Phones, Pictures & Pirates

Yesterday Brian and I finally joined the rest of the world and got smart phones =)  It's a huge change from our old phones, and I can tell you so far i'm loving it!  And I can honestly say that I have not  been on it constantly checking my facebook. 

Before I start about our day, I have to add that I *Dislike* the new blogger.  I want the old one back.  This one just seems more confusing and not as user friendly as the old one.  There i'm done with my short rant.  haha =)

So today Brian got up and brought Emma to school.  And I woke up at....11:30 this morning!  I was super tired, and worked until 2:00 this morning, so it felt soooo good to wake up late.  I did wake up around 7:15 because I heard Emma screaching from the bathroom.  Brian was trying to comb her hair and it must have been super tangled.  Her hair was getting way long and needed to be trimmed badly.  I picked Em up from school and then we headed to the salon to get a trim!

She looks so grown up in the last picture!  They did a great job with her hair, and it's much less tangly now =)  Since I now have a smartphone, I had to give the Instagram a try, so these photos are instragams =)  Not sure I love the instagram, but I wanted to try it =)
I haven't gone out and taken photos of Emma in a long time, so I wanted to go the gardens at the Univeristy and take some.  So we headed home after the haircut and changed quickly and then headed out for a mini photoshoot =)
I pretty much love the one above and below =)
I pretty much {heart} all of the pictures.  I can't wait to get some printed and hang them up =)
This evening one of the local restaurants in our town was having kids night, and the theme was "Pirates"  and 99 cent kids meals!  We went up there with my sister in law, my 2 nieces and a couple of friends and their daughter.  The kids had a lot of fun.  They had a pirate walking around making balloon animals.  Emma chose a parrot.  And then they got to make pirate hats and eye patches.  And after they ate their dinner they got to decorate their own brownies! 
Tomorrow Emma has another full day of school and then gymnastics!  And then it's the weekend, but my weekend to work.  Happy Friday everyone! =)