New Look & Days 6 & 7 of 365

I finally have a new blog look!!  The last one I have had since I started blogging, so it was definitely time!!  And I think I really like it =)  

I told you I wouldn't be posting every single day of my 365 photos, and guess what?  I missed taking a picture 2 days in a row!  Ugghh.  Oh well.  I guess i'm just going to make an attempt to take one, and if I miss a day.  Well then, oh well I suppose.  So here are the days I haven't posted on the blog yet!

Day 6.  Emma had a snow day from school.  And actually we didn't get any snow just a lot more ice.  I'm tired of ice already! haha

Day 7.  Alyx wasn't into it as you can see! haha

And here are a couple of pictures of Miss Alyx from this morning

I just cannot get enough of her blue eyes!!  I am hoping they will always be blue! =)