Hello Monday!

Well hello there!  And Happy Monday!  It's been an entire week since I have last posted, and it feels good to be back. We had a crazyyy busy week last week and add a wedding in the middle of the week there.  I will post all about that tomorrow, but today, let's recap the weekend.

So Friday, my little Emma turned 10 years old.  10 people!!  When she was really little she would say, "someday I am going to 2 whole hands!"  Well my dear, now you are. 

She went from our tiny 3 pound 2 month early preemie to a beautiful, healthy and smart 10 year old. 
Emma brought in cookies and juice boxes for her class to celebrate her birthday =)

Friday evening we met my in-laws at Texas Roadhouse for dinner and drinks to celebrate.  We had a nice relaxing dinner and then we came home and just relaxed.   

Saturday was Emma's party!  The morning was started by chugging lots of coffee first ;)

I love my new coffee sign (Hobby Lobby) and coffee mug (Anthropologie). 

When I asked Emma what she wanted to do for her party, she said something Neon.  I was like what???  Neon??  So we went bowling.  They had neon floors and neon colored bowling balls, so I guess that works! ha!  And I ordered cupcakes with Neon frosting.

The kids had a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it because Emma didn't go overboard on inviting people.  She wanted it to be simple and small, and that is perfectly fine in my book!  She invited 3 friends, and then all her cousins were invited as well.  She got lots of nice things from everyone, and we had a really nice day. 
I still can't believe she is 10! ha!

Yesterday, Sunday, was a pretty lazy day spent at home.  I went grocery shopping early afternoon and then we were home in time to watch the Patriots game.

Drinks and Sunday football.  But then Alyx was a bear and was in desperate need of a nap, so I layed with her for a little bit and ended up falling asleep with her for almost 2 hours.  Whoops!  =)

It's Monday again, another week of school and school lunches are ahead of us.  A couple of weeks ago, Justine, posted about these lunch containers that she ordered.  I ordered them, and they are amazing!  They are really heavy duty, and it makes packing Emma's lunches so much easier.

I ordered the Easy Lunchboxes, and you can find them HERE. We've used these for the last week and Emma has loved them.  I asked her last night what she wanted for lunch today and she chose a sandwich, pasta salad and I tossed in a mini twix candy for her.  Thank you Justine for sharing these bento boxes!
And lastly, don't forget Wednesday is me and Heather's recipe club!  

Grab our graphic and join us =)

I hope you all had a great weekend, and a good Monday!  See you back here tomorrow =)