hello Monday

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  I honestly am so so glad to see Monday upon us.  It was a crazy weekend in our house and I'm going to recap today.  Grab the graphic and link up if you wish =)

So Friday evening Emma had Basketball evaluations.  We had a really great evening.  We watched her play basketball, came home had dinner as a family, meaning all 4 of us and that is a rare thing on a Friday night, and then we all watched the movie Zootopia.  The girls went to bed and all was good.  At midnight I was awoken to that horrible sound a parent never wants to hear in the middle of the night...vomiting.  Ugh.  I got up as fast as I could to find Emma so so sick and sitting in the middle of her bed =(   The rest of the night was spent just waiting for it to happen again.  I've not seen her this sick in a long time and it completely broke my heart.

Saturday we had plans to finish purging stuff from our basement, and we did get quite a bit of it done, and Emma spent the entire day in bed sleeping.  

When she wasn't sleeping in her bed, she was sleeping on the couch.

Alyx had a really rough Saturday because she didn't understand why Emma didn't want to play with her and really just wanted to wake her up.  So when Alyx layed down for a nap, I was so thankful! ha!  I sat down and watched TV and enjoyed an afternoon cup of coffee.

At this point in the day I really just wanted an IV drip of caffeine.  That would have been perfect!

I really loved looking out my living room windows to see all the colors of October right outside my house.

The trees are beautiful this time of the year.

Yesterday Emma woke up at 10:30am, after going to bed at 10pm the night before.  When she walked out into the living room the first thing she said was "My stomach doesn't hurt at all anymore!" Woohoo!!  So thankful and glad she is all better.  We still took it pretty easy yesterday.  We did run to the Halloween store to get her costume before everything was completely sold out, and then the rest of the day was spent at home.  

I have to share this bread recipe I made yesterday with all of you.

This bread was delicious!  I made it and brought it to my inlaws last night, and everyone devoured it. 
You can find the recipe I used by clicking HERE.  

And speaking of recipes, Wednesday is me and Heather's Recipe Club Linkup!  I'm excited to share this months recipe I have chosen.  I hope you will join us =)

I ended the evening by packing Emma's lunch for school for today.  

 I wish I had someone that showed up at my house every Sunday night and made lunches for all of us! ha! =)  

I hope you all had a great weekend and hope you have a wonderful Monday =)