Fall Blog Swap {Reveal}

Today is the day, ladies!  We are linking up today to show off all of our goodies we got in the Fall Blog Swap =)

I was paired with Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me.  

It is always fun getting to know a new blogger!  Stephanie is from Ohio, and she has the cutest little boy ever!  And she totally nailed this swap!!  So let's get started!

I mean, who doesn't LOVE getting a package delivered to them!  Especially when it's a total surprise and you have *no idea* what's inside!  I wanted to rip into it, but I contained myself...a bit! hehe =)

When I opened the top this is what I found when I removed some bubble wrap...

Do you see that Starbucks box?!?!  I instantly knew what was inside and I was sooo giddy!

Some candy, Essie nail polish (which I love the color!) Hand sanitizer, a nail file and a Starbucks Mug from Ohio =)

Stephanie definitely nailed this swap!  I am *slightly* obsessed with the Starbucks mugs...I now have 5 =) 

Thank you Thank you Thank you Stephanie, for all of the goodies!  It was fun getting to know you =)
Also thank you to Desiree & Bri for co-hosting this swap with me.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did with it.  Make sure to link up to show off your goodies!  Also, if you want to show all your fall goodies off on Instagram, use the hashtag...#ForTheLoveOfFallSwap

I'm excited to see what everyone received =)