Fall Photos {2015}

Every year I get the girls photos done.  Fall is my absolute favorite time to have them done.  However...the weather the past couple of years didn't cooperate at all for outdoor photos.  This year I decided since it wasn't too cold out, and I have the equipment to take the photos...then why not just do them myself.  I love photography.  Like, love it.  Do I know a lot about it?  No.  Do I want to know more about it?  Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!  I only shoot in raw mode, and have recently started shooting only in manual mode as well.  I still have a TON to learn about manual mode, but I'm learning.  So here are the photos I took of the girls.

I am definitely happy with the outcome! =)  I'm also happy that not one, but BOTH girls completely cooperated the entire time!  It helped that I had Brian there with me to run after Alyx when she decided to run away ;)  And I also found that tootsie rolls help too =)  

I plan to continue to learn more about photography, and I hope to only get better with time and practice.  If you have any tips for me...please please share!!  Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. These are gorgeous! Great job Mama!

  2. These are beautiful!!! In my opinion, fall is the best time to take pictures of the family. 😊

  3. Johannah!! These pictures are SO great!! Love the girls' outfits and you did such an awesome job with taking the pictures!