Last Day of 5

{ Warning - This is a very long post! =) }

Miss Emma is spending her last day as being a whole hand!  That's how she likes to tell people how old she is, A whole hand!  She is excited because tomorrow she will be able to use 2 hands to tell people how old she is!  Kids are so funny!!
The last 6 years have gone by so fast.  I remember when she was born people telling me to enjoy ever minute because it goes by so quickly.  And they sure were right. 

I did not have the perfect pregnancy.  I was soooo jealous when I would hear pregnant people say "I feel so wonderful"  "I LOVE being pregnant".  I hated hearing people say that.  From the day I found out I was pregnant until the day Emma was born I was SICK.  I think the only things that would stay down, food wise, was saltine crackers & Oreo cookies.  So basically I lived off those. haha 

I found out I was pregnant early in 2006.  My due date was at the end of November.  I always had really good blood pressure.  That is until I became pregnant.  My blood pressure as through the roof my whole pregnancy.  I was at the doctors office usually a couple of times a week.  They ended up putting me on a nausea medication, but couldn't put me on any blood pressure meds until after I gave birth. 

On September 11, 2006, I went to the doctor for one of my routine appointments.  This was more than 2 months away from my due date.  My doctor looked at Brian and I and told me he was admitting me into the hospital immediately.  My blood pressure was higher than it had ever been at that point.  He told us we could have the baby anywhere in the next 24 hours to a few days.  I was scared.  Brian was scared.  We drove to the hospital and checked in.  It was like going to a hotel kind of =)  They got me my room and then all the tests began.  I was hooked to a monitor immediately, and then almost immediately after that they started giving me steroid shots.  That was to try and build up Emma's lungs.  They knew I was going to deliver Emma very early, so they took us on a tour of the NICU.  That is completely a blur to me.  I had thousands of questions for the NICU nurses, but my brain was completely scattered that I just sat there and didn't ask anything. 

They continued to monitor me for several days.  Brian was so good to me.  He would sneak me some snacks, he went to the store and bought me some fuzzy slippers, and nail polish, and painted my toes!  That's love right there =)  My family was pretty much with me 24/7. 

Around 3:00 in the morning on September 16, 2006, I started to develop a severe headache.  And my blood pressure again was going up.  I have never experienced anything like it.  The nurse came in and I remember her taking my hand and smiling at me.  Her exact words were "I think today is a great day for a birthday"  She smiled at me and told me everything was going to be ok.  A short time later the doctor came in, they got me all ready and then took me to the OR, where I would have a c-section.  That is all pretty much a blur to me.  And then I heard a little baby crying.  It was seriously the best noise I have ever heard in my life.  I remember asking over and over again if she was ok.  They quickly handed Emma to Brian for just a short second.  The nurse did snap a quick picture.

She was so tiny.  The assured us that it seemed like she was doing ok, but she needed to be brought to the NICU.  I went to recovery, where I remember begging for a drink of water.  I don't understand why, but they wouldn't allow me to drink anything.  That part was very frustrating!
Emma was born on 09/16/2006 at 8:38 in the morning.  She weighed 3 pounds, and was 16 inches long.  She was such a peanut.  It wasn't until almost 12 hours later I was allowed to see her.  They were still monitoring my blood pressure and wouldn't allow me to get out of bed.  Finally I begged enough they allowed me to head down to see her.

First time holding my baby girl =)
(I only got to hold her for maybe 2 minutes.  She couldn't stay out of the incubator very long because she needed to keep up her body temp)
I love this picture of Emma and Brian.  This was the first time he saw her after the OR.
She was born perfectly healthy.  Thank god.  The only thing she needed to do was learn to take a bottle.  She had an NG tube in her nose for a while, and then learned to take a bottle. 
This was the first time I was able to bottle feed her.  An amazing feeling!  It was one step closer to us being able to bring her home =)
This picture above was also a BIG step for Emma.  When I walked into the NICU this morning, she had graduated to an open "bucket" as we called it!  haha   She was able to keep her own body temperature!!
We were finally able to bring her home on October 17, 2006.  She spent a month and a day in the NICU.  That was one of the happiest days of our lives!  It was the best feeling in the world holding her at our own house without any monitors beeping, or Emma being attached to wires and cords.
The last 6 years have been amazing, and she is the best little girl we could ask for!!  Happy Birthday Miss Emma!  We love you!!! =)



  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Emma! I loved reading this post because I didn't know her birth story before! Sounds like a scary time but so glad everything worked out well. She was one of the prettiest preemies I've ever seen too! Most preemies kind of have that preemie look, but she was like a little doll--and all that hair :-)

    Hope she has a great birthday--can't wait to read about it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Emma!!

    My pregnancy was awful, too! Didn't have the scary ending that you had, though. My Em was a whopping 8'13!! I love to hear other people's pregnancy stories, love to commiserate!! Ha!

    I loved the pictures, she was (is) a beautiful baby!!

  3. I am so glad I popped over to read your blog today. I can so relate to your story, even though ours are different, they are similar too. I know you told me Emma was in the NICU too, so it was great to actually read how her birth went.

  4. Happy Birthday Emma! My nephew was 1 lb. 9 oz. and tiny babies hold a special place in my heart! Thanks for sharing her story!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Emma!

    Time definitely flies by too fast!

    So glad we have 'met'! :o)