Random Tuesday & Recipe

Is it Friday yet??  Haha  We're only into the second day of the week and i'm already asking that.  We're dog sitting again for the second week in a row.  I'm not gonna lie.  It's hard work!  I'm used to having a lazy dog, but with the other 2 dogs here, they play constantly!  And Gunner and the big dog Ruger...play rough.  The other dog, Duke...well he just sleeps all day.  Duke is 17 years old.  He's an old old man =)  He is so sweet though. 
I finally got completely caught up last night with watching The Bachelor! 

Anyone else watching it??  I was soooo upset to see Sean let Desiree go home =(  She was my number 1 pick from the very beginning.  So it's between Catherine & Lindsay.  I'm really hoping he chooses Lindsay!
                                           Catherine                                       Lindsay
Has anyone seen the show North Woods Law on Animal Planet?  It's a reality type show about Game Wardens here in Maine.  It's actually pretty good.  If you haven't seen it, check it out =)
After I dropped Emma off this morning at school I went to Target to do some more couponing.  Most of my coupons are gone now, so i'll be done for a while.  But my "Stockpile" is pretty good right now! 
8 bottles of Shaving Gel, 6 bottles of Dial Hand soap, 4 packages of floss, and 4 packages of Beggin Strips.  $12.00.  Not too bad I suppose =)
Last night I made a new recipe.  Chicken pillows.  Ever heard of them?  I made dinner for my inlaws since my mother in law is still recovering from her knee surgery.  I had heard of these chicken pillows, but had never made them.  They were a huge hit and will definately be one of our favorite meals to make now!  I didn't take any pictures of them, because of course my camera was home.  But the recipe came from the blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything.  If you click on that, it will direct you right to the recipe.   The only thing that I did different was I didn't serve it with the gravy on top.  The gravy is made with cream of chicken soup, and Brian isn't a fan of that at all.  So we went gravyless and it was perfect.  I also didn't use the dried chives.   Her recipe shows to cook for 20-25 minutes, but I ended up cooking them for almost 35 minutes, because the dough was still a little doughy after 25 mins.  If you try them, let me know how you like them! =)
So i'm pretty excited!!  I called Brian up at work the other night and told him I would really like to get away for the night, just the 2 of us.  To my surprise he said, "Sounds good"!  So this Saturday we we are heading to Portland for the day/night.  I'm excited, it's been a while since just the 2 of us went anywhere for the night.  I can't wait!!  And Emma will have a blast with my parents too =) 
Em has gymnastics after school, so I will be sure to take pictures and blog about that later today =)


Friday =)

What a day!!  I felt like it was one of those days where we stayed busy from the second we got up until, well, about right now!  After lunch today we went out couponing!!  Waahooo!  =)  It had been a while since I had been, so I was definately overdue for a trip.  I like when Brian goes with me, cause well let's face it, i'm not exactly the best at math and Brian helps out in that department! LOL  So today Brian came, and we went with his best friend Tommy, and his sister Jen.  We had a blast!  Emma also came and she was absolutely perfect!!!!  I brought my kindle with me because I knew she would be bored.   She sat in the back of the cart and played games and read books while we shopped.  We were in Target for probably a good 2 hours.  Not all that time was spent shopping, we oftened stopped in the middle of aisles and just chatted.  It was good =)   So here's what I got!

