Happy Thanksgiving =)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving...and you aren't too full =)  We spent the afternoon at Brians grandmothers house.  We had an excellent meal, and good company =) 

It's traditon in our family the night before Thanksgiving that all the kids spend the night at camp.  Brian wasn't able to go because he had to work so Emma went out with my brother in law and the rest of the kids.  They had sooo much fun out there.  They made memories that they will remember forever.  That makes me smile =)

Since all the kids were at camp, and Brian was working my mother in law and I went Christmas shopping!!  For Emma's big gift this year we decided to go with a doll house of some sort.  And I found the perfect one at Sams Club the other day, so we went last night and picked it up.  I'm pretty sure she's going to love it!

And then we did the WalMart thing, and that place was packed!  So we headed to dinner.  It was nice to be able to go out and enjoy some nice quiet time and get some things accomplished.
When I got back home last night I decided to try making a pecan pie.  Must say, it was a success!  And everyone loved it today at Thanksgiving lunch!
This was before it went into the oven.
And here it is finished!
Next time i'd like to try making my own pie crust!
So this morning Emma got home around 8:30ish or so.  I got up and made a coffee cake and a cup of coffee and Emma wanted hot cocoa.  So she enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa, a bagel, and watched the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I love to watch the parade as much as her!
We headed over to Brians grandmothers around noon...we got 1/2 way there and I realized I didn't bring my camera =(  I was sooo bummed.  So the next couple are from my phone. 
Our meal was excellent!  Lots of turkey, potato, stuffing, gravy, peas, squash, rolls and sweet potato casserole!  Yumm!!
We got home, and it was time to decorate our Christmas tree!!!  We usually always do it Thanksgiving afternoon or the day after.  Emma loves to decorate it!
So it took me an entire day to do this post.  And that is because I finally got the dreaded message when uploading photos, that I was at maxiumum capacity or whatever for my photos.  So I opted to purchase the extra 25gb or what not.  So now that i'm officially paying for this blog, maybe i'll blog every single day.  HA! =) 
I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  I know we sure did!  And now that Thanksgiving is over...we are on our official countdown now for Disney! 
 We are at 14 days now!  Exactly 2 weeks from today we'll be on the plane flying there =)  It's not like i'm excited or anything....hehe =)