Fall Bucket List {Nature Walk}

We were able to cross some more off our bucket list yesterday!  We've had fun so far this year with our bucket list, and it is definitely something we will do for winter as well =)

A few things we have been able to cross off =)

So yesterday I took the girls on a Nature Walk.  We had only been to this particular place one other time and I think Emma may have been 2 when we went, so she definitely didn't remember it at all.


Emma thought we were just walking through the woods for our walk...and when we got to a boardwalk, she was shocked!

Alyx loved running around on the boardwalk, but I was nervous she was going to slip off the side.  It wasn't far, but it's marshy on both sides.

We had a lot of fun, and will definately go back, and next time bring Brian with us!

I'm always looking for a new good book recommendation, and lately several people have recommended this book to me...

I haven't read a lot of it yet, but so far so good!!

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Have a great day everyone!