4 Dial hand soaps, 4 Sun dishwashing detorgent, 1 package of Bic razors, 2 Renuzit air freshners, 1 bag of Tide Pods, 4 bags of Beggin dog strips, 2 bags of M&M's, 8 bottles of Gillette shaving gel, 2 bottles of Coffee Mate creamer and 4 packages of Carmex lip balm. 
And I spent.........$18.00!  Not too shabby I say! =)   So now I have my very own little "stockpile" in our basement. 
I'm pretty much set in the laundry detergent department for a while I think ;)  It's fun couponing and saving money...kind of addicting too!
So after our couponing trip we decided to take Emma to open gym at the Y.  We had never taken her to the open gym and I was certain she was going to love it.  She was pretty excited too!  We got there and there were a ton of kids/teens/college kids there.  The coaches yelled for everyone to go and stretch.  Emma went out and I think she thought it was going to be a structured class.  She got out onto the gym mat and just stood there.  I could tell by the look on her face that she was scared to death.  About 1 minute later the tears started flowing and she came running to us.  I felt sooo bad for her because I knew she was nervous.  There wasn't a single person there that she knew other than 1 of the coaches.  Then one of the teens from the gymnastics team saw that Emma was scared and she came over and got Emma and brought her out to the mat to help her =)  Soooo proud of that girl for noticing Emma being scared and helping out the situation!  Made me smile definately!  After that she was completely fine and said she wants to do open gym again! 
Just around dinner time tonight we had the biggest melt down from Emma, oh my gosh it was horrible!!  I'm blaming it on a mixture of her being tired and hungry.  We were going out for dinner and every restaurant we threw out there for her she shot down giving us an excuse for every restaurant as to why she didn't want to go to that certain one.  Oh.My.Word.  Finally she decided on Texas Roadhouse.  So we go there, and the wait was over an hour.  We had forgot it was a Friday night and the high school basketball tournaments are going on so everything was super busy.  Brian wanted Pizza from a local pizza shop, Emma said absolutely not to Pizza, she wanted "meat"  LOL   So we go to UNO.  What does Emma order?  Pizza.  When she said she was getting Pizza I thought Brian was going to scream because the pizza at UNO is about triple the price than our local pizza shop we wanted to go to.  So then Emma starts crying, and it was just a mess.  Needless to say, Emma ended up with pizza from UNO.  Oh the meldowns of a 6 year old.   So yeah, that was our exciting Friday night.  How was yours??  =)

We both work this weekend, and I'm already ready for days off again!  haha  Happy Weekend everyone!!

Round 2

Shortly after Christmas, Emma had a sleepover with her "BFF", and around 10 o'clock that night her friends mom called me and said Emma was running a fever.  Ughhh.  So I went and picked her up.  I felt soooo bad for Em because she was looking forward to staying the night there.  The other night they called and asked if Emma could sleepover tonight!  She was pretty excited.  And she got to use her new bag that her Godmother Chelsea sent her from Georgia =)

Our house has been Crazy this week!  We are dog sitting for a friend of ours while she is at training for work for the next 2 weeks.  So we have 2 extra dogs at our house.  Our dog Gunner is loving it...but our cats, not so much!  

 Ours is one the left, and Ruger is on the right.  They have the entire house to find a spot to lay down and these 2 dogs choose to lay together and sleep in Rugers crate!  Crazy dogs!

On another note, i'm starting to notice a lot of people wearing TOMS shoes now.  Emma has a pair of the silver sparkly ones, and i'm thinking I *really* need to get a pair.  Are they ugly?  Yeah some of them are, but some of them are also super cute!  These are the ones that i'm really loving...what do you think?  Which would you chose?  

So those are the 3 I am choosing between.  I know, I know, i'm kinda lacking in the color department.  But i'm looking for something neutral that will go with a lot. Which would you pick?  

This is my last night of work for a couple of nights, and Brian and I actually have the next 2 entire days off together!  Emma is on February break from school this week so we are hoping to do something fun tomorrow.  She has requested to go to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for lunch, that is by far her favorite restaurant =)  Hopefully we'll find something fun to do after!

Father/Daughter Dance

Last night Emma had a big date, with her Dad.  Our Rec Department in our town hosts an annual Father/Daughter Valentines Day dance each year.  I had searched and searched for a dress for Emma, and i'm pretty sure I was being way too picky and I couldn't find one anywhere. Finally the other night I found a brand new with tags Old Navy dress on Ebay.  So I ordered it and thankfully it was here in time for the dance! 

