Summer Lovin' Blog Hop {Grilling Recipes}

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Today is Recipe Club day, but myself and Heather are also co-hosting a Summer Lovin' Blog Hop!

I am sharing today some summer Grilling Recipes!

 I absolutely love grilling our dinners.  Well wait.  That might be a bit of a lie.  I love eating grilled dinners, Brian does all the grilling around here! ha!
I do all the prep work to get it ready, and then I send it on out to Brian to grill.  It's not just delicious, the cleanup is so much easier as well.

One of our favorite dishes to grill is Chicken and pineapple kabobs.  Oh my word, they are SO good.  And easy peasy.

Chunk up your chicken, red onion, yellow, red, orange and green peppers, and a fresh pineapple.  Skewer them and then baste them as you cook them with a mango grilling sauce.  You can find the mango sauce pretty much at any grocery store in the BBQ sauce aisle.  We usually serve this with a pineapple rice.

Next actually isn't my picture.  I found it on pinterest, but it's Buttermilk ranch kabobs.


These are really good, a little more time consuming because you need to marinade the chicken, but still simple.  And so fresh tasting!

Veggies done on the grill are really great.  If you haven't tried it, you need to.  We have a little grill pan that has holes in it and we cook mushrooms, zucchini and summer squash together on it.

Have you ever marinated your veggies?  We marinade the veggies in Kens with aged romano and then grill them.

This is also great as a chicken marinade!

Lastly, how about a nice cool drink to sip on while you are grilling.

Throw some ice in your glass.  Add 1/2 cup sprite, 1/2 raspberry lemonade and 1/2 cup Moscato wine.  Add some blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and you have yourself an amazing summer drink!

Be sure to check out the rest of the fun ideas of the Summer Blog Hop!

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