Random Tuesday

I have absolutely nothing to blog about today! I am at work tonight.  And there is nothing going on, so I thought I would do a little blog =)  Brian stayed home from work today, because now he is sick =(  I hope he gets over it real soon.  He's had a yucky cold for about a week now. 

Every night that Brian is at work, if I have to work as well Emma stays with my inlaws.  They are really good about keeping her for us.  And she loves going there.  They literally live across the street from us, so it makes it super easy.  So the nights that Brian and I both work, I get out at 2am, and he doesn't get out until 7am.  So he calls or texts me to make sure that I got home ok.  So last night I got home and got to bed and he texted me this.  Probably nobody will think this is funny, but to me it was =)

His text is the yellow, and mine is the blue.  I laughed so hard when I read this!  He obviously meant to text "Did you make it home"  =)

Today was absolutely beautiful out!  Emma had the day off from school, so we layed around the house in our pj's and watched a bunch of cartoons.  Cooked lunch, went outside for a while, and then we....took a nap =)  I love napping with my little girl =)  She hardly ever takes a nap, but she took one yesterday and then one today.  I think sometimes it is good for her =)

I participated in a nailpolish/scarf swap, and I got my package in the mail last week!!  I can't wait to blog about it, but we have to wait until the 10th!  2 days away! =)  My swap partner was Jennifer from Sweet Little Loving's.  You all should check out her blog =) 

Anyway, that's all I got tonight folks.  Maybe tomorrow i'll have more to blog about!  The hubby and I are both off tomorrow and i'm taking him with me couponing bright and early in the morning!!  Emma has gymnastics tomorrow, and I plan on cooking a big supper tomorrow!  So surely there will be a better post tomorrow with pictures! =)


  1. That text made me laugh!

    Yay for a day off too :-)

  2. I laughed at your text! He must feel really bad! Glad to hear you had a nice, pretty day!

  3. Pj and nap days are the best! :o)
    Oh and I put on my purple nail polish you got me...might be a new favorite! :o)

    1. Yay! =) I am so glad you like it!!! =)

  4. Haha! Awesome text:) having a nap with kids is such a special time for me too! (and relaxing) Oh man it is so great your in laws live close by..we also have my parents and my in laws close by and we can drop off the girls anytime it is SO nice!!!

  5. That text is hilarious! Haha! Your day with Emma sounded perfect! I love napping! Can't wait to hear about your day today!!

  6. I think the text is hilarious! And sometimes posts about nothing are the best ones :-)