I'll Show You My...Hometown

When I saw Dara's post on her Hometown I knew I had to linkup as well.  I did a post like this a couple of years ago, but I've gained a few more readers since then, so why not share again =)  
 I honestly couldn't have lived in a better place growing up.  I grew up in small town Millinocket, Maine.

The Millinocket that I grew up in and the Millinocket now are very different.  Growing up it was a Paper Mill town.  I was one of the very few kids in our town who didn't have a parent that worked in the Paper Mill.  Our town revolved around that mill.  And unfortunately several years ago the Mill closed and the town has never been the same.

Millinocket is nestled in Central Maine, right at the base of Mt. Katahdin, which is the highest mountain in Maine.  It's also located at the very end of the Appalachian Trail which goes from Georgia all the way to my hometown.  This area is Baxter State Park.  They are actually in the middle of possibly making it a National Park. 

When we visit my parents Emma loves to go swimming at the base of the mountain.  The water isn't too cold and it's super clean!

 It's a small town.  I honestly don't know the exact population now, I would say maybe around 3,000 people.  When I was growing up I was close to 8,000.  My graduating class was a little over 100 people, and now the graduating classes are around 30 people. 

The Downtown area has changed so much over the years.  Every single store used to be filled with some pretty awesome stores, and now I would say 70% of them are empty.  It's really quite sad.

A couple of years ago there was a show on TV called American Loggers.  It was about a family in town that owned a logging business.  The show was pretty good and can actually be found on Amazon.  They also opened a restaurant that oddly enough had a logging truck on the roof.  It's since closed because well, there is no logging business in town anymore.  And the building with the green front, that collapsed this past winter because of the weight of the snow on the roof.  It's kind of depressing how this area looks now.

But...Millinocket has formed a revitalize committee and guess who was part of a pretty important meeting just last month about bringing the town back to life??

Mark Zuckerberg himself.  The founder of Facebook.  He spent about 5 days in my hometown working with the people of the town and hopefully starting to come up with a plan to bring the town back to life!  It was quite an exciting time for everyone there!

There are no shopping malls in Millinocket or chain restaurants.  Other than McDonalds and Subway.  The closest mall and other restaurants are a little over an hour away.  It was always a really big deal when I was growing up to go to the mall or even the movie theatre.  It didn't happen all that often!  Now I live in a town where the mall and movies are less than 5 miles from our house.  I enjoy it =)

So there is a little glimpse into my hometown.  I hope I didn't bore you too much ;)

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