Pumpkin Carving

Last night we finally carved pumpkins!!  We ended up only doing 2 of them.  Brian did his own, and then I helped Emma with hers.  Emma and I did a pumpkin with a cat, and Brian got technical with his!  He carved out a moon, and then got his drill out and drilled holes through the entire thing.  Stars and moon is what he went with.  It came out pretty awesome looking.  I don't have a picture of it today because i'm at work and haven't uploaded my pictures on to my laptop yet.  That will be for tomorrow.  So for tonight, you'll have to suffer with a couple of Instagram photos....hehe =)

I texted this picture to my mom and she thought the cat was a furby!  I guess it kinda does look like one =) 

We're starting to get the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  The wind is picking up and the rain is starting to come down.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad, and i'm also hoping this doesn't ruin Halloween for the kids.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So last night Emma fell asleep around 9:00 and was up and wide awake around 5:00 am.  She watched cartoons and then Brian cooked eggs, toast and ham for breakfast for her.  She was in such an awesome mood this morning for being up so early!  She's usually not a morning person at all.  And I think she looked pretty darn cute this morning heading off to school =)

I was quite surprised that she kept her headband in all day.  Usually she won't...but today she did =)

I also have to say Congratulations to a blogger friend =)  Joeylee from Sweet N Sassy Girls, gave birth to her 3rd baby girl the other day =)  Her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading and following.  So congratulations to you Joeylee and your family!  Kendall is adorable!!! =)