What's Up Wednesday

Hey Hey!  Happy Wednesday Friends!  It's What's Up Wednesday today, So I am joining Shay, Mel and Sheaffer.

What We're Eating This Week:

I am no good in this meal planning business.  Basically this week it's a wing it week where whatever is available, we cook! Ha  Monday we had sandwiches at the softball field, Tuesday my parents took us to chinese, Tonight we are having dinner with friends, and then tomorrow and Friday, well I'm not so sure yet ;)

What I'm Reminiscing About:

I'm finally doing better with the fact that Emma is done with Elementary School, but I am still thinking about how different next school year will be.  I know she will do fine, but this Momma is still nervous about her baby going to Middle School!

What I'm Loving:

All the time we have spent outside lately!  I told Brian just the other day that this summer has been so great with all the outdoor time we have had!  

The girls had their Lemonade stand the other day and it was So fun.  

It was days like this where sunscreen was reapplied about 50 times on little Miss Alyx =)

What I'm Working On:

I'm really not working on anything right now.  Just keeping up with all the laundry that my family makes! Ha!  Does anyone else as a family of 4 have SO much laundry??  Ugh.  I swear Emma changes 2-3 times a day and throws the clothes into her hamper or let's be real on the floor, and then Brian between his uniforms and his normal clothes.  I feel like it's laundry 24/7 around here.

What I'm Excited About:

Planning our family vacation for August.  Plans are still being made but I think the girls will be excited!!

What I'm Watching:

My mornings are always the same.  I start my day with the Today Show every.single.morning.  I never really watched them until I had Alyx and then it became a routine.  

And of course every day/night they are on we are watching the Red Sox!

I was completely jealous of my parents this week.  They were invited to a game and were VIP's and watched the game from the NESN (New England Sports Network) Suite.  They were able to be on the field during batting practice and one of our favorite players, and Alyx's VERY favorite Mookie Betts gave her one of his balls that he hit.  So exciting =)  It was definitely a once in a lifetime game for them.  And they won so that was even better!  
We certainly do love our Red Sox =)

What I'm Listening To:

I'm pretty obsessed with "Something Just Like This" by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay right now.  It's on repeat a lot! 
Other than that, anything Country on The Highway.

What I'm Doing This Weekend:

It's my weekend to work.  The girls are going to my parents on Saturday morning and will stay until Brian and I leave on Monday morning to head there.  And then we will stay until Tuesday =)

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:

Just spending days at the pool, which we haven't been to yet this year.  Spending lots of time together as a family.  BBQ's at night, campfires....basically soaking up every single bit of Summer!

What Is Your Favorite July 4th Tradition:

We always spend July 4th at my parents.  They have a town parade downtown, and then we head back to my moms and eat TONS of yummy food, swim and just have fun!  

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!

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