From 1 to 365

I am going to *attempt*, Yes I said attempt to take a photo of Emma and Alyx together every single day this year!  I'm hoping I can keep up with it!  Since we all know I don't blog every single day, i'll post the photo on Instagram as well.  So if you use instagram...follow me: johannahsirois =)

So here is Day 1:

I may have them sit in the same chair every day for the photo...i'm not real sure yet =)  It will be fun to see how much they both change through out a years time.

My maternity leave is starting to come to an end =(  I have this month left.  I go back to work on January 30th.  I'm honestly not looking forward to it.  I have so enjoyed being home and taking care of the girls, and being a "house wife" if you want to call it that =)  I keep asking Brian, "Are you sure we can't afford to just let me be a stay at home mom???"  His answer is always no! haha  

Sunday Miss Alyx is being baptized =)  She is being baptized in my hometown, in the church I grew up going to and where I was baptized.  I chose to have Emma baptized there as well.  Emma and I were both baptized in the Episcopal church and Alyx will be as well.  Brian is the lone Catholic in our family =)  

Seeing as though the baby is sleeping...I should be to!  Good night all! =)