Gymnastics =)

Last night Emma had her last class of gymnastics before the next session starts up.  She is currently in the Novice class, which is level 2.  The only way the kids can move onto the Intermediate level, which is level 3, is for them to have everything checked off on their Skills Sheet.  She was a little nervous yesterday afternoon before going.  She wanted to get into the Intermediate level.  So here are some pictures from yesterdays class =)

I think she looks so cute with her hair pulled up into a messy bun =) 
I have such a hard time getting good photos inside the gym at gymnastics.  So these quality on these photos is pretty crappy.
I didn't catch her complete hand stand!  I only caught her flipping back over! haha
After they were done with the class the coaches met with them for a minute and then handed them their skills sheet.  Emma was nervous to open hers.
Can you see what the bottom left says?  Please sign up for Intermediate next session!!!  She was sooooooo excited!  She may have high fived me a few times =) 
She has a week off before starting up the next session, so next week I signed her up for a private lesson.  I think she's going to love it. 

She made me smile on the way home from gymnastics last night.  We had previously tried Soccer twice & ballet and she disliked both very much.  So on the way home, she was sitting in the backseat and was telling me how much she just loves gymnastics.  Totally made me smile =)  We're excited for the next session to start back up in a week =)


  1. Congrats to your pretty little girl! That's a wonderful accomplishment!

  2. Congrats Emma that's awesome!!!

  3. Yay! Good job Emma! Glad she has found something she loves to do :-)

  4. That's great news! Way to go Emma!!! Tell her Emma and I are cheering loud all the way from Virginia!

  5. Yay!! Congrats, Emma! I love her hair up like that, too! I wish my Em would let me do hers like that more often!

  6. Oh I can't wait to put my little one in gymnastics!!! Lor her little pulled back hair and those little uggs! So cute:) also, why have I not followed you till now? Weird, I thoight I was following you but I guess I wasn't! Well now I am:)