The Kids Behind the Blog and Stranded!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  Today there were two linkups that I really wanted to why not do both!  So first off, The Kids Behind the Blog!  I love love love this linkup.  And right now Alyx is too little to answer these questions, so it's all Emma right now =)   Linking up with Stephanie, Beth and Crystal =)

In honor of Father's Day this month, all of the questions are geared towards Dad this month =)

Q:  What do you like doing with Dad?
A: I love playing softball with him.  When I do I learn a lot of new things from him.

Q:  What was Daddy like as a little boy?
 A:  A troublemaker!

Q:  What is Daddy's favorite food?
A:  Cheeseburgers and Sushi.  He loves spicy tuna rolls.

Q:  What does Daddy do at work?
A:  He arrests bad people and puts them in jail.  But he also helps people if they need help.

Q:  What is your favorite memory of Daddy?
A:  4wheeling at camp.  And riding all kind of fun and fasts rides with him at Disney.

I love asking Emma these questions each month, and I always love to hear her answers!  I can't wait to do next moth already! =)

I'm also linking up today with Shay and Erika for their series, Stranded =)
Today we are talking about if we were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 Netflix series would we take with us?

Okay, so I honestly have never seen this series, but I am thinking I would really really like it, Friday Night Lights.

I would most definitely take Fixer Upper with me!!!  I can't get enough, and could watch them all.the.time!

I'm just slightly obsessed with Chip and Joanna.  Just slightly.  

And lastly.  I would take Gilmore Girls.  I just love them!

If I were stuck on a deserted island and had Netflix,I think I would be pretty happy!! =)

I hope you all have a great Wednesday! =)