Show and Tell Tuesday

It's Tuesday...and that means I'm linking up today with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday!

Today we are showing past Halloween Costumes.  If I were at my parents house I could scan some photos of me as a kid trick-or-treating, but not today ;)  Today I'm showing off my girls past costumes!

First up...we have Emma at just a month old =)

Our little 5 pound pumpkin.  She was really only 5lbs in this picture, and all this was, was a Pumpkin bib =)  But since it was her first Halloween, we had to dress her up of course!

If Brian sees this next picture, he'll either be mad or laugh hysterically!  Emma's second Halloween she was Raggedy Ann...and Brian was Andy!

I loved her outfit!  We didn't make it trick-or-treating that year because Emma fell and hit her mouth on the coffee table just shortly before us leaving, and it was horrible.  A trip to walk in care, and she was good, but not in the mood to dress back up and get candy!

Third Halloween, Emma was a princess =)  Of Course!

She made a pretty cute Snow White!

My favorite costume was Emma as a bumble bee!

The perfect face for a Bumble Bee =)

And then we moved onto Jesse from Toy Story.

This costume was really cute as well! =)

The following Halloween we were Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!  I spent wayyy too much money on this dress, but it was worth it.  She looked way cute!!

That same year she was also a Witch for a party.  I quickly put that outfit together.

For her 7th Halloween, I feel kind of bad.  I was pregnant with Alyx due any day and I was miserably sick.  We quickly put a cat costume together for her and she looked cute =)

The following Halloween....Alyx was here and she and Emma were able to dress up together!  Emma decided on Anna (from Frozen) of course, and Alyx was a chicken!

This year our costumes are still kinda "up in the air".  We will figure something out soon though, and I'm sure the girls will be cute!!

I'm anxious to see what everyone else's costumes be sure to link up!

Happy Tuesday, All!!!! =)


  1. If that isn't the cutest recap I don't know what is?! I love the Jesse costume best I think!

  2. Love all of the costumes! That witch one you put together is probably my fave!

  3. All of those costumes are so cute! I cannot pick a favorite!!

  4. Those are some darling Halloween costumes!! The little Anna and chicken are amazing. My daughter was Anna last year too!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  5. Um. I agree with all the comments above- ALL of Emma's costumes have been AMAZING!! And she is just SO stinking cute! Way to go Mommy with all of those precious costumes!! :)

  6. The pumpkin was a BIB?! Oh my gosh. I love all the costumes and can't wait to see what the girls will be this year!