I took her to the salon before the dance to get her hair done all pretty =)  She chose how she wanted it.  French braided across the front and the rest pulled up and curled.  I think it came out so cute!
And i'm sorry, I didn't bring my camera with me to the salon, so you have to look at phone pictures =)
Her hair appointment was at 2:00, she was done by 2:30 and the dance wasn't until 6:00.  Everytime she moved I think I freaked out! Haha  I was terrified she was going to start doing cartwheels or backflips at home and completely ruin her hair.  But she did really well! 
She and Brian got all "prettied" up and we went to his parents house to take pictures.
My brother in law took my niece Hannah as well.  She looks completely grown up to me all of a sudden.  This not so little girl anymore is going to be 10 next month! 
They had such a great time dancing their little hearts out!  Brian isn't much of a dancer, so i'm assuming that he only danced during the slow dances with Emma! haha  Emma was exhausted by the time they got home around 9:00 last night.  I'm so glad they were able to go and spend time with each other!
So now I have to back up to Friday.  Emma had gymnastics Friday evening, and it was the last class of this session.  After every session, they test the kids on their abbilities, and they either move onto the next level, or stay in the level they are currently on.  The first thing they had to do was handstands, and Emma kept her handstand for a good 7 to 8 seconds.  I was pretty proud =)  After the class was over they were all given a pamphlet showing what they need to work on and what level they needed to sign up for.  Well Emma was the only one that wasn't given a pamphlet and the coach asked to meet with her after all the kids had left.  Her coach had Emma do handstands, cartwheels, backflips, had her do the bars, and the vault.  So now here comes my mommy bragging moment...The coach came over to me and said that Emma was moving onto the Advanced level!!  Emma was beyond excited and I am pretty darn proud of her.  She works so hard at it, and she just absolutely loves it.  She still does 2 regular classes a week plus 1 private class a week.  As long as she continues to love it, we'll continue paying for all the classes =)

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.  This is hard to believe but it is snowing like crazy here for the second day in a row.  How many days until spring??? =)
Ohhh...and be sure to check out my other post from today on some recipes that I blogged about!

Recipes {Soup & Rolls}

I wanted to share a couple of recipes with you all of a couple of things that I have made lately!  I *LOVE* to cook, but would prefer not to have to pick up after i'm done cooking! HA!  Anyway...i'm going to share a couple of recipes with you all of some things that I have made recently, that were really really good! 

First up, super duper easy, Hamburg Macaroni Soup.  It's simple.  And it's really good and flavorful.  Here are the ingredients that you will need.

2 - Large cans of Tomato Sauce
2lbs of Hamburg
I large onion
1 carton of Beef Broth
1 box of elbow macaroni
Start by browning your 2lbs of hamburg with your large onion chopped.
Meanwhile, boil your macaroni until al dente. 
In a large pot combine your tomato sauce and Beef Broth...and I actually added about 2 cups of water into it as well. 
Drain your hamburg and add to the tomato sauce mixture.  And then add your macaroni! 
If I were going to serve this immediately I would have added the macaroni right to the tomato meat mixture, but I was brining it to work with me and didn't want the macaroni to get "soggy" so I added it after!  It was super easy to make, and very good!  And I didn't get a good picture of the finished product at home, so I took a picture with my cell phone at work =)
Now onto Recipe #2!
Honey Yeast Rolls.  I have never made homemade bread or rolls.  And these were amazing, and actually pretty simple to make!
The recipe came from Pinterest, so if you click HERE it will direct you to it =)
A couple of days later I turned the same exact recipe into cinnamon rolls!  And they were really good too!
If you try these you'll have to let me know how you liked them!  Make sure to check back soon for my second post for the day about Emma's dance last night =) 

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  We had a good quiet day.  Emma had her Valentines Day party at school.  She came home with a big heart that she made full of goodies!  Candy, stickers, Candy, temporary tattoos, Candy, Pencils, etc...You get the idea!  Anddd...yesterday I realize I never picked up a Valentines day shirt for her.  Uh oh!  Slacking big time, and she wasn't very happy!  So needless to say before I came to work yesterday I quickly stopped at the mall, and thankfully found a shirt at The Gap.  And the best part, Emma loved it!  Score!  =)

I did take more pictures on my camera today, but those are at home, and i'm at work!  So i'll blog more about our Valentines Day tomorrow.  Since Brian and I are both working tonight, we are going to do dinner out on Sunday.  Saturday is Emma and Brian's date to the Father/Daughter dance.  She is beyond excited!!!  
I'm so behind on blogging.  I have a lot of stuff started, like some new recipes that I want to share with you all =)  I've started making homemade bread and rolls, and oh my word. Sooo good.  I'll definitely post the recipes soon.  

