Mommy & Daughter Day

I sometimes feel like I don't give all the attention to Emma that she deserves.  I'm a working mom, and work 40 hours a week, usually a little more than that.  And to top it off, I don't work a normal Monday - Friday schedule.  I work nights and I have every other weekend off.  I go into work at 4pm and I leave work at 2am.  During the school year it is super hard.  I take Emma to school so she is there by 7:45 am.  I come home and sleep for a few hours, get stuff done around the house, and then pick her up at school at 2:15.  I then have 45 minutes with her before I have to leave for work.  Basically during the days I work, I only see her for a very short time in the morning and then for 45 minutes after school.  I *Dislike* this very much.  I have been working this schedule since before she was born.  So with it being summer now, I have lots more time to spend with her!  And let me tell you that I'm loving it!  It makes me really think about next year taking a day shift at work.  So today my husband was working.  I told Emma that she and I were going to have a Mommy & Daughter day.  =)   When we woke up we headed to a friends house so I could pick up my orders from my Thirty-One party.  I LOVE the stuff I got =)  And then we headed to a bagel shop for "brunch".  Emma LOVES bagels and I had never taken her to this place. 

Her choice of bagel today was, a plain bagel with scalion cream cheese!  To drink, a Raspberry Lime Rickey!  I choose a salt bagel, which I must say was wayyyy too salty!  I know, I know.  What do you expect if you order a salt bagel.  It was still good though.  And they make the best green olive cream cheese.  We make it at home as well.  Super yummy.  This place was definately a hit with Emma! 

After our brunch we had to drop some of the Thirty-One stuff off at my work.  Emma loves going there for some reason.  She always has to check out my locker at work to make sure I still have all her pictures hanging in there!  She makes me laugh =)

Then it was off to Toys-R-Us!  They were having a sale on nintendo ds games.  I let her pick out 2 new games.  She chose a build-a-bear game and Pinkalicious.  Both cute games!

The weather was kinda rainy and drizzly all day here.  Every Tuesday & Saturday in the next town over from us they have a farmers market.  So after my husband got out of work we headed there.  I'm not sure why but Emma kept asking all day if it was time to go to the farmers market =)   I ended up with fresh leaf lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, and a loaf of garlic dill bread!  Emma also bought me a small bouquet of flowers.  (i'm pretty sure daddy gave her the money for it though)  =)  I love them both! 

We headed home after that and started on making dinner.  Steaks, Potatoes on the grill with onions and garlic.  And I made a fresh garden salad with my veggies from the farmers market! 

My husband, who always laughs at me when I take photos of food, picks up the camera tonight when we sat down to eat and took a photo of his dinner plate! 

After dinner I let Emma make a cake!  She loves to help cook in the kitchen.  I had picked up a box cake mix for her.  And she went right to town making it =)

She is a great egg cracker!  The lighting in my kitchen is horrible, and I dislike my countertops very much.  Haha

I never took a photo of the finished product.  But we had a double layer strawberry cake with strawberry frosting!  She loves pink cakes! 

So all in all we had a great day!  When I put Emma to bed tonight she said, "Mommy, you are the best mommy I could ever have"  Completely melted my heart.  I love that little girl to pieces!  I'm off tomorrow as well which makes me super happy!!! =)   Since it's almost 1:00 am here, I suppose it's off to bed I go!! =)


  1. It's always fun to have that one on one time. I wish I had more time like that with each of my girls. Your dinner looks delicious

  2. Fantastic day! I too picked up the stuff from a 31 order! Just in time for the beach!!

  3. Yum---I want to come to dinner at your house! :-)

    Raya loves Pinkalicious too haha.

    Sounds like a super fun day! That schedule would be tough during the school year for sure but it's nice you get so much time in the summer together!!!