Kids Summer Reading Club

Good Morning Friends =)  If you are joining us this summer with our Kids Summer Reading Club, today is the day to link up =)

Mom Summer Exchange

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  I hope you all had a good Monday and it didn't drag on too much! 

I am excited to share with you all that myself, Jenna and Heather are hosting a fun swap for those of us that are moms!

hello Monday

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Recipe Club {Hamburg Macaroni Soup}

It's Recipe Club day!  I hope you will join myself and Heather and link up today and share a favorite recipe of yours! 

Tuesday Randoms

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  

Today's post is just going to be random.  I feel like I have to get caught up on the last 2 weeks of missing this whole blogging thing, so why not just throw a bunch of random stuff together! =)

I'm linking up today with the ladies of Tuesday Talk.

hello Monday

Well hello!  Long time no blog =) Ha!  I've been MIA from this little blogging world for almost 2 weeks other than one post I got up.  But I am really happy to report today that I am back!!  Link up with myself and Heather and share today whatever you would like =)

$10 at Target

Hello Friends!  Today I have two posts up.  Yup 2!  I've been MIA in the blogging world for almost 2 weeks now, so make sure to check out my hello Monday post by clicking here.  

This is my first month as a co-host to this linkup. Not sure what this link up is?  Well, it's pretty easy!  If you go to Target often, then make sure to link up with us next month and show us when you can get for just $10.00.  Or at least close to $10.  It can be anything at all from Target.  I had fun this month shopping and attempting to keep it at our $10 budget.

hello Monday

Happy Monday!  I've been MIA from the blogging world for the last week.  But I am back today!  Be sure to link up with myself and Heather for our hello Monday =)

Recipe Club {Crockpot Meatballs}

Happy Wednesday Friends!  It's Recipe Club day today =)  If you have a recipe you want to share, be sure to link up with myself and Heather.

*KIDS*Summer Reading Club Announcement

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  I'm excited to tell you guys about a fun Kids Summer Reading Club that myself, Heather and Jenna are hosting. 
We all love reading, and when Heather contacted me and asked how I felt about doing a Kids Summer Reading Club, I just knew that Emma would love it. 

hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends =) Be sure to linkup your Monday post with myself and Heather!

What's in my bag?

Happy Thursday Friends =) 
 Yesterday, Erica who blogs over at Second House on the Right, posted yesterday about what's in her purse.  Erin at Perfectly Port has a fun monthly linkup and I figured I would join in on the fun as well =) 

Easter Basket Blog Hop

Can you believe that we are just a couple of days away from Easter?  This month is already flying by!  I'm joining a handful of ladies today and showing off Easter baskets =)  Be sure to link up with us anytime between today and the 19th =)

hello Monday

Happy Monday =)  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Heather and I are linking up today and sharing our weekend posts.  Be sure to join us =)  

What We're Reading Wednesday {Maine Childrens Books}

Happy Wednesday, Friends =)  I hope you are all having a good week so far.  Things are looking up around here, and finally everyone is starting to feel better! Woohoo! =)  Let's hope it stays this way!  
Today is What We're Reading Wednesday, and I hope you will link up with us and share what you've been reading.  Good or bad.  Tell us about it!  

hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends =)
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Spring Blog Hop {Cleaning with Vinegar}

Happy Thursday Friends =)

Today I am joining several other bloggers and sharing some Spring tips!  Some are sharing some spring cleaning tips, and some are sharing some fashion tips and tips for kids.  I hope you will get some useful information out of all of them!

Girl Mom Swap Reveal

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Back a little over a month ago, Dara who blogs over at Not In Jersey asked a few of us bloggers if we would be interested in co-hosting a Girl Mom Blog Swap.  I was all over this, because I know how much Emma loves looking at all the stuff I get when I do swaps.  So I knew this had Emma written all over it!  

Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins

Happy Tuesday =)  It's not Recipe Club day, but I am sharing a recipe.  I don't know about you, but Blueberry muffins bring me right back to my childhood.  The smell of them reminds me of Sunday mornings waking up to them.  I can't tell you the last time I made them.  It must have been years ago.  The other day, Alyx came home from daycare telling me she had a blueberry muffin that day.  She is the pickiest eater ever, and I thought there is no way you ate a blueberry muffin kid! ha!  So I texted our daycare lady, and sure enough she told me Alyx ate the entire thing!  So I called my mom up and asked her for her recipe she uses. This recipe is really old.  And it's delicious!

hello Monday

Hello!  Happy Monday =)  I am back after almost a week off from blogging!  I hope you will grab our new graphic and join myself and Heather and linkup your Monday post =)

hello Monday

Hello!  Happy Monday!  I'm excited that Heather is joining me as a new co-host for hello Monday!  So be sure to grab our new graphic, linkup your Monday post below.  Any post goes =)

Recipe Club {Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls}

It's the third Wednesday of the month and that means that it is Recipe Club day =)  Join myself and Heather and share a recipe today.  It can be anything at all =)

hello Monday

Hello and Happy Monday!  Link up below with your Monday post =)

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends =)  I'm linking up today as always with Narci, Andrea and Erika =)

Slime...Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday!

