival =)  I still need to get a few more bottles, but in the clothes department...she is set!  She will probably be able to change her clothes numerous times a day with the amount of clothes we have for her! =) 
It has been 7 years since we have been through the baby stage...crazy!  Does anyone have anything for their baby that they can't live without?  Or that you recommened for baby?  I'd love to hear! =) 
Happy Sunday!!

Crazy Kid & Recipe Help!

Last night Emma insisted on having supper at Wendys.  Even though I made a pot roast.  Apperantly having pot roast 3 times in the last 3 weeks is a bit too much for a 7 year old.  Haha  I do know how to cook other things, but i've been looking for super easy meals that I can throw into the crockpot and have ready by dinner time.  So pot roast, is easy and really good so yeah I've made it a lot lately.  I'll get back to that in a minute.  So I took Emma to Wendys, we got home so she could eat.  Check out what was in her kids meal....

Crazy Kid!  It's a thing that goes over her straw of the donkey from Shrek...and the donkey hat!  She thought this was the cooles thing ever, and it's pretty funny I think =)
So now, I need your help!  I'm looking for new dinner/supper suggestions.  Like I said, I feel like i'm making the same things over and over again.  And it's obvious that Emma is getting tired of the same things!  Looking for simple recipes too!  I love anything done in the crock pot because I can get it ready in the morning, and have it ready for dinner time.  And with a baby coming soon...simple is good!  So pass along to me any recipes you may have that you and your families LOVE!  =)  I'm anxious to hear what you all have! 


I can't believe how close we are getting to meet our new bundle of joy!!  25 days to be exact!  Not that I am counting or anything ;)  Yesterday we had a doctor appointment.  The Ultrasound was amazing to say the least!  She wasn't active at all yesterday morning so I thought for sure we wouldn't get to see a good view of her.  However the lady that does the ultrasounds informed me that it's best when they aren't active, because then there is a good chance of waking them up.  Rather than them being all active all morning and ready to sleep!  I could have layed there all morning just watching the screen.

Check out her chubby cheeks!  It could be just the way she was positioned, but it looks like she is storing nuts in her cheeks for winter! haha =)  It was so amazing watching her on the ultrasound.  She moved around a lot and moved her arms and fingers across her face.  Amazing.  I cannot wait to see her in person.

After our appointment Brian took me out to breakfast, and then we went shopping!  We finally got her crib yesterday, which I just LOVE!  And we also bought the carseat and stroller.  It's all real now, that's for sure!  I also got a swaddler for her, which is so nice and comfy looking.  I would like to have an adult size one! HA! =)

So backing up to last weekend...I finally got some pictures downloaded from my camera.  

I am in love with fall in Maine.  I love the weather, and basically just everything about it.  Everything pumpkin.  Pumpkin coffee, cookies & muffins.  And today I scored a free pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  Free coffee today from Noon to 5pm!  

My mother in law just stopped at our house and offered to take Emma for a few hours.  Brian is heading off to work, so that means a couple of hours to myself =)  Some relaxing is in order I Think!
Happy Friday all!! =)

Quick Update

I appologize that my blog has been kinda boring lately.  We've been busy, and well i've just been plain old too tired to blog! haha  I have a ton of pictures on my camera that I need download still.  My intentions were to do that last night...but guess what?  I was tired.  So tired that I was in bed by 8:00, and asleep by about 8:20 I think.  So let's recap the last few days!

Brian and I both had the weekend off.  The entire weekend!  It's so nice for us to actually have 2 days off completely.  We headed north to my parents house on Saturday morning.  Our plan was once we got there Brian and I were going to go for a ride to the mountain and leave Emma with my parents for a couple of hours.  Well, Emma had other plans.  She was insisting on going with us.  She had already been in the car for over an hour on our drive there, so I told her if she went with us there would be absolutely no whining or crying that she was bored.  She ended up doing fairly well...there were a few times she started to whine, but I quickly reminded her she needed to stop! haha  The ride was beautiful!  And I did have my good camera with me, and I think I got some really good pictures on it, but like I said...I haven't downloaded them yet.  I wish I had planned it better too, and put better clothes on Emma.  But oh well, her jeans and under armour sweatshirt will do =)

