Day 14 & 15 of 365

I missed posting yesterday, so you get 2 today!

This was Tuesday, Day 14!

And here is tonights, Day 15 =)

Notice Alyx's blown sock! haha =)

Today was an interesting day.  We had an appointment this afternoon at the Vet for our cat, Bella.  She has been sick for a couple of weeks now and she seemed to be getting worse.  So I made her an appointment.  Thinking she was dying and had cancer or something, cause of course I webmd'd it to death on the internet.  She isn't dying.  Thank god!!!  But she has fleas.  Ugggghhhhh!  And since she wasn't up to date with her shots, she had to have 3 of those today.  We have to treat her for the next 6 months for fleas, and she had to get some meds for her skin.  So...$386.00 later we walked out the door.  Oh, and that's not all.  Tomorrow we have to bring our other cat, and our dog to the Vet so they can also be treated for fleas in case they have them as well.  Our other cat isn't up to date to date with shots so I can only imagine how much tomorrow will be.  I love my animals, but gosh they are costing me an awful lot of money! haha =)  


  1. Oh no! That is an expensive trip but glad your cat isn't dying!

  2. Alyx is getting so alert and active in your pictures! I can't wait to see them next month when Emma is straining to smile and keep Alyx still!! LOL

  3. Emma looks like a great big sister!

  4. Your girls are going to love looking at these pictures when they're older! If/when we have baby #2 I'm going to have to borrow this idea!

    And, WHY do our pets cost so much money?!