Go Away Sickness!

It never fails.  Right before we leave for a trip where we have to get on an airplane, Emma gets an ear infection.  Always.  Every single time we have flown this happens.  She's had a cold now for about 10 days, and one day of the nasty vomitting.  So this morning we're at the grocery store, and she stops and says "Ouch!"  I asked her what was wrong and she said can't you hear that cracking?  I was like, noooo what cracking?  And god bless her she put her head up next to my ear and said, "That cracking!"  Then I realized she was trying to tell me that she could hear crackling in her ear.  So rather than put it off, I took her right to walk in care at our doctors office.  And sure enough...double ear infection.  She's started her antibiotics and we'll pray that it works and they go away before we leave for Disney in 19 days! 

She wasn't too impressed she had to wear a face mask.  But at our doctors if they hear just a slight cough from you...automatic mask! 

This weekends weather was absolutely goregous!  I was really hoping to get out to take some pictures of Emma, but I never got the chance to.  Em is off from school from Wednesday until the following Monday so i'm *hoping* to get them done!  I have my Christmas card layout all ready and waiting for a picture!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  =)