Election Tuesday!

It's voting day!!!  We got up bright and early, brought Emma to school and then hit the polls to vote!  Usually they have a couple of places for different parts of our city to vote in, but this year there was only one place to vote.  And that meant it was super busy!  We didn't end up staying, we headed out to run errands and then went back later in the morning. 

We went to Target this morning and all of their Halloween stuff was 90% off today!  I lucked out and got Emma a costume for her to use as dress up clothes.  It's a supergirl costume.  Originally $30.00, and I got it 90% off and paid $3.00!!!  She's going to have a blast playing with it =)

Brian and I had a breakfast date at my very favorite bagel shop.  Bagel Central =)  I love this place soooo much!


We had a salmon omelet and an onion bagel.  Oh. My. Word.  Soooo good =) 
After our breakfast date we had to run to a uniforn shop so Brian could pick up a new uniform for work.  And then we finally went and voted.  The place was still packed but we didn't have to wait too long.
We headed home after and I really wanted to try and take a short nap, because I have only got a couple of hours of sleep since I worked last night.  But of course I couldn't fall asleep.  Then the mailman came.  And there was an envelope.  Addressed to ME!!! =)
I love it!!  It's a cup cozie!  Remember the nailpolish/scarf swap I did a while back?  Well I was paired up with Jennifer at Sweet Little Loving's, and she made this and sent it to me!  She is super sweet and I am in LOVE with it!  I immediately had to run to the coffee shop after I picked Emma up from school so I could try it out! =)
I am officially in LOVE with this cup cozie!  Jennifer has an Etsy shop selling these.  And I actually ordered some from her to give as Christmas gifts =)  If you are interested in purchasing them, check out Plum Ruffle.  She has a really good deal going on right now with them, so don't wait too long!!!  Thank you again Jennifer, you are awesome! =)
Brian has to work tonight =(  So after he left for work, I wanted to head to either Target or WalMart and check out some sheets for Emma's bed.  Well...she had a slight melt down in WalMart.  And not really a slight meltown, it was a major meltdown.  All over a toy.  Of course.  It's always the toys right.  I ended up just leaving the cart in the aisle and leaving the store with her.  She's hardly ever like this in a store, and I was blown away by it.  So we left and I had a super long talk with her about Christmas coming very soon and going to Disney very soon.  She doesn't realize sometimes how fortunate she really is.  And after this long discussion I think she somehwhat understood.  So we ended up heading to a different store where I told her she was not going to get a single thing, and she was going to buy some Christmas gifts for a little girl who doesn't have much of anything.  She had a lot of fun picking up some little toys, puzzles, toothbrush, markers, crayons and a few other things for the person we will send it to.  When we got into the car Emma thanked me for letting her pick out stuff for someone who doesn't have anything.  I was really really glad she understood what we were doing. 
Tomorrow is another full day of school for Emma and then gymnastics practice after school!  Can't wait!  =)


  1. Sorry she had a meltdown, but sounds like it ended up being a great teaching opportunity! Raya is very much in the "i want" stage this Christmas and just thinks ever wish of hers will be granted by Santa. I can't wait until she's a little older to hopefully grasp the idea that it's not all about presents for herself!

  2. Sounds like a great day, minus the meltdown! Such a good idea to have her divert that into doing something for someone else!!

  3. That breakfast looks so yummy!

    And, oh my word, I was totally going to ask if she made and sold more of those coffee wraps! I.have.to.have.one! SO cute!

  4. I am so glad you love your cozy! And thanks for the shout out! :o) you should be receiving the others you ordered very soon! :o)
    Sorry Emma had a meltdown, but it sounds like you were able to get her to understand a bit. I think that is the hardest part is trying to explain to them why they don't get certain things.