I completely forgot to blog about this post last week!  Before school started I took Emma, her friend Allie and Allie's sister Maddie to a place to paint.  Paper n' Clay!  The girls had a blast.  I made a day out of it for them.  Painting, McDonalds, and then the park. 

Emma chose to paint a mug for Daddy.  It says I {heart} Dad =)
Allie chose to paint a mug for her dad....
And Maddie chose to paint a mug for her mom =)
The girls with their finished products!  They painted them the colors they wanted and just how they wanted!  They all came out super cute.  We had to wait a week to pick them up.  I picked them up tonight and they are really cute!! =)
After Paper n' Clay we went to Mcdonalds for lunch, and then to the park! 
This was them in the car. 
Crazy, Crazy Girls!!!!
Such good friends =)
Before we left the park I let the girls run through the splash pad, quickly!  None of them had bathing suits, and I didn't have any towels in my car! =)
They all had so much fun.  There is nothing like seeing big smiles like that on kids =)  Kinda sad that summer is coming to an end.  But we now have fall to look forward to! =) 
 And day 3 of school went great again!  I'm so glad Emma is loving it!!!!! =)