Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!  I missed this linkup last Friday, so I'm glad to be back today!  Linking up with Narci, Andrea & Erika for Friday Favorites!

One of my favorite things ever are French Macarons.  When we went to Disney in April, we made a stop at the French Pavilion in Epcot just for a french macaron.  They were amazing!  I haven't been able to find any around where we live that even begin to compare to them.  A co-worker went to Massachusetts last weekend and came home with a box of real french macarons for me!  

They were ahh-mazing!!!  I really didn't want to share with Brian, but I did ;)

Basketball season has started for Emma!  I hated to see Field Hockey end, but I am now thankful for an indoor sport where it's warm =)  

Emma will have 2 practices a week and one game every week.  She'll be busy that's for sure!  But she loves it.

My girls.  The love they have for each other is simply amazing.

Don't get me wrong.  They do argue with each other at times...well as much as an almost 2 year old can argue.   But they sure do love each other.

The other night for dinner we had Emma's favorite...

And apperantly it is now Alyx's favorite too =)  Alyx loved the rice!

Do you remember going to the Dentist when you were little and it being a small and very sterile like room?  Emma had an appointment yesterday, and boy have Dentist offices changed since I was growing up!

First she picked out a movie in the waiting room.  This was after she played with the Ipads in the "kids" waiting area.  Then she got all seated in her chair in the office...

And then they started the cleaning...

Yeah.  Heated/Massage chair.  And a flatscreen TV on the ceiling so she could watch Harry Potter =).  No wonder she loves going to the Dentist!! hehe =)

I know I have mentioned this before, but if you've not tried Dunkins' new caramel must!

They are honestly right up there with Starbucks...and I love theirs!

And lastly...It's Friday.....

Yeah...I work this weekend, but I hope you all have a great Weekend!!! 


  1. So do macaroons taste as good as they look?? I have never had one and am very curious!! And I would totally look forward to my dentist appointment if I knew I had a heated, massage chair waiting for me! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  2. They have a Keurig out for you guys too? Awesome! I want to go to that dentist!

  3. Your girls are soooo cute :) Happy Friday

  4. I LOVE DD and that drink looks delicious! The french macarons look yummy too!

  5. I've never had a fence macaroon, but they look so good!!
    The dentist IS so different from when we were kids! Marcus' dentist office is awesome, and he never minds going.
    The caramel macchiato is on my list to get this week!! :)