The colors in the trees were goregous!  I think if we had been up there about a week ago we would have seen a lot of red leaves too, but the yellows and oranges were still beautiful! 
We found this road, off of the road we were on.  It was so pretty.  This would be a great spot to have family photos done next year!! =)
Yesterday, Sunday, my mother had another baby shower for me.  It was actually at my great aunts house.  And she was so funny!  My great aunt is about 80 years old, and she insisted on getting out all her good china and silverware =)  It was really nice to see family and friends from there that I haven't seen in a long time =)  And of course, Alyx got lots of nice new things.  Emma may have received some nice new things too =) 
Alyx is still doing well.  Still baking!  I'm getting more and more uncomfortable every day.  Sleeping is still an issue.  And my feet have started to swell.  Actually only my right foot.  But I keep it elevated as much as possible, and I've been drinking tons of water.  I'm getting so very excited to meet this little peanut!!  We visited with our friends last night who had a baby the other day.  Emma was in heaven holding him, and I could tell she is going to be an awesome sister!! =) 
Our next doctors appointment is on Thursday.  Another ultrasound too.  I love seeing her face on the screen, so hopefully she isn't camera shy Thursday!

Baby Update {35 Weeks}

Due Date?  We are still at November 12, 2013 =)  C-section

How far along?  35 Weeks & 2 days!  We have 4 weeks left!!

Size of baby?  According to the app on my phone she is the size of a large cantelope still.  I would guess she is around 5 pounds now. 

Gender?  Alyx Grace...Girl =)

Weight gain?  My last appointment last week, I was at a whopping 1 pound weight gain.

Maternity Clothes?  Yes!  I totally wish I could live in a tanktop or t-shirt and sweat pants. 

Food Cravings?  Nothing new this week.  But as always...Chinese!!

Movement?  All the time still.  I love feeling her move all around, but still she kicks me sometimes and it hurts!! haha

Labor signs?  I've had some cramping, that i've chalked up as it just being cramps.  But no true labor signs!

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Sleeping.  Sleeping.  Sleeping.  I'm very much frustrated with not getting any sleep at all.  I might sleep for about 2 hours, and then i'm up for the rest of the night.  Ugghhh.  And I'm really missing wearing my wedding rings =( 

Looking forward to?  Meeting this baby girl! =)


So my husbands best friend and his wife welcomed their first baby into the world on Tuesday!  We are so excited for them, and the baby, Noah, is absolutely adorable!!!  We spent the afternoon Tuesday at the hospital waiting for him to be born =)  He's so adorable!
Brian was in heaven holding him I think!  He's sooo excited for our little peanut to get here =)

Baby Update {34 Weeks}

Due Date?'s been November 14th all along, but at my appointment on Thursday my c-section was rescheduled for November 12th.  So her birthday at this point is going to be 11-12-13.  Kind of a cool date =)

How far along?  34 weeks 2 days =)

Size of baby?  The app on my phone says she is the size of a large cantaloupe.  My doctor said she weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.  1 1/2 pounds bigger than when Emma was born!

Gender?  Girl! Alyx Grace

Weight gain?  I gained weight since my last appointment! 1 pound!

Maternity Clothes?  Yup all the time.  Wish I could live in comfy pants and tanktops 24/7.

Food Cravings?  I'm all over the place with this right now.  Still Chinese.  But i've also been craving chicken pot pie...which I made.  And I have been wanting Kraft Mac & Cheese...weird!

Movement?  Still all the time.  She sometimes gets me in the ribs, and well that can be painful.

Labor signs?  None at all!

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Sleeping.  Oh how I wish I could sleep!  It's been really bad lately.  I feel like a zombie!  I just can't seem to get comfortable no matter what I do.

Looking forward to?  Metting Alyx!  Just a few weeks to go!

Not a very good picture at all...she was definately camera shy on Thursday! But the picture is the side of her head with her hand made into a fist up by her ear =)  Still cute in my opinion =)


Emma got her school pictures back the other day!  They came out pretty cute!

She looks soooo grown up in this picture I think!!!

It's the weekend, and my weekend to work =(  My mom just stopped and picked Emma up for the day/night.  Emma was excited because they were going out to lunch and then shopping!  Although, Emma wouldn't tell me what they were shopping for.  She kept telling me it was a "secret between her and Nana"  haha =)  

At my appointment on Thursday my doctor said my fluid levels were pretty low for the baby, so I need to drink tons of water.  I like water to a point, but I feel like I may start floating away!  I had to buy a new cup to make it more fun to drink it! LOL

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Hope you all enjoy it!!