Tea Time!

On Sunday, my little Miss Emma turned 6 years old.  I cannot believe it.  We had an amazingly beautiful day for a "Tea Party!"  That's the theme that Emma chose for her birthday this year.  So we'll start out with her Birthday invitations.  I ordered them off Etsy, and I thought they came out super cute!

I pretty much ran around like a mad woman the morning of her party getting ready for everything.  I headed to the store to pick up all the balloons I ordered, and when I got there none of them were done.  They had put them in the folder for next week.  But thankfully they were able to get them done pretty quickly!
The Birthday girl getting ready for her party!  She was writing out a birthday card for her best friend, who's birthday is the following day!
The tea party all set up waiting for Emma's guests =) 
Getting ready to open some gifts
Emma got a telescope from Nana & BeeBee!  She was pretty excited about this!! =)

After opening gifts it was time for "Tea"  Emma was so excited to have a tea party with all
her friends =)
I was soooo happy as to how her cake, cupcakes & cookies turned out!!  I ordered them from a local bakery, and I would definately order from them again =)
Brian set up a little photo booth type thing in our backyard, so after their tea & sweets we headed out there for some pictures!
I am in *Love* with this picture!  I think it is just absolutely hilarious!!!
And of course Brian and I had to get in on it as well! =) 
So that is the end of Emma's birthday party.  It was a lot of work getting ready for it, but it was worth it because not only did Emma have a great time, everyone did!  =)