Emma missed school Monday and Tuesday this week.  She was super sick.  I'm ready for winter to be over and done with.  She has been sick so much this winter that it's awful.  This time around it was a fever and a short bout of vomitting.  The fever was the worst.  I've never seen her so down and out, never moved off the couch for 2 entire days other than to use the bathroom and when I made her take a tub.  I'm so glad she is feeling better and she has her dance this weekend to look forward to!! 

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! =)

Nemo...Go Away!

Well....the storm found us!!  And it brought us a TON of snow!  And with it came a lot of wind.  It's actually still snowing here still.  I was really raelly happy that we never lost power.  This morning I quickly got the laundry I needed done and cooked my dinner to bring to work incase we did lose the power.  But thankfully we never did =)   We were super lazy today.  Emma stayed in her pajamas until about 3:00 today.  When Brian and I went out to do some shoveling, I asked her if she wanted to go out with us and play a little in the snow.  She said no.  And I really can't say I blame her, it was way windy.  Here some pictures of our "Nemo" storm! HA!

Our dog was NOT impressed at all with the amount of snow we got.  At one point I let him out and he just stood at the door staring at me.  He looked so pathetic. Haha

Emma and I watched Alice in Wonderland this morning.  She had never seen it and it had been years since I have seen it.  She liked it a lot!  And then she read me a couple of books.  She is doing soooo good with her reading and she just loves to read!  One of her favorite books right now is the Block Mess Monster.  She got it for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I have to say it's not exactly my favorite book!  But she will read it over and over again. 

And since it was so yucky and cold out, I decided to take advantage of the Gap sale going on right now.  30% off, plus I had a $10 coupon to use!  And I have been eyeing this outfit for a while now for Emma. 

Gap Summer

Gap  by sirois-family on Polyvore

I just love it!  And I have to thank Shawna at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for now getting me hooked on Polyvore!! =)  It's a website where you can put outfits together.  I just might be addicted now =)

Hopefully the rest of everyones weekend is great!! =)


No, i'm not talking about the movie Finding Nemo, i'm talking about the Snowmagedon that they've named Nemo.  I'm not sure when we started naming snow storms.  Yeah I get the naming of hurricanes, but snow storms?  I saw this picture on facebook this morning and I have to say it definately made me laugh!

I'll be anxious to see just exactly how much snow we get.  The news says we could get anywhere from 12-24 inches of snow.  Ugghhh.  I'm more than ready for spring!!! haha
Anyway...i'm behind on the blog.  I'm going to try and blog more, but lately we've just been super busy.  Last Sunday when we headed to Southwest Harbor to check out the time share stuff, we stopped so I could take a couple of pictures at one of my favorite places here in Maine. 
This place is so pretty during every single season!  Love it!!
Emma coloring in the car on our way there =)
Today we really didn't do a whole lot.  I picked Emma up from school, we watched some Disney and made hot chocolate =)
We had gymnastics tonight.  I thought for sure they would cancel it because of the snow, but they didn't!  And there were hardly any kids there tonight.  Which was kind of nice, more one on one time for the kids =)

I didn't bring my camera with me tonight.  Fridays are usually really busy there, and I kinda feel like carrying around my gigantic camera!  So these pictures are from the other day when I brought my camera for her private lesson.
She is still doing really well!  Next week is her last week for this session.  We'll find out if she stays in the class she is in, or if she moves on to the next level! =)
So i've been having a really really hard time finding a dress for Emma for the Father/Daughter Valentines dance.  I think i'm just being way too picky.  Brian and I went out yesterday to find one and had no luck with it.  We checked The Gap, Old Navy, The Childrens Place, Justice, JcPenney, Target & Kohls.  You would think after 7 stores I would have found something I like, but no.  So tonight I got online and found one on Ebay! I have ordered it and i'm *crossing* my fingers it will be here in time!  According to the shipping section it says it should be! 
Now that Emma is in bed sleeping, and Brian is working, it's time for me to get caught up on a weeks worth of tv shows that I have DVR'd!  Happy Friday!!