Rain Rain Go Away!

Today Emma had her 1st grade Field Trip.  And you guessed it, it RAINED!  It rained during her Kindergarten field trip as well.  So far we aren't having very good luck in the field trip department.  Brian and I went along as chaperones.  I have such a blast watching the kids having fun and exploring new places.  Today their trip was to the Treworgy Family Apple Orchard!  Even though it rained, the kids {and adults} had a blast!! 

They all had to listen very carefully at all the instructions and directions that our "tour guide" was giving them.  This place is super fun!  They have a corn maze {which the kids didn't do}, they have farm animals, apple orchard, and a pumpkin patch.

We started out by going on a hay ride.  The tractor brought us down to the pumpkin patch.  Each of the kids were able to pick one small pumpkin =)
Emma's teacher, Mrs. Anderson, collected all the pumpkins.  And had to write each of the kids names on the bottom so they wouldn't get mixed up of course!
After picking a pumpkin they headed up to where the goats are.  The tour guide let them each feed them.  3 times to be exact.  The kids loved this!
This is George.  George is an Alpaca.  We were told that George is very friendly.  All the kids got to pat George and he was very nice.  When the kids all went outside, I put my hand over to George to pat him.  And George almost bit me.  To say the least I didn't like George.  Haha =)
After visiting with the goats outside, we went inside the barn and learned to how to milk a goat.  Each of the kids got a chance to try it.  Emma did pretty good!
The kids also got to head to the apple orchard section and pick an apple!  They had different kinds of apples to choose from.  I think the apples we chose were Red Delicious.  And they were delicious!
The kids were also shown how to make homemade apple cider!  And then they were able to sample some that was already made.
So even though it rained, we still had fun!  Brian and I bought a huge pumpkin for Emma's classroom while we were there.  We got back to the school just as the kids were heading off to lunch, so we snuck it into their classroom.  Emma said it was a big hit!! 
Brian headed off to work earlier this afternoon and I cheated for supper by making frozen enchildas from Sams!  Super easy, and now i'm exhausted.  Early to bed tonight!!! =)


  1. Awe I love it. The kids look like they had a blast. I can't wait for Kaylee to take field trips and be ale to go

  2. Looks fun! How neat that you both got to go along :-)

  3. What a fun field trip! I can't wait until Hannah is in school and I get to be a chaperone! :o)

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! I can't believe it is already that cool there! I'm freezing and it is in the lower 70s!

  5. Looks like an awesome place for a field trip! I'm jealous!