Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!!  Linking up today with Narci, Andrea and Erika for some Friday Favorites!

I can't believe I managed to get a post up every single day this week!  So let's recap the past week =)

We have had some amazing weather this week!   Our pool just opened this past weekend and we haven't had the chance to get there yet, but hopefully this weekend.  The other day we got out a little plastic pool, slide and a sprinkler for Alyx and she had a blast!

She ran and ran and then went down the little slide approximately 1,000 times. ha!  I need to get a bigger pool for her, but I want one that I can empty after every time we use it.  While Alyx played, Emma was at our neighbors swimming in their pool.  

Brian and I have our 10 year wedding anniversary coming up on the 30th of this month.  And look what he surprised me with =)

The top band is an Anniversary band he surprised me with to go with my wedding set. 
I'm pretty much in love with it =)
Once a year a local restaurant does a really big sale on lobster rolls so the other night we got takeout and brought them home.

I love living in Maine and having fresh lobster rolls whenever we want them.  They are probably my absolute favorite food =)

After dinner we were able to catch a double rainbow!

So just when we thought Softball was done for the season, we got a call that Emma made the AllStar team!  I am SO SO proud of her!!!  She was pretty shocked when we told her.  Brian actually got the call from the coach and when he told me I may have squealed with excitement.  When we told Emma she screamed!  
She had her first practice the other night.  

The girls both wanted their pictures taken before we left.

Alyx is such a goober! haha

These girls cracked me up!  They were in the middle of practicing and when they saw one of the coaches handing out the uniform shirts, they all came running to the fence because they all had a certain "number" they wanted. haha  Emma was funny though because I said is number 15 ok?  She was like "Yeah I don't care!"  They were all too funny!

We are ready for some games now!!

Who else had kids that are obsessed with the movie Trolls?  Alyx is obsessed!

The other day my mother in law bought her the biggest Poppy blanket and she is in love with it.

And yes, she has a dum dum lollipop in bed with her, but it wasn't bedtime ;)

We have been watching a lot of baseball around here.  Our beloved Red Sox of course!!

Alyx *loves* Mookie Betts.  Whenever he comes up to bat she yells "Moookie!!"
It's so cute!!

And lastly, when I got up the other morning I looked out my kitchen window to see this.

The sunrise was absolutely beautiful. 
I am a huge sucker for sunrise and sunsets.

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I hope you all have a great Friday and amazing weekend!!

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