Picture Day =)

Of course it's still raining here.  I couldn't not put that in here you know.  And according to the local weather, it's going to rain a good portion of this week.  I'm very  much over the rain.  Fall is pretty much my favorite season, and I don't like it when everything is wet outside.  Ugghhh.  There, I am done my rant for this post! haha

So today was picture day at school!  I went through about 15 outfits for Emma.  Her only thing she said was, "I'm not wearing jeans" hehe =)  I finally decided on a pink plaid long shirt with a pair of brown leggings.  She looked pretty cute =)  I did take a picture, however it was raining, and I took the photo outside, she was all bundled up in a coat. 

When I picked her up from school today I noticed she had something all over the front of her shirt.  My first thing I asked was if she had pictures before or after lunch.  Because it was obvious it was maple syrup from her lunch all over her shirt!  She told me she had her pictures done after lunch.  I was thinking why in the world would they do photos after lunch?  But then she finally thought about it a little more and said the pictures were done before lunch!  Pheeewwwww!! =)  

This evening Emma went to her first birthday party for a friend without Brian or I being with her!  They were having supper and then cake and ice cream!  She was pretty excited about!  I'm anxious to hear all about it when she gets home! =) 

The fall colds have hit our household hard core already.  I started coming down with mine on Thursday, and by Saturday night around 11pm I thought my head was going to just pop off.  I have been so congested and miserable.  This morning I had all I could do to get out of bed and get Emma ready for school.  But as of tonight, i'm starting to feel a little better =) 

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday evening! =)


  1. haha...that would have been bad if pictures were after lunch!!

    I still remember my mom talking about how in Kindergarten I got a horrible crooked bangs haircut right before pictures, so she feathered and hairsprayed my bangs so that you couldn't tell for pictures--but then right before pictures the picture lady at school combed my bangs straight down! haha. It looked soooo bad :-P

  2. Kaylee has picture day next week, first thing in the morning.
    Can't wait to hear how much fun she had at the birthday party

  3. Glad you're starting to feel better!

  4. My Em's picture day is Thursday, and I have NO idea what she'll wear! :/ Your Emma looked pretty cute, even with the jacket!

  5. Aww... bummer about the colds! We've had this too and it's lasting forever.