Twas The Night...

Twas the night before school
and all through the town,
all the little kids were sleeping,
cause the school year has come back around.
Summer break is now through,
the long nights have come to an end,
its time to get to learn
and have fun with new friends.
Summer was fun,
I loved it so much,
I ran, picked flowers,
played tag and stayed up.
I went to a zoo
and rode on some rides,
the rollercoaster was fun
but I really loved the zebra’s and butterflies.
I loved summer break and all the fun that I had,
but I can’t wait for school,
to learn new things
to share with my mom and dad.
School starts tomorrow morning for all the kiddos in our area.  I cannot believe i'm sending Emma off to 1st grade.  It's bittersweet.  I'm sad she is growing up, but she is an amazing little girl and she is going to love school and being with her friends again.   I know a few of my blogger friends are sending their little ones off to school tomorrow as well, I hope everyone has a great day back to school!! =)

(oh and P.S. the poem was written by Brian!  hehe )


  1. Awww, hope she has a great day! (And good job Brian!)

  2. I hope the day went well! We are almost three weeks in. I wish we started later, but if we get out in May as scheduled it make summer just a little sweeter!