Day 20 & 21...and pictures!

Lets start with Day 20 of my 365 days of pictures!

My Zebras!  I love these matching pj's.  I got Alyx's at my baby shower, and actually got hers in a size newborn and 0-3 months.  Now I need to find 3-6 months in it!  Emma's pj's came from Target, and they are footed too =) 

Day 21

It appears as though Alyx is trying to escape away from Emma! haha =)
After I dropped Emma off at school I took a few photos of Miss Alyx.  She liked like the camera this morning 

Oh those blue eyes.  I melt every time she looks at me.  I think if her eyes were going to change colors they would have changed by now.  

And tonight...this is what I found when I walked into the living room.

When I left the room she was on her back....the little bugger flipped over onto her tummy and I missed it!!!  She looks pretty proud of herself though =)