Winter is a comin!

This morning we woke up to snow.  And not just a little dusting of it.  It was quite a bit.  I woke up around 3:00 am this morning to the sound of the towns snow plow going by the house.  Ughhh.  I'm really not looking forward to winter coming at all!!  But I guess soon enough spring will be here! 

And I felt REALLY bad because I ordered a winter jacket for Emma and it hasn't come in yet!  So she went off to school today with a fleece jacket which really wasn't warm enough.  Hopefully it will be here by tomorrow!!  

I mentioned the other night about Emma having her meltdown about a toy in WalMart, and how I ended up taking her to buy Christmas presents for someone else.  Today I got my box to put everything in!  I think Emma really will have a good time filling it all up!  I got the idea to do this from Briana at School in our Slippers =)  So thank you Bri for the idea!!! =)

I think by doing this, Emma has learned a good lesson.  I hope to do this every year now with her =)