For a while now Emma has been begging to make slime.  Because apparently the stuff you buy at the store isn't cool enough, and every 10 year old needs to make their own ;)  So I finally gave in and let her make it.  

hello Monday

Hello!  Happy Monday friends =)  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Link up your weekend posts below =)

What We're Reading Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends.  So today I have 2 blog posts up.  Be sure to check out the other one by clicking HERE.  It's a fun swap announcement =) 

Today is What We're Reading Wednesday.  I have some good book recommendations for you today!  And I am even getting Emma involved this month with this post with what she's been reading. So if you're a reader, and have read any good or horrible books up with us below =)

Girl Mom Swap {Announcement}

Happy Wednesday Friends!  When I first started blogging I never imagined I would form the friendships that I have with some ladies that I've never met.  And some of them I have "met" by doing blog swaps.  Whenever I buy for another blogger and then receive a package in the mail from another blogger, Emma is always right there watching to see what I got.  She gets just as excited as I do =)  When Dara from Not in Jersey asked me about co-hosting a swap for the girls of us bloggers, I was all over it!  I was in!  I knew Emma would be ecstatic about it =)  

hello Monday

Hello!  Happy Monday!  Normally I recap our weekend on Monday mornings, but since I worked all weekend there really isn't much fun to recap at all. 
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What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Can you believe that this is the last Wednesday of February?!?  Isn't it insane how fast this month went by.  But with it being the last Wednesday of the month that can mean only one thing.  It's What's up Wednesday =)
Linking up with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer

Tuesday Talk

Hey Friends =)  Today is one of those days...

hello Monday

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a good weekend =)  Link up your Monday post below!


Happy Thursday!  We are slowly...very slowly starting to dig ourselves out of the crazy amount of snow we got here the last couple of days!
Here is your warning...this is a very picture heavy post ;)

Recipe Club {Creamy Chicken and Corn Chowder}

Happy Wednesday all! =)  Today is Recipe day, so join me and Heather and linkup with a favorite recipe! 

hello Monday

Hello! Happy Monday =)  We are in the middle of a snow blizzard here in the Northeast, so today is going to consist of staying inside and not going out at all.  Let's recap the weekend a bit!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends =)  I'm linking up today as always with Narci, Andrea and Erika =)

Workin' It Wednesday {Keeping Your Marriage Strong}

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their series, Workin' it Wednesday.  Today we are sharing how we make our marriages work =)

Nail Polish Exchange {Reveal}

Happy Tuesday =)  Today myself, Heather, Justine and Jennifer are linking up together and showing off our nail polish goodies from our swap.  So if you joined us in this swap, be sure to link up today =)

hello Monday

Happy Monday!  
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What We're Reading Wednesday

Today is our second What We're Reading Wednesday Linkup =)  If you have read anything lately, be sure to link up with us below!

Temperature Blanket

Happy Tuesday Friends =)  We are in the middle of a really cold spell in our area.  We've had a weird winter where one day it's 40 degrees and then the next it's absolutely freezing  Have you ever heard of a temperature blanket?  As of recent I had no idea what it was.  And then my blog buddy Jennifer from Sweet Little Lovings posted a photo on Instagram of a temperature blanket that she was crocheting.  And then I googled it, and wanted to make one my self.  

hello Monday

Hello Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I was going to say they go by so fast...but not so much when you work all weekend.  We still managed to have a good weekend though.  
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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends =)  Linking up as always with Narci, Andrea and Erika =)

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday my friends =)  today I am linking up with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer for, What's up Wednesday.

Tuesday Randoms

Happy Tuesday!  Today the kids here have no school....

hello Monday

Here we are again...Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We did so let's recap a bit.  Grab the graphic, and link up below =)

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!  The weekend is just about upon us!  Linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika as always =)

Thoughts for Thursday

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately and I mean a lot is the working mom guilt.
 It seems like the older the girls get, the worse it gets.  And unfortunately me staying at home with the girls just isn't an option for us.  I can't begin to tell all you stay at home moms how jealous of you I am!  Raising two girls with the jobs that my husband and I have is just plain difficult. 

Recipe Club {Creamy Chicken Marsala}

 Happy Wednesday Friends!  It's Recipe Club day! 

Did you notice a little change in the blog today?  It's been a long time coming!  I still have a few things here and there to tweak a bit, but I think I'm liking it so far!

Join Heather and I and share a recipe that's a favorite or something new that you have tried that you loved =)

A bunch of Randoms

Happy Tuesday Friends =)

Who else has crazy busy mornings getting kids off to school and daycare??  By the time I go to bed at night I am so exhausted trying to get things together for the next morning for the girls.  During the week I am only home 2 out of the 5 mornings.  So I always try to make sure everything is ready for both girls for either my mother in law or Brian.  But there are some mornings when I just didn't get it done the night before.  I've been trying to find ways to make it easier for everyone, and then I came across a post on Instagram and it hit me.  I need to do this!

This would make things so much easier I think every morning and every evening.  I am going to find one of these 5 drawer organizers today, and every Sunday I will put outfits in each drawer for the girls.  Do any of you do this?  If you do or if you do something similar, let me know how